Friday, February 27, 2015

Internet Takeover Unconstitutional

But that's not surprising. Everything Obama DOES is unconstitutional. He is an “”out of control criminal” who has conned his way into the presidency. And I believe he will find a way to stay in office after 2016. Probably by trumping up something to allow him to postpone (forever) the elections. Frankly, I fear he is doing the exact same thing Hitler did to undermine their laws and take over as a dictator. And nobody in DC has the BALLS to do anything about it. They're AFRAID! Chances are this is the last time I will have a chance to say this, so I'm going to say it now, and wait for a knock on my door from men in dark suits and aviator-style sunglasses. Obama can't let something like this go unanswered, just as his IRS can't let my report on the LYING before Congress of his IRS Commissioner go unanswered. (CNS News)

False Accusations

In many cases, accusations of “police brutality” are accepted as true, even without EVIDENCE. Just as accusations of sexual harassment and rape are, with no "evidence" but the unsupported word of the woman, leading to FALSE accusations in both cases. In this case, however, the miscreant didn't figure on being “on camera” as he hit HIMSELF in the face to give himself a couple of black eyes he could blame on the cops. He has been hit with even more charges, in addition to the stalking and first degree sexual assault that got him there, in the first place. The whole point of this is, it's EASY to blame the cops these days—too easy. Some cops don't like the cameras some are being forced to wear, but they are as much for their OWN protection from false “police brutality” charges as they are there to “keep THEM honest.” (Daily Caller)

"Respectful" Strip Searches?

A “school official” at Neufchatel High School in Quebec City, Canada. Is defending herself after an outcry because she authorized “strip searches” of a bunch of female high school students to found out if any of them had any pot. Now Yves Boulduc, the bureaucrat in charge of Canadian schools, says “the school officials did nothing wrong.” How stupid is THAT? How do you “respectfully strip-search” a 15-year-old girl? Fact is, there IS no such thing as a “respectful” strip search, whether or not this fool knows it. There may not be a “Fourth Amendment” in Canada, but I'd bet they do have a law against unreasonable searches, somewhere.

And if they don't, they ought to. Especially since they did this WITHOUT telling the kids' parents. Bolduc says the province is now changing the rules—closing the barn door after the horse is gone. What REALLY makes me mad is that there was not even a TRACE of “probable cause” that these kids had any pot. They just decided to strip them naked so they could search their clothes, “just in case” they had some pot. What's next? “respectful cavity searches?” Similar searches have happened in America, in spite of the Fourth Amendment. (Daily Caller)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

He Must Be A Racist

Never mind he's black. He's disagreeing with Obama's policies, so he MUST be racist, according to Obama. He's only 12 years old, but he's “wise beyond his years” in what he says in this video. Obama will find some phony way to discredit him, probably because of his age. He can't use the usual “racist” accusation because the boy is black. So he'll probably say he's too young to know what he's talking about. But this boy has been PAYING ATTENTION as most others in his age bracket do not. That's why he knows so much. And Obama HAS TO discredit him because way too many people will listen to him, and that could upset ALL of Obama's plans to LOOT America. If we had more people like this kid out there, we wouldn't be in this trouble because they would not “buy” Obama's BS (stinky brown stuff). And that would SINK Obama's plans. (Godfather Politics)

Governed By FOOLS!

We're being governed by fools. Obama thinks socialism is the way this country should be run, even though we surpassed everything socialists could do in less than 300 years using the free market, bypassing all socialist countries, some of which have been in existence for thousands of years. One of his current spokespeople, Marie Harf, says, “We can't defeat the terrorists by killing them,” and “All they need is jobs and they'll stop killing us.” Another former Obama employee, David Axelrod, thinks Obama has gone six year WITHOUT a scandal. He just can't understand that Obama is STEEPED in scandals! He has more scandals than any other president EVER had! He apparently doesn't have the INTELLIGENCE to understand that. Meanwhile, while we are being threatened by Islamic terrorists, Obama is QUADRUPLING the number of SYRIAN “refugees” he is allowing in millions of people from South America (with many terrorists among them) while CRIPPLING our border defenses to let even MORE in. He may be clever, but he's STUPID in the way he thinks! And he seeks out and hires people as STUPID as he is. (Just common sense)

"All They Need Is Jobs?"

One of Obama's fawning “spokespersons” said the other day, that all we need to do to stop Islamic terrorism (studiously not using the words "Islamic terrorism") is to provide them with JOBS. What a damned FOOL this broad is! What a LOAD of garbage she's feeding us! Is she really STUPID enough to think we'll BUY this crap? What we REALLY need is to provide each and every Islamic terrorist with their own BULLET, fired into their BELLY so it'll take a long time for them to die, and it will be VERY painful. His female spoklestupid says, “We can't kill every terrorist in the world, and we shouldn't try.” Why not? Because Obama thinks so? They don't need “jobs.” They need a BULLET. In a place that guarantees a long, slow, and PAINFUL death. To guarantee they will suffer a LOT before getting their “virgins” (if those "virgins" exist, at all). The really funny thing is, we can't even find jobs for OUR people, let alone Muslims. This woman (Marie Harf) is making herself famous for her STUPIDITY. (Inquisitr)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Can Obama Ignore the Courts?

That's what 43% of DEMOCRATS seem to think (That's a large percent of FEMALE voters—aren't they the ones that got this fool elected?). They completely ignore the fact that the courts are FULLY EQUAL to the president in this government. Congress passes laws, the president signs them into law and enforces them, and the COURTS decided their CONSTITUTIONALITY. That means if the COURTS find them UNCONSTITUTIONAL, he CANNOT ENFORCE THEM. Thinking he can ignore the courts is FOLLY. He CANNOT legally ignore the courts, though he has been doing it since he was elected, and NOBODY has seen fit to DO anything about it. And until they do, he gets away with it. Somewhere, down the line, somebody will “take him to task” for his ignoring of the courts. It's too bad there's no provision in the Constitution to PUNISH a president (or anyone else, for that matter) for violating it's precepts, beyond reversing any action he/she takes based on ignoring the Constitution. It could be that ALL he has accomplished by ignoring the Constitution can be REVERSED. To quote the Constitution, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people” Obama does NOT have the authority to ignore the courts, period. Maybe if he does that, he can be found in contempt of court. (Godfather Politics)

Flashing the "Muslim Gang Sign"

Obama didn't think we noticed. and in truth, not many people DID. but at a recent meeting of the US-African Leader's Summit, he brazenly “flashed the Muslim “gang sign,” confident that, while most non-Muslims would not pick up on it, it would “reassure” Muslims that he was solidly in their corner. He thinks Americans are not smart enough to pick up on such things, but, unfortunately for him, some of us are. And while many Americans WON'T pick up on it, others do. But apparently, he doesn't care. He can't run for president again, anyway. But I wouldn't put it past him to pick a “front man” (who will follow orders--(like "Ol' Joe") to run for president next time, while he runs for VICE president—which he CAN do. He will NOT be “succeeding himself,” but if he uses the same powerful forces he used to push Hillary out of the way in 2008 to elect someone he knows will follow his orders, he WILL be the “de facto” president for a third term. I hope I haven't given him a workable idea. But I don't doubt his devious mind has thought of it, already. (American Thinker)

"No Scandals?

That's what Daviud Axelrod says, completely ignoring Benghazi, the IRS spying scandal, the NSA spying scandal, Obama's “gun-running” to the Islamic terrorists AND the Mexican drug cartels, his printing money with nothing behind it, (which is COUNTERFEITING if I did it), one in SEVEN Americans being on Food Stamps, plus many more: things like his machinations with the “Cat Food Commission.,” his paying illegal aliens tax “refunds” for years in which they paid NO taxes, cutting more than $28 Billion out of the military budget when we're fighting wars on several fronts—wars he refuses to admit we're fighting. There are so MANY SCANDALS in this administration, I can't even NAME them all. But they DO exist, no matter what David Axelrod (Obama's former chief of staff) says about it. They're just IGNORING them ALL so they can LIE about it. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Are Cops Legal Thieves?

