Monday, February 9, 2015

Obama LOST Two Wars!

He brags that he “ended two wars,” but it's easy to “end” wars by running away without finishing the job. Bush WON the war in Iraq in ONE WEEK. He “took down” a bloody dictator and forced him to hide in a “rat hole” in the desert until he was found, and hanged, by his own people—after WE found him. We took the Taliban down in Afghanistan and made them flee for their “hidey-holes.