The way laws are written, the cops can just TAKE any of your property, any time, by just SAYING they “think” you got it by criminal act. No proof seems to be necessary. Sometimes they offer you SOME of it back if you APPROVE of them keeping the rest. This is how the RICO law has been written for years. It was written supposedly to stop “drug lords” from escaping convictions because they have an endless supply of money for “fancy lawyers” that allows them to “walk all over” federal lawyers, who must operate within a budget. That this is, and was, unconstitutional because it robs people of constitutionally guaranteed equal treatment under the law, doesn't seem to bother anybody Now the State of Virginia has beaten back a law designed to nullify that, at least in Virginia. House Bill 1287, which would have required a conviction before any property could be confiscated, was defeated. So I guess the cops can go on being bandits, taking what they want, just by CLAIMING wrongdoing on somebody's part, and then putting the money or property into their own property to use to reduce dependence on budgets. Sometimes individual cops get a “cut” of it for making it possible. (Freedom Outpost)

A Name Is A Name Is A Name

Lame duck Attorney General Eric Holder just doesn't understand why Fox News is making such a big thing about Obama's INABILITY to call Islamic terrorism by its name. What he can't understand is that if you can't even CALL it by its name, how can you fight it? What he really doesn't understand is that Obama doesn't WANT to fight Islamic terrorism. He still doesn't have the INTELLIGENCE to understand that Islamic terrorism is a deadly enemy to the United states and, as its president, he MUST fight it, or SURRENDER to it. And to fight it, he MUST BE willing to name it. Holder says if Fox didn't have this to talk about, they wouldn't have ANYTHING to talk about. What abysmal STUPIDITY has affected this fool! They have MANY things to talk about, and most of them have to do with Obama's CRIMES against nature and the United States! NO, Holder understands it all too well. He just doesn't want US to understand it. Media Matters thinks because Fox didn't use those words in a recent feature, they're even. They're not. Obama won't use them as a matter of POLICY. Fox uses them regularly. Media Matters is GOOFY. But we knew that. (Media Matters)

"Bush Lied, People Died!"

That has been a standard litany from the left, and it has been a LIE the whole time they said it. Saddam DID have WMDs, and he just shipped them elsewhere before we could find them so they could claim he didn't have any. Today, even the New York Times, usually Obama's “Democrat House Organ,” agrees, in an unusual case of true journalism. “The .CIA actually PURCHASED chemical weapons IN Iraq, supposedly to keep them out of the hands of Islamic terrorists (which they call 'insurgents').” This was a “firestorm of libel against Bush, and he did nothing to dispel it, so it has become an “article of faith” among liberals, even though WRONG. Yet they still say there were no WMDs, years after it has become acknowledged FACT among iintelligent people that there WERE some there! (American Thinker)

Monday, February 23, 2015

Suffering Fools Gladly?

SUFFERING FOOLS GLADLY?” Anybody who knows me knows that's one thing I never do. Then I come upon an item in “One Political Plaza” posted by one “Jack 2014” who calls Bill O'Reilly “Bill O'Fairy,” thus eliminating himself from being believed about ANYTHING and plainly showing his bias that accused Bill O'Reilly of the same things Brian Williams has ADMITTED to, falsifying his “experiences” in “war zones. He bases it on a “Mother Jones piece by a man O'Reilly calls, “a disgusting piece of garbage” who has been looking for something, ANYTHING to discredit Fox News (and O'Reilly specifically) for years. It is based on unproven allegations and excerpts from a FICTION book O'Reilly wrote. And it's interesting that he had to go back to the 80s to even FIND anything. CNN even showed an interview from another correspondent who was not WITH O'Reilly who says HE was a thousand miles away. This “Jack 2014” likewise is an obvious Fox hater, who calls Fox “Faux Snooze.” I don't put much stock in any of this. (One Political Plaza) Scroll down.

"Lassitude and Passivity"

That's how columnist Charles Krauthammer described Obama's reactions to Islamic terrorist atrocities. We needn't even mention him (Obama) going out golfing right after ISIS announced the MURDEROUS beheadings of 21 Christians, exhibiting his complete disdain for the Christians and APPROVAL of the terrorist actions. Throughout, Obama has done many things to HELP the Islamic terrorists, among them refusing to even MENTION the Islamic nature of the terrorism while RELEASING bloody murderers from GITMO to go back and kill more non-believers. I'm almost reluctant to use the word ATROCITIES to describe what the ISLAMIC terrorists do, but I can't find a more expressive word that hasn't also been overused.

And they're LISTENING. They even referenced Obama's bogus comparison of the Crusades (which was the Christian RESPONSE to the ATROCITIES by the then Islamic terrorists) to their CRIMES, as if there were a good reason to do so. What we need is ANOTHER “Crusade,” less atrocities committed against US to search for sympathizers. We need to “go after” the Islamic terrorists with EVERYTHING we have, instead of continuing the TEPID RESPONSE Obama has tried, so as not to hurt them too much, while keeping his “plausible deniability” about his APPROVAL of their atrocities. We need to treat this as the World War it is, instead of just trying to “limit” them and “control” them. We need to DESTROY them, “root and branch.” another thing we need to do is see to it ALL Americans can be armed, to defend ourselves when they come to our shores to kill US. They have promised to do so, and I BELIEVE them. Frankly, I think many of them are already here, just hiding and waiting for orders. (Just common sense)

Attacking Walker

The Democrat (liberal, socialist) attacks on Scott Walker have begun. But don't worry about him. He survived everything they could throw at him in his home state and his “political capital increased. And he did it as an unabashed conservative, which liberals (Democrats) say can't be done. Now they're giving him a hard time because he didn't graduate from college. If that's all they have against him now, he's in good shape. Where is it written (except in the annals of the socialist (Democrat) Party that a college diploma is required rt be president? Nowhere, that's where. So what's all the hoopla? It's all about destroying him as a possible candidate before he can run—as they think they've done to Sarah Palin. The only people who think she's “too conservative” to be elected are the Democrats, and their dupes. (Freedom Force)

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Should Rudy Apologize?

No, he should NOT. I don't know if Obama was BORN in a foreign country. The jury is still out on that one. He DID register at one college as a "foreign-born student." He was RAISED in a foreign country. He was admittedly BORN to communists, Raised BY COMMUNISTS, AND mentored by communists his entire life in a country where hatred of America is pounded into the heads of children every day. How he could not be a communist sympathizer, it's impossible to say. He has said, many times, that this country was STARTED by slave owners and that we have STOLEN whatever we have “from the poor.” How you steal from the poor who have nothing, I can't fathom. That's just one of the items of ILLOGIC liberals always whine about. Ergo: he doesn't “love America.” Rudy merely stated the obvious, out in the open, and the liberals' heads exploded, as they always do when a non-liberal tells the truth about them. You should NEVER apologize for telling the truth. No matter how much those liberal FOOLS scream and whine. And Rudy is doing just that. Good on ya, Rudy! (New York Post)

Sharpton's Done

Well, we can hope, can't we? A lot of people think of Al Sharpton as a “stand-up guy.” I never have, but that's neither here nor there. CNBC thought enough of him to give him his own TV show, even though most of the time, he was threatening to call large corporations racist if they didn't send him money. That, and showing up wherever he could WHIP UP racism, like Ferguson, MO. That extortion worked usually, and he has gotten rich off the proceeds. Maybe MSNBC was one of his victims and they gave him a show to keep him off their backs. One problem. He ignored his taxes. They kept asking him and asking him to “pay up,” and he didn't. Now the IRS has gotten serious. It's “payoff time” for Sharpton and if he doesn't, he may well end up in prison. Of course, that's where he has belonged, for a long time, considering all the trouble he has caused, and the people who have died because of him. (Tea Party Bulletin)

I'm Getting Depressed

I've spent almost the last 20 years of my life trying my best to reveal the things power brokers don't want us to know by publishing stories they want HIDDEN. But all my efforts seem to have gone for naught. Nothing seems to change. Obama keeps on committing criminal acts as president, and NOBODY does anything about him. So he keeps on doing them, getting more and more blatant all the time. Meanwhile, the people who COULD do something about him do nothing. So he gets away with it, and it becomes commonplace. By so doing, he makes the Constitution worthless. Then he makes really STUPID comments, such as “Rights do not come fro God,” and,  “I've ended two wars,” which he hasn't. He has only RUN from the battlefield. He cites FAILURES as “achievements,” and the people who “do not pay attention to politics” lap it up like a thirsty puppy laps up water. The same is true of people like Rush Limbaugh. They ignore what he says, except to make light of him and ridicule him when he tells the truth about what they do. (Just common sense)

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Stating the Stupid

Obama is frightened. That's why he favors Muslims in everything. I thought he was just favoring them because he IS a Muslim, and wanted them to win, but I may be wrong. He revealed his fright when he told us we're ”just inviting Jihad by criticizing Islamic terrorists.”(naturally, he didn't use the words, “Islamic terrorists” because he's afraid to). But to INTELLIGENT people, criticizing Muslims has NOTHING to do with Jihad. They want to KILL everybody who won't “knuckle under” and “convert” to Islam and criticizing them makes no difference whatsoever. How do you make someone who has “gone off the deep end” madder? They have to know when you BEHEAD people and kill innocent people, including CHILDREN, for not believing the way YOU want to dictate, people are GOING to criticize you. Unless they're COWARDS. Just saying what Obama said illustrates not only his stupidity, but his shaking knees. He's a COWARD. I have no respect for this fool, president, or not. What a damned fool he is! (Daily Caller)

Some People Are Really Stupid!

Mostly college students, who have listened to their communist, terrorist, socialist professors. This is an outgrowth of the tendency of colleges to hire such people as Angela Davis, a well-known communist. And before your eyes “glaze over,” KNOW that communism is NOT “dead.” they only PRETENDED it was in Russia “to put America to sleep,” which they certainly succeeded. People like Davis continue to teach their POISON in class, and the impressionable youngsters, who know no better, “lap it up” like a thirsty puppy “laps up” water. Now college students want their colleges to”divest themselves” of any “oil stocks” of any kind, completely ignoring the fact that oil is absolutely NECESSARY to our lives, and to generally divest ourselves of investments there can be disastrous. But they won't admit that, because they're too well “conditioned.” (Just common sense)

"Ending Bush's Wars"

That's one of the goals Obama had coming in, and it's one he DID attain. Of course, the way he did it, it was easy. He did it by “cutting and running” without finishing the job we went in to do after we WON the initial phases. Now, in Iraq, Muslim militants (ISIS, ISIL, IS, or whatever they call themselves today) are in the process of taking back everything many of our troops gave their lives to win. What he has done is indefensible and makes what we did meaningless. He thinks the war in Iraq was meaningless, but he's WRONG. Since the Islamic terrorists (a term he REFUSES to use, by the way) had a great friend in Saddam Hussein, and a “safe harbor” they used for training and recruiting, Also, he gave them a lot of money. We eliminated that when we “took him down.” Not to mention getting rid of a bloody dictator, which made the people living there very happy—all except for the Islamic terrorists. (News Max)

Friday, February 20, 2015

Gore's Con Falling Apart

But it has already made him a billionaire, so he doesn't care too much. How do I know it's falling apart? I just stick my head out the window while my ears freeze. If what Gore predicted was so, we'd be having a VERY mild winter this year. Instead, it's VERY cold, and we're having record snowfalls in many areas where Gore said it would be almost snowless. In truth, this globe has NOT been “warming” for more than 15 years. Instead of “pulling in his horns,” he changed the NAME of his swindle to “climate change,” so he could claim warming OR cooling was caused by it, and goes right on fleecing us. “Climate change” is a largely meaningless term that allows him to blandly blame ANY kind of “climate change” on his idea of what's bad, so he can keep “coining the bucks.” Even Obama has jumped “on the bandwagon,” since he realized it could help him pass even more restrictive laws and regulations while charging more and higher “fees” that are supposed to help him 'fight climate change.” He's a “Johnny come lately,” but he plans on making the most of it. It's all based on a ONE DEGREE INCREASE in temperature in 100 years, and MAN being the cause! To me, that's not a problem—it's a relief. IF it were true. It isn't. (Just common sense)

ISIS Cells In America?

Yes. Certainly. Nobody with any intelligence at all thinks otherwise. With Obama's laxness on border control, illegal Mexican (and other South American) aliens are not the only ones coming in. Terrorists have been coming in, right along with them. And Obama is delighted. It fits right in with his plans to “teach America a lesson.” Yet, outfits like News Max are just now asking that question. Even though they should have had the answer to it for a long time. But maybe they're just asking the question so WE will think about it, and take action. The fact that the FBI has “active cases in 49 of the 50 states involving Islamic militants confirms it, and there HAVE been actual ATTACKS by Islamic militants on an ongoing basis, even though the government gives them other names and will not admit they ARE Islamic militant actions, to “gloss them over” and make us think we're “still safe.”. They're HERE, folks, Make no mistake about it. And we'd BETTER be alert. (News Max)

Voluntary Now, Mandatory Later

It's a common scam. Make something "voluntary" to get it into law. then later quietly make it mandatory. It's a “nose in the tent.” Like the camel, who ended up INSIDE the tent while the Arab shivered OUTSIDE, this Sharia Law setup that has been established in Texas cannot ENFORCE their edicts—YET. But somehow I can't see a Muslim who is condemned to have his hand cut off WILLINGLY allowing it. They SAY it is a “nonbinding arbitration firm that adheres to Islamic principles,” and that participants must AGREE to abide by its decisions”—at least, for now. This is how they slip things into America. Establish it as an innocuous thing and, once it is firmly established, quietly make it mandatory. (Glenn Beck)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

It's All Poppycock!

Horse sh-t; bullsh-t. Horse puckey, BS, balderdash! Any word you want to use to describe Obama's approach to the basis for Islamic terrorism, it all means the same. Obama is a DAMFOOL if he thinks the INTELLIGENT people in America will buy his “explanation” for the Islamic Jihad that is being waged today (though those Rush Limbaugh calls “low information voters” might). Poverty has NOTHING to do with it. If it did, it wouldn't be JUST the Islamics who are going around MURDERING Christians and Jews because of their faith. Everybody in the world living in poverty would be doing it. They have been very “up front” about their reasons for their rampages (guess he didn't notice that): they want the WHOLE WORLD to become MUSLIM, or DIE. And they're willing to do the killing. Obama can't even bring himself to SAY the words “Islamic terrorism” or “Islamic extremism,” or any other word that will connect Islam to the atrocities they commit. They have NO “grievances” against us, except for what we do to stop their atrocities. Their “grievances” are, like the word “Islamaphobia,” made up out of whole cloth. It is NOTHING we did that “set them off,” except to believe in a different God than they do. It's as simple as that. Obama is out to COMPLICATE it with his “summit” against extremist violence where they aren't even allowed to MENTION the real root cause. (Just common sense)

Racism Is A Handy Tool

And Obama uses it everyday, in every way. You have but to disagree with his policies and say so to be accused of racism, by him, and all his cohorts. A racism accusation is the most WORTHLESS thing to come down the pike because it has been so overused by this WORTHLESS president and his accomplices. Obama is as much white as he is black, but he CHOOSES to be black for the advantage that gives him. He LIED (surprise!) when he told us if we elected him, we'd DESTROY racism forever. What we did was make racism WORSE. Only not the kind of racism we used to have. Now we have blacks openly hating WHITES and discriminating against them. Obama is the worst thing ever to happen to race relations in this country, and all over the world. (Just common sense)

Obama To "Strangle" Conservatives

One of the things Obama hopes to do is “strangle” conservatives. Like they're OUR enemy more than Islamic terrorists. He works harder on that goal than he does to “strangle” Islamic terrorists. What he fails to realize is that, contrary to what his advisers tell him , conservatives are in the MAJORITY in this country, and if they all come out to vote, he's TOAST. Conservatives are not ANY kind of “enemy” to this country. Maybe to HIM, because he wants to LOOT this country of everything he can, and conservatives do everything they can to stop him. All conservatives want is less governmental interference in our lives, less government spending of OUR money on what is important to HIM, not to us. They want a government that is SMALL, and only “runs the infrastructure” while doing its most important job: to protect us from outside powers, as well as those INSIDE. They're NOT “the enemy, to anybody but a CRIMINAL who wants to rip this country off, as he does. So I guess they ARE his enemy. (Daily Caller)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Yet Again

I forgot this Tuesday, and for that, I apologize. Once again, I was stymied in my effort to bring you the truth. This time by a silly incompetent installation of a bathtub faucet a couple of weeks ago. They ended up taking out half a wall in the bathroom, which shares a wall with my office—the one against which my desk sits. This made it impossible for me to do any work Tuesday. My apologies. I'm only one guy with a computer and it doesn't take much to slow me down, though it's impossible to stop me as long as I'm breathing.

"Are You Muslim?

That's the question asked by Terrence Lawton Thomas at a bus stop IN AMERICA (outside of Detroit). When two of them said, “No,” he took out a knife and started stabbing them. Fortunately, he wasn't too good at it, and only managed to injure them. Cops “scooped him up” and put him in jail. Which proves that there are way to many FOOLS who subscribe to the Muslim “Bible” (Koran) telling them to KILL non-believers in Islam. Muslim leaders say that doesn't apply any more, but way too many Muslims think it still DOES. Personally, I think it does, too, according to what they tell them in their mosques, where non-Muslims can't hear them because they keep them OUT. It's obvious this guy was well radicalized, right here in America—and I bet I can guess where. This is an aspect of Muslim terrorism that is the most insidious because you can't tell who will try to kill you for not “believing” until he starts killing you. (The Blaze)

What's WRONG With These People?

Don't they know that many Muslims are the ENEMY? Don't they know the things they espouse are inimical to everything we hold dear, even if they DON'T try to kill you? Don't they know the “bible” of their ”faith” (The Koran) instructs them to HATE us because we don't believe the away they think we ought to? To KILL us if we don't “convert? For what Earthly reason would a school in Florida teach our kids about Islam? In spite of the strenuous objections of their parents? Do they WANT to lose their jobs? Don't they know that if the Muslims have their way, we'll all be praying to Allah five times a day (at the point of a gun) while our women go around wearing TENTS? Laws prevent the teaching of religion in our schools—ANY religion. EXCEPT Islam, it appears. How do these people get around that? How do they get AWAY with that? We can't teach about Christianity (or even mention its name), but they can teach about Islam, in detail, with exhortation to "convert.". What are their bosses doing? (Eagle Rising)

Don't "Degrade," DESTROY!

You often hear boob Obama say we must “degrade” ISIS in Iraq. He also says going into Iraq was a mistake. The Islamic terrorists had a “safe harbor” in Iraq, and Saddam gave them a lot of money to fund their atrocities. Invading Iraq and taking Saddam down ended all that—at least from Iraq—for a while—until Obama told his troops to “cut and run,” allowing the terrorists (under whatever name) free rein to come back and retake all the territory many American soldiers gave their lives to take. And “degrading” the Islamic terrorists is NOT the answer We “degraded” them when we took over Iraq. They quickly came back and retook all that territory when Obama told us to leave, and are rapidly taking over the whole country—again, while KILLING a lot of people.. I'm firmly convinced that was Obama's PURPOSE. To allow them to regain all the territory we took under Bush. Now he's doing it again, in Afghanistan. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

"Partnering" With The Enemy

That's what Obama is doing today. He is “partnering with the KNOWN terrorist-supporting organization, “The Islamic Society of Boston” to—get this—FIGHT TERRORISM! They're connected with other Islamic terrorist organizations, and they run many mosques in Boston, where Islamic terrorists gather to make their evil plans to kill innocent Americans because they won't “convert” to Islam. “In a recent Washington Times op-ed, Charles Jacobs and Ilya Feoktistov of Americans For Peace and Tolerance, warned that ISB 'and its political arm, the Muslim American Society, seen as the go-to groups for civic and law enforcement partnerships, have links to many extremists who are either in jail, in flight from federal authorities, or have been killed during terrorist attacks.' The group also ran a full-page ad about ISB’s participation in the summit in the Washington Times under the headline, 'Why is Boston a Hub For ‘VIOLENT EXTREMISM?' '” (One Political Plaza) Scroll down.

This Isn't War

In war, you don't target the weakest among us. You go after “strong points,” hoping to weaken the enemy sufficiently to be able to win. This is simply MURDER and KIDNAPPING for ransom. It's a “moneymaking scam.” They go out and kill people to get more money coming in—and there is always somebody out there evil enough to fund murder and mayhem. They CLAIM “lofty goals” (in their minds) like “dealing with Infidels,” but what they really want is to make as much money as they can from the blood they spill. Otherwise, why would they kidnap a pretty young girl, hold her for ransom, then kill her before any ransom can be paid while CLAIMING she was killed by someone else? Oh, and I forgot: raping her many times before killing her. That's what these people do best. Burning a Jordanian pilot is not war, either. It is a “war crime.” All they DO is “war crimes, and they need to be punished for it, in the most painful way. (Just common sense)

Why I "Knock" Muslims

Yes, I know ALL Muslims are not terrorists, even though all terrorists recently have been Muslims. Way too many Muslims, even if they don't go out and kill people who don't believe the way they want to DICTATE, do some really STUPID things. And it's not just individuals who do them. In this case, a man raped, beat, and KILLED his FIVE-YEAR-OLD daughter because he “doubted her virginity. A FIVE YEAR OLD! Then, instead of getting a death sentence or even life in prison, he was allowed to BUY his way out of jail for a paltry Thirty one pounds (because the judge thought that, with his short jail stay, this payment, and his daughter's death was “enough punishment.”--as if he cared, since he killed her himself) The money was paid to her mother, HALF of what he would have to pay if she were a boy. That brings up their routine treatment of women of ALL ages, which is abominable. Elsewhere, women are not allowed to be out in public without a man who is related to them, and must wear what amounts to a TENT, lest another man desire them, and they are so “untrustworthy,” of course, they might go along with it. Then there is their one-sided DIVORCE laws, and RAPE laws, where any rape must be observed by FOUR MEN to be proved, And there is “honor killing,” where a man can KILL his daughter for being SEEN with the wrong man, or for refusing an “arranged marriage.” And they DO it, way too often, even in the United States. Though they get punished much more severely here than in countries run by Muslims. That's when they get caught. Other Muslims too often cover it up. (Tea Party Politics)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Computer Got Me Again

Yesterday, my computer wouldn't even start. And I spent the entire day trying to find out why. Turns out ir wasn't the computer itself, this time. It was a “thumb drive” the computer wouldn't start while it was in there. As soon as I pulled it out, it worked—at least as well as usual. Sorry about that. Oh, well—that thumb drive was mostly a copy of what's on the other one, which is still in, and working (so far).

"Grumpy Cat" Is Smart

I knew there was a reason why I liked that “Grumpy Cat.” It's because he's much like me. They just call me a “grumpy old man.” There is much to be grumpy about in this ongoing “Obama world,” and this collections of Obama comments, followed by reactions by the “Grumpy Cat” (found in “One Political Plaza, posted by RETW, in Elk, Washington. I love cats, anyway. But this one takes the cake. Of course, I like dogs, too, even if both think I'm crazy to like the other. I hear that the “Grumpy Cat” now has his own TV show. I'm glad. I hope he makes a lot of money from it so he can “live a life of Reilly” for the rest of his life. He deserves it. (One Political Plaza) Scroll down.

"Overstating the Terror Threat?"

That's what Obama says, hoping to make the media “lighten up,” while terrorists behead CHILDREN and adults and kill innocent people all over the world. And even BURN people in cages while recording it for the world to see. Yeah, the media is “overstating” it. Seems to me the media is just REPORTING what the Islamic terrorists are DOING. If that's “overstating it,” I'm for that. It's all part of Obama's effort to minimize what the Islamic terrorists are doing, while refusing to even NAME them for what they ARE. Nobody will believe he is ONE of them, and is trying his best to make us think they are no kind of threat to the mainland. It is becoming more and more apparent that he is LYING, as usual. If somebody doesn't realize it, and DO something about it soon, we're going to be an “Islamic State” before you know it, living under “Sharia Law.” The PRESIDENT is not supposed to align himself with our ENEMIES, which is why it's so hard to convince people he has. (Minuteman News)

Taking Over Everything

That's what Obama is doing. He did it with the auto industry with loans (our money) many of them didn't need, but which were forced upon them. Banking, too. They put a bunch of major bankers in a ROOM And told them they were “not getting out of here before you take his money,” while taking the money meant you were “beholden” to the government. He took over other industries by FIAT, using “rules and regulations” to do it. That's what he's in the process of doing right NOW with the Internet. He has put out the word that “the Internet is “broken,” when it ISN'T. He's using the FCC to push the FICTION that the Internet is a “public service” like radio and TV and they're coming up with “regulations” to “keep the big boys from bullying the little guys.” Which isn't happening, and never will. What WILL happen is that they'll make “rules” to stop people like me from criticizing them. When they do, I'll become a “criminal” because I won't shut up. (Glenn Beck)

Friday, February 13, 2015

Obama Did It Again

He supplied Islamic terrorists with American weapons, this time in Yemen, where he instructed his troops, as they FLED the Islamic terrorist “takeover” (some even leaving running cars in airport driveways as they RAN) of the Yemen military base as part of the takeover of the COUNTRY, to “leave their weapons. This is becoming a pattern today. Islamic terrorists overrunning positions while American soldiers can't fight back because of Obama's “rules of combat,” and having to ABANDON their weapons and other equipment, which the terrorists put to good use, since that weaponry and equipment made it easier to murder more people. This is how he is ARMING the Islamic terrorists, without seeming to be doing so. He has “plausible deniability” while he helps them kill people. (Freedom Outpost)

"My single Failure"

Eric Holder says, “Not passing gun control is my single failure.” his “singlefailure?” What a damned FOOL he is. But then, we knew that about him.  what an arrogant ASS he is to think that would be his SINGLE failure! It's hard to figure out his SINGLE failure while in office as Attorney General. He has so MANY. One of those is his failure to properly investigate Obama's “gun-running” operations in Mexico and Syria. Another is letting Obama and Hillary get away with letting four Americans DIE in Benghazi through INACTION, without a MEANINGFUL investigation. Yet another is his IGNORING all the times Obama violated the Constitution, which he COULD have stopped. I could go on and on, listing all the things he COULD have done if he was doing his job, but I won't. You get the idea. (Minutemen News)

Creating More Comment

One of the ways Obama keeps people from talking about his REAL crimes is to “drag” a “strawman” across in front of us. Sometimes it's hard to tell if what he puts out IS a “strawman.” But his recent comparison of Christianity's “atrocities” of a THOUSAND years ago is such an obvious attempt, we don't have to even talk about it. While we're debating whether or not the Catholic Church did things just as bad as the Islamic terrorists do today, we're not talking about Benghazi, where his (and Hillary's) inaction resulted in the DEATHS of four embassy personnel, including an ambassador, or his spending more money than there IS, while printing more “funny money” so he can spend more. Or his attempt to take over the Internet by saying it's “broken,” when it ISN'T. And we're not even talking about his myriad OTHER scandals and swindles, including appointing Muslim Brotherhood members to his STAFF so they can do their dirty work from INSIDE. His latest attempt is his comment that "Rights do not come from God." whether they do or not, certain rights are ours by "right of birth," not by an edict of government.  (Just common sense)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Signal to Thieves

It's okay. Go ahead and steal. We won't try and catch you. That's the message Wal-Mart sent when they fired one of their managers for following, and catching a shoplifter who ran with $1,000.00 worth merchandise. They told the world that was against store policy. He should have left that to the cops—who weren't there. They usually aren't. They're so afraid of being SUED for something, they'd rather let a thief get away. The manager was fired for “gross misconduct,” which means no other Wal-Mart can hire him. If I were him. I'D sue them for improper firing and overstating the reasons. Ir they're so worried about being sued, I'd give them an even better reason. To fire a man for “gross misconduct” for doing something that SHOULD be approved, and costing him his $50,000.00 a year salary is, in my opinion, actionable. This is like their stupid “gun-free zone” in their stores. That sends criminals a different message. (Last Resistance)

Gut-Shoot Them

That's the only way to handle the Islamic terrorists, under whatever name they operate: ISIS, ISIL, IS, Boko Haram, Palestinians, Taliban, al-Qaida, etc. They're all Islamic terrorists, no matter how much our vaunted president denies it. They kill people and maim others. They behead people: adults, AND children. Some children while their parents watch, before they are beheaded, themselves. They RAPE the women (even the small girls) before they behead them. They kidnap innocent people and attempt to ransom them, before they kill them, too. Sometimes AFTER they have killed them. They burn people to death and film it so they can show it to the world. These people are a “waste of space.” They don't deserve to be able to take UP space on this planet. When we catch them, we need to “gut-shoot” them so it'll take a long time for them to die, and they will be in major pain the whole time. Don't take them prisoner. Don't send them tom GITMO to be “coddled” with their own flat-screen TV in their cells while being allowed to Skype their families while sending coded messages to other terrorists, and then released, to go back to the “battle” and swell the ranks of Islamic terrorists. KILL them, and they will be DONE. But that'll never happen, not so long as their “good buddy” Obama is in the white House. Some wimpy liberals say if we do that, we'll be “sinking to their level.” Maybe that's what we NEED to do. That's all they understand. (Just common sense)

Angela Davis Still Working?

I don't understand the STUPIDITY of the people who hire college professors. They make such STUPID choices as to who they hire! Angela Davis is just ONE of the more stupid of hires since the sixties. Another is that home-grown terrorist who bombed the Pentagon and, somehow. escaped real punishment. Now he's a “confidante of a president” while he still teaches his POISON to our easily-led kids. Both teach their poison and make very nice salaries while subverting a generation. Angela Davis is a well-known communist. And before your eyes “glaze over,” let me tell you it's NOT a “rumor.” It's FACT. So why is she still employed as a PROFESSOR in a college while making subversive speeches elsewhere? Worse, it's “African-American (Black—sorry, PC police can go stick it) History Month,” another thing that mystifies me. Why do BLACKS get a special month devoted to their history when WHITE Americans DO NOT? They'll call me a racist for asking that question, but I really would like an answer. They want to be treated as EQUALS. But that treats them as “MORE THAN EQUAL.” It's NOT racist to want to know WHY. It's racist to CALL me racist for asking for an answer. Why is "Black History Month NOT racist, while "WHITE History Month IS? Can somebbody answer that? WILL somebody? (DailyCaller)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Terrorists Use Our Courts

England is paying a soon-to-be or recently released terrorist ₤1.5 MILLION dollars for his 13 years in GITMO, as if he had been “exonerated” when he was released. Now it come out that such payments have been made to released terrorists before. I guess it's true that politicians don't care how they throw around OUR money. Why did they pay them? Because they were afraid they were going to sue the government! For keeping them prisoner when they were found KILLING people! Terrorism PAYS! Since when does a “prisoner of war” have standing to SUE his captors? Did you know we gave HAMAS billions of dollars, ostensibly to rebuild schools and infrastructure in Gaza? Whaddya wanna bet that money went into rocket bombs that rained down on Israel? Are we STUPID, or what? If we lose to the Islamic terrorists it won't be because they're so good. They're not. We're STUPID! We're giving away the store! (Allen West)

Teachers Arm Themselves

No, not here. We're not smart enough, mostly. PAKASTANI school teachers are arming themselves in the wake of the Taliban (Islamic terrorist) attack that resulted in the deaths of 150 innocent children AND teachers in Peshawar. And in Israel, they “relaxed” the gun rules in the wake of Islamic terrorist (Palestinian) attacks there that involved the murders of four Orthodox Jews and a policeman in a TEMPLE by four men armed with knives, axes and a gun, recognizing (rightly) the protective value of “good guys with guns.” Which makes me wonder: why can't OUR politicians recognize this simple truth? Why do they continue to think the average American would “go wild” if he had a gun and cause a “wild West atmosphere” where you can get shot over a fender-bender? They're STUPID to think that way, but how do you “smarten them up?” You can't. Stupid is stupid. You can only get RID of them and find politicians who ARE smarter. As long as we keep electing stupid politicians, we will HAVE stupid politicians, and more of us will DIE from their stupidity. (Daily Caller)

"Conservative Extremist?"

Watch the Southern Poverty Law Center's ”Extremist Watch List. On there, they mix the names of real Nazis, communists, etc. with CONSERVATIVES, who scare them, since they are “known subversives” as an organization. People like Dr. Ben Carson are listed as “anti-gay” and a “conservative.” A “double reason,” for them, to list him as a subversive. But people in the know can recognize the difference. All you have to do is Google his name to find out who he REALLY is. The reason they consider him “anti-gay” is because he is against gay marriage. But you don't have to be “anti-gay” to be against gay marriage. I'm not “anti-gay.” I have NOTHING against what gays do in the privacy of their bedrooms. That's their business. What I DO oppose is them trying to ”recruit” my children or grandchildren to BE gay. OR to usurp the WORD marriage. For my part, they can have a contract between them that is EXACTLY like the marriage contract. I just don't want them to be able to CALL IT “marriage” and therefore sully that word by changing its meaning. But militant gays don't want the contract. They want the WORD. And that, I oppose, as does Dr. Carson. And if gays don't like that, tough. But it is NOT “anti-gay.” (Daily Caller)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Worse Than Terrorism?

That's what Obama says about global warming (whatever they call the swindle now). His former chief of staff, Rahm Emmanuel, now Mayor of Chicago, once famously said, “Never let a good panic go to waste.” Now, instead of just being AlGore's ATM, Obama is now using it to help him promote HIS swindles. All this over a ONE DEGREE INCREASE in temperature over 100 YEARS! And the FICTION that it is man-made. He's trying to minimize the terrorism threat by comparing it to a “made-up panic.” Funny. Somehow I don't think a one degree increase in overall temperature is worse than many Muslims going around murdering people by the hundreds, even THOUSANDS for not believing the way THEY want them to believe. beheading people, including little girls, is, in my estimation, a lot worse than that. Obama is becoming more and more arrogant in his SUPPORT of Muslim terrorists, and his wish that they WIN. People had better start paying attention to that, and DO something about it, before he “gives away the store,” and we are living under a Muslim Caliphate using “Sharia Law” instead of the constitution as the basis for all laws. (Just common sense)

Is ISIS Here?

I only use the term “ISIS” because it's shorter than “Islamic terrorists.” But the question is: “Are they here? The answer is, ABSOLUTELY! And it won't be long before we're fighting them in the streets, like they are in Iraq and Afghanistan, France, and other countries they have infiltrated. Think I'm nuts? Know this: cops have open cases about Islamic terrorism in 49 of the 50 states! Most of them concern actual Americans, many of which were recruited out of prisons, where most of the misfits are, and who went to the Middle East to train, then returned to work with “advisers” already here, secretly. There's no telling how long it will be before one of these “cells” does something horrific, aided by home-grown terrorists, but it's coming. You can count on it. If you don't have a gun, you'd better get one. Maybe more than one. Anti-gun fools say, why would you need an AR-15? The answer is simple: THEY will have them when they start their dirty work. Best you have at least equal armament, and know how to use it. It's a WAR, and it is coming here. Be READY! (World Net Daily)

"Allegiance to Allah!"

In Fort Collins, Colorado, one middle school has allowed (suggested? ordered?) the students to “form a cultural club and recite the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic, using Allah instead of God,” and where they teach that Allah is the SAME GOD we all pray to as Christians, Jews, and in other religions—which is a complete LIE. Muslims themselves will tell you that Allah is NOT the same God that Christians pray to. In that “club,” girls wear traditional Muslim head scarves and pretend to BE Muslims (pretend?) How does this kind of SUBVERSION gain a foothold in our schools? ESPECIALLY with those misguided laws that allow NO reference to religion, or religious figures in our schools—EXCEPT for Islam, of course, it appears. Would we have taught children about NAZIS as a “cultural experiment” during World War II when the Nazis were the acknowledged ENEMY? What's WRONG with these damned people?! Parents have protested, but apparently with no effect. (Tea Party News Network)

Monday, February 9, 2015

Gallup CEO to "Disappear?"

He thinks it's a distinct possibility because he “outed” Obama's “big lie” about unemployment being only a percentage of the number of people still looking for work, and ignoring those who have GIVEN UP on ever finding a job. I know that's hard to understand for a lot of people, but the fact remains that the government STOPS COUNTING people who stop looking, for one month or more. They think that's PROPER accounting. It's not. But the fact that the CEO of the Gallup organization is worried about “disappearing” is a WARNING to all of us that we are nearing a dictatorship in America. I've heard whispers already about certain people “disappearing” after they revealed some corruption or just before they were to testify to some (it happened during Clinton's time, too). That worries me a little bit. But not much. I'm old enough not to care. If I “disappear,” my troubles are over. But SOMEBODY needs to talk about Obama's crimes. (Money News)

"Settled Truth"

Wanna win an argument you've never been able to win before? Just declare it “settled truth” or “settled science.” Then most people will not argue with it. But in fact, there is no such thing as “settled science” or truth. At one time it was “settled science” that the world was flat, and that the sun rotated around the Earth. There have been numerous occasions when subsequent discoveries have completely upset “settled science.” AlGore uses that line in his selling of Global Warming (or whatever he calls it now to fool us further). He figures if he can convince the world his theory that man caused climate changes, he can keep the millions coming in. But it doesn't work, for the most part, because people are smarter than that today. They don't buy his BS as easily as they did before. (Just common sense)

Obama LOST Two Wars!

He brags that he “ended two wars,” but it's easy to “end” wars by running away without finishing the job. Bush WON the war in Iraq in ONE WEEK. He “took down” a bloody dictator and forced him to hide in a “rat hole” in the desert until he was found, and hanged, by his own people—after WE found him. We took the Taliban down in Afghanistan and made them flee for their “hidey-holes.” We stayed there to oversee the rebuilding of both countries, until Obama told his troops to ”cut and run” without finishing the job. Now al-Qaida, under a new name (ISIS) has taken back most of the country—that many Americans died to take. The same will happen in Afghanistan since his troops “cut and ran” from there, too. Whatever kind of STUPIDITY makes Obama think he WON those two wars when all he did was RUN from both, I don't know. Whatever it is, he suffers from it. (Just common sense)

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Step By Step

Brian Williams is now on the second step in his travel to obscurity. He has taken an “extended leave of absence” from NBC so he “won't be the story” and detract from the real news. The next step is retirement or firing, because who in the news media is going to hire a known liar? He follows in the footsteps of other news anchors who have disgraced themselves by lying to “make a good story” out of nothing. Another factor is that NBC is getting ready to fire him, anyway. The fact that not a single NBC executive has come to his defense makes it pretty obvious that his “leave of absence” may become permanent. He follows in the footsteps of another news anchor, who got in trouble for using phony papers in an attempt to discredit former President Bush. It is believed he will be kept on in some little-seen capacity for a while, then quietly “let go.” It's too bad such an illustrious career will come to such an ignominious end. He'll probably have to drive a taxi for a while, then be hired by Al-Jazeera. They don't care about liars. They encourage it. (AmericanThinker)

Letter From Harry

I just read an article that purports to be what former president Harry Truman might say to Obama. Truman is the last president to REALLY “end a war” by WINNING it when he “dropped hellfire” on the Japanese, which scared the hell out of them—AND the Germans—and instantly ended the Second World War, decisively. Not by “cutting and running, as Obama did in Iraq, and now in Afghanistan. His advice boils down to a meaningful single line: “To WIN this war, do as I did. Drop hellfire on them and convince them, like I did, that America is not to be trifled with. That we have the resources to make a parking lot out of your country and you'd BETTER stop messing around, and go back into your “rat holes” and leave us alone. Or DIE.” The message to Obama is, “Stop being a wimp. Forget what the rest of thew world might think about it, just DO it. Use the FULL RESOURCES to which you have access, and END the Islamic terrorists—once and for all. (PatBoone, in WND)

It's NOT A Boycott!

That's what Nancy Peelosi says about the Democrats “being too busy” to attend Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech before a combined Congress. The fact that MOST of them will not be there does not amount to a boycott, she says. “They're just too busy” to listen to the important things Netanyahu has to say. But it's NOT a boycott, she says. Considering the facts, that's as stupid a statement as her earlier crack about Obamacare that, “We must PASS this bill to find out what's IN it.” This woman, like most stupid people, has no idea how stupid she IS, or how she reveals that stupidity with her inane remarks. We're well rid of her as MAJORITY leader. Now we just have to get rid of her, period. (AmericanThinker)

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Blocking GITMO Transfers

Two Republicans have introduced a bill in Congress to block the transfer of GITMO prisoners to other countries, which is tantamount to setting them free to rejoin their units and kill more innocent people. One member said, “The only problem at GITMO is too many empty beds.” I disagree. We don't need to send more Islamic terrorists to GITMO. We need to KILL more. He said he'd like to see them “rot in hell,” but he'd settle for seeing them “rot in GITMO.” Of course, that bill doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell of ever becoming law as long as Obama is still in office. Even if it passes both houses, he'll veto it. (Red State)

"Stymied By Tenure"

Academia uses the excuse that professors have tenure to keep from firing them when they express terrorist views while teaching them to their students. So now they come up against a CONSERVATIVE professor, and they're working to fire him in spite of tenure. I guess tenure isn't as strong as we thought, huh? Not when you WANT to fire that professor. The professor, one John McAdams, called out a student teacher for “stifling free expression,” and got “called out”n himself for doing it. Apparently, “free speech” only works in one direction at Marquette University. In their efforts to “discipline” him, they violated several university rules. They said that, “[t]he safety of [Marquette's] students and campus community is [its] top priority and and does not tolerate harassment and will not stand for faculty members subjecting students to any form of abuse, putting them in harm's way.” From the facts of the matter, McAdams did no such thing, but in academia, even the WORD of the management suffices. This is such an obvious attack on a CONSERVATIVE professor, it needn't even be in question. But university management is not to be questioned. If they want to be rid of him, he will be gone. (American Thinker)

Bankrupting Coal

Obama has sworn to “bankrupt the coal industry” for some stupid reason or another. Of course, this is without considering the importance of the coal industry to energy production, as usual. I could understand him wanting to “phase out” the use of coal if there were ANY replacement “waiting in the wings” to replace it. There is NOT. So all he is doing is undermining a NECESSARY industry while CAUSING more and more unemployment, in a world where we can afford neither. I don't know what he uses for brains, but it's pretty obvious they are made of MUSH. You can't improve the economy of a nation by undermining a VITAL INDUSTRY. But don't tell him that. It will not penetrate his “concrete brain.” (Daily Caller)

Friday, February 6, 2015

Anything to Justify Islam

Obama's recent speech in which he “justifies” the deadly atrocities performed by Muslims all over the world by saying, “We did it!” just doesn't get the job done. You don't justify wanton murder by citing actions they THOUGHT were proper I that atmosphere. Yes, the Catholic Church was wrong in what they did. But they learned their lesson and stopped doing it. Muslims have been killing people for not being their kind of Muslim for centuries, and are showing no signs of stopping. So that pretty much ruins what he was trying to promote, which was to justify their wanton murder. NOTHING anybody has done in the past justifies what Muslims are doing, NOW. It's time he learned that. But he doesn't have the intellectual ability to comprehend it. Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer called his remarks “banal and offensive,” and he's right. But Obama will never know that. (Daily Caller)

Kill ALL Terrorists!

Not all Muslims are terrorists. But so far recently, all terrorists have been Muslims. I'm not recommending killing all Muslims. But we're going to have to kill all TERRORISTS. Not arrest them; not “bring them to justice. Not “reduce their effectiveness or impede their advances—KILL them, wherever you can find them. They are way too much of a threat to the world to use the half-assed responses the world has used, led by that wimp in the White House, Barack Obama. This IS World War THREE, whether or not anybody will admit it, and if we don't treat it that way, we're going to lose. We can't ”rule out” ANY action, including sending troops back into Iraq, or anywhere else the terroroists can be found. We need to follow them to the “ends of the Earth,” if necessary We have to “root them out” and KILL them, wherever they're hiding. They like to “hit and run,” going to their “safe harbors” in countries they think we will not invade. We need to stop recognizing that, and go WHEREVER they can be found, and KILL them. Then there will REALLY be no need for GITMO because when we start “taking no prisoners,” there won't be any to hold there. Obama and the world need to quit underestimating them and set out to KILL them ALL, as quickly (and hopefully as painfully) as possible.(Just common sense)

Skype for Terrorists?

Have you ever heard of a more ignorant thing for this president to do? If the terrorists we have imprisoned in GITMO have access to ANY type of communication with the outside world, they can send coded messages to active terrorist murderers, and this president can't figure that out, or just doesn't care that allowing GITMO prisoners SKYPE can mean DEATH for many people. This president has done more STUPID things than any other president down through history. Yet the wimpy politicians in the Republican Party are AFRAID to do anything about him. And as long as they ignore his CRIMES, he will get away with them. The more he gets away with them, the more cocky he becomes. (World Net Daily)

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Brian Williams Lies

He says he was in a helicopter that was shot down and had to be “rescued” by other troops. It really happened—but he wasn't on it at the time. The helicopter he was on arrived an HOUR later, but he, like Hillary, adopted the experience as his own. You'll remember the day Hillary Clinton, then “First Lady,” told about having to “run, under fire,” a story that was equally untrue. She even made a crack about “sending in the First Lady when it was too dangerous to send in the president.” Then there was Dan Rather's attempt to discredit George Bush with a story that was based on phony paperwork—that he KNEW was phony, but which he used, anyway because it was a “good story.” These are just three instances of politicians and “newsmen” LYING to make themselves look better. Makes you wonder how many instances have gone unnoticed, huh? (America's Watch Tower)

Obama Is A Communist! Really!

The Communist Party USA completely approves of him, and all his works. He's doing more to make this into a communist (socialist) country than they could ever do, and they LOVE it! The Communist Party says the Democrats now support the communist agenda and now, instead of being a third party in the next election, they plan to work as part of the Democrat Party to get as many Democrats elected as possible, as a way to advance their agenda. The Democrats have moved so far left that they are now indistinguishable from the Communist Party. I've never liked Obama. Not because of his color, which is as much white as it is black, but because of his policies, which are pure communist. While he may not be a “card-carrying communist,” he IS a communist in every other way that counts, and that, for me, eliminates him (and his friends) forever from consideration for anything. (Eagle Rising)

Obama PARDONS 9/11 Terrorists.

OBAMA PARDONS 9/11 TERRORISTS: Never mind they killed 32,0o00 people. Obama is going to pardon the 18 participants in the 9/'11 atrocity to “reinforce our solidarity with Saudi Arabia.” what a damned fool action THAT is! Would FDR or Truman have “pardoned the Nazis and Japanese who started the Second world War? If they had, they would have been run out of town on a rail after being tarred and feathered. But with the wimpy politicians in DC today. This action will probably not make a ripple. Not even among Republicans, who will probably dismiss it as a “symbolic gesture,” pardoning 18 dead men. But it is more than that. There are many things a pardoned man, even if dead, can benefit from, especially his family. And the act of pardoning them makes them eligible for them. This is but one more piece of evidence of Obama's love for the Islamic terrorists. (National Report)

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Unemployment LIES

UNEMPLOYMENT LIES: The Obama administration and all the other Democrats are celebrating the new employment numbers that say it is “down” to 5.6%. But that's a BIG LIE (which is nothing new to Obama). If all the millions of people who have GIVEN UP on ever getting another job and have thus LEFT the employment market were counted,  the number would be 12%. When somebody stops looking for work for whatever reason including “giving up,” the Department of Labor stops counting them, which makes the unemployment figure look better since then a smaller PERCENTAGE of people are then COUNTED as unemployed. Furthermore, if an unemployed person spends ONE HOUR working at ANYTHING (such as cutting grass for a neighbor), they are counted as WORKING. Even if that $20 is all they made this week. This is how the government allows itself to LIE about such things with a straight face. They actually BELIEVE their lies. (American Thinker)

1,000 Criminals Loosed

There are 1,000 CRIMINAL illegal aliens turned loose upon the American scene who have EXPECTEDELY committed more crimes. When Obama announced his “executive order” that amounts to amnesty, he said we would be deporting CRIMINALS, not children and other honest people. But that has NOT happened. He has released MANY CRIMINALS, who have predictably committed NEW crimes. According to Homeland Security, 36,007 illegal alien CRIMINALS have been released in fiscal year 2013 and 1,000 of them have been convicted of new crimes, including assault with a deadly weapon, lewd acts with a child, aggravated assault, robbery, and even hit and run. This just proves one thing: criminals will BE criminals, even if they're illegal aliens. And allowing ANY criminal to stay is asking for trouble. But Obama and his crowd don't realize that. That takes INTELLIGENCE. (CNS News)

How to Enslave A Nation

If a megalomaniac wanted to destroy a nation, there are three basic things he'd do: First, he'd disarm and weaken the military so it could not defend us against outside forces; second, do the same to the National Guard so it cannot defend the states from the federal government, then weaponize and militarize bureaucrats. Another thing not covered in the article linked here is to turn our local police agencies into military units to “get around” laws preventing the use of the military against citizens. There are other things you could do to destroy a nation, and Obama is doing ALL of them. Can't people who can do something about him SEE what he's doing? Is there no way to stop him that they are willing to do? (Patriot Statesman)

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Terrorist By Any Other Name...

Is still a terrorist. And an ISLAMIC terrorist is still an ISLAMIC terrorist, even if our stupid president refuses to call them what they ARE. I don't know what he thinks he's getting away with by mislabeling Islamic terrorist atrocities, but it isn't working. In the old days when there were only three national news outlets he could CONTROL, he could get away with such crap. But no more. His refusal to call them what they are has become an an object of derision and mirth as he continues to display his utter STUPIDITY by it. Maybe he just wants to be able to say there have been no Islamic terrorist attacks “on his watch.” Probably. He knows it will be a LIE, but since when did that ever stop him? He's still trying to perpetrate the FICTION that the atrocities committed by ISAMIC terrorists are committed by people who only CLAIM to be Islamic, which is one of his biggest LIES. Now he says, “I won't quibble over it,” which means, “shut up about it.” (Last Resistance)

Obama's A Communist!

I know the very word “communist” or “communism” causes most people's eyes to “glaze over, and that's what they want. That was the whole purpose of the phony “collapse” of communism in Russia while the same people run things under mostly the same system, SOCIALISM. Communism and socialism are merely two slightly different forms of COLLECTIVISM, which is based on TAKING from the PRODUCERS of new wealth and GIVING that taken to those who DON'T earn it. No, Obama is not a “card-carrying communist.” But he IS a MARXIST believer who thinks he can make this country all better by TAKING from the rich and GIVING to the “middle class, today's description of “the poor. Does that sound the least bit familiar? He intends to make that happen by his proposed $320 BILLION dollar tax increase on “the wealthy” while enacting “tax credits” that amount to as much on “the middle class.” If that is NOT communism, I'll kiss the butt of the nation and give them time to draw a crowd. WAKE UP, America! If you don't, soon you are going to be living under a “Soviet-style” SOCIALIST (communist) government where you own NOTHING and the government owns ALL. (Patriots and Politics)

"Islam-Free Zone"

A gun range owner in Hot Springs, Arkansas has declared Muslims as “persona non grata” (not allowed) at her range and her business has quadrupled as a result. Of course, she has gotten a lot of flack as a result, too, but I personally think she has made the right decision. Unarmed Muslims are bad enough because they tend to insist that we, as CHRISTIANS, obey their MUSLIM rules in all things. No, it's not “discrimination.” Muslims the world over have given her a GOOD REASON to ban them by murdering people and beheading them, even CHILDREN with abandon for nothing more than not converting to THEIR religion. And to allow Muslims to be there WITH GUNS is foolish. Better to ban Muslims from a gun range altogether. Muslims with guns are dangerous at any time. There's no way to separate the extremist fools from those who are just trying to get along. At a gun range, that's a problem. It's a good decision. Now maybe we won't get a news flash about a Muslim shooting up her gun range. (Last Resistance)

Monday, February 2, 2015

Lies, Lies. and More Lies!

One thing Obama loves to do is LIE. One of his recent lies is this: “There is no metric by which we are not better off than when I took office.” Does he really think we are STUPID enough to believe this bullcrap? He does, or he would not say something like this—something so easily proved to BE a lie, with a straight face. But it's not so easy for a president to lie these days, with cameras and other recording devices everywhere. And I LOVED it when CBS” Mark Knoller, of all people, asked his “chief official liar” (besides Obama, himself) if he considered our rising national debt one of the “metrics” that indicates we're “doing better?” After Josh Earnest tried to obfuscate by saying they “see the deficit as a percentage of the economy, Knoller “went right for the throat” with his follow-up question: “Might you agree that the debt was NOT a metric that shows we're doing better?” Then Knoller hit him right in the mouth with, “Would you concede that the raw math shows that the debt has increased?” His answer of “Yes” was a tacit ADMISSION that Obama had lied. (Freedom Force)

Philosophy? Or Not?

We ALL have a “philosophy of life,” whether or not we realize it. Most people's philosophy of life is self-imposed. It is a set of “ground rules”: we use to govern our lives. Sometimes it is only to ACCEPT (and live by) the ground rules set by others. Other times, it is ground rules WE set for ourselves. Organized religion, for instance, is what “rules” the lives of most of us who observe it. Christianity has a few, but not too many ground rules. Catholicism has more. Islam has MANY, even to the point of dictating how women can urinate in public without anyone knowing they're doing it. When to pray, how many times a day, and it even dictates the CONTENT of their prayers. It commands them to “stay away” from “unbelievers” and to ostracize them. The Koran even exhorts them to KILL those they cannot “convert” to Islam, though some Muslims don't take that too seriously. Others do.. But this is not a discourse on what is good or bad about various religions. This is about PHILOSOPHY, or the lack of it. But there IS no lack of it. Even if you swear you have NO philosophy, that is a philosophy, in itself. Collectivism vs. the free market is a philosophical decision.

Collectivist philosophy says that if one man earns more than the other for ANY reason, that is unfair, and the one who makes more should “share” his “wealth” with those who have NOT earned as much. The free market says just the opposite: that to gain riches, you must EARN them. That “fairness” is not GIVING, unearned, the fruits of one man's ideas and labor to another. One who does NOT have the initiative to earn for himself, but wants to live at the EXPENSE of another. Both visions ARE a philosophy. In short, you cannot live your life without SOME kind of a philosophy to guide you; even of that philosophy is the REJECTION of all other known philosophies. My own philosophy is very close to Ayn Rand's Objectivist philosophy, which is the polar opposite of collectivism (socialism, communism, Fascism, Progressivism, and any others that say it's okay to steal from the producer of new wealth, for the benefit of those who do not earn it). It is what I call, “rational individualism,” in which I do not allow others to dictate any part of my philosophy of life, but make the rules for myself. (Just common sense)

School Strip-Searches Children

At this school, in Gustine, Texas, they apparently have no regard for constitutionality. If they were to tell me to “drop my drawers,” I'd tell them to “go to hell.” But that's what they did to a bunch of elementary school children because they “found some feces on the gym floor several times.” They thought maybe this way they could figure out who left it there. Never mind those children's right NOT to be subjected to such humiliation, especially without notification of the parents. What the hell ever made those “school officials” think they had the right to do such a thing is beyond me. Methinks maybe they have a “dictator” complex. In any case, “school officials” who would do such a thing should not only be FIRED on the spot, they should also be prosecuted for aggravated child abuse and jailed for a long time. Not telling the parents BEFORE this action should be a separate charge, (Eagle Rising)

Sunday, February 1, 2015

"It MIGHT Offend Someone"

That seems to be the standard in many schools that makes them think they have the right to violate the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America and CENSOR their student's speech because it MIGHT be “controversial.” The Constitution makes no exception for “controversiality.” It plainly OUTLAWS censorship on ANY excuse. Yet many schools censor the speech of their students on a regular basis, even though the courts have AFFIRMED it's unconstitutionality. For my part, if a school tried to censor me, I'd tell them to ”go to hell.” If that got me “bounced,” so be it. They need me more than I need them. There are schools all over the landscape, and they charge way too much money for the liberal indoctrination we usually get there.. (World Net Daily)

Islam: "Lying Is Okay"

Under Islam, it's okay to LIE to advance Islam and convince others to convert. Then if they change their minds, when they learn the truth, KILL them. EVERYTHING they say to promote Islam is a LIE: THEY say, “Islam is a religion of peace.” True. But their definition of “peace” is a little different than yours. To them, “peace” is everybody in the world a Muslim, or DEAD. They say, “We respect women. We all know that's not true, otherwise why do they require them to wear clothes that completely hide their bodies because they don't trust them to resist the advances of ANY man. Why is it, if a man DOES have sex with them even if it's rape, do they punish the WOMAN? Why do they require a male family member to accompany them ANY time they go out? Why is ANY man allowed to beat them on the street if they show so much as an ANKLE?

Why are they not allowed to have ANY kind of association (even non-sexual) with a non-Muslim? They SAY “Muslim is a TOLERANT religion. Why then, did two self-proclaimed Muslims murder 11 people in Paris because a newspaper there had the temerity to print a PICTURE of “the prophet?” Why are NO Christian religions allowed in countries they control? Why are Muslims going around murdering Christians, all over the world, just for being Christian? Why do Muslims HATE Jews? Why do Muslims MURDER their own daughters for what would be a MINOR offense in a Christian society? They really think we don't notice things like that. Lying is so approved by Muslims they even have a word for it: Taqiyya, which means “lying for Islam.” Do they really think we are so STUPID as to buy their stinky brown stuff? (Just common sense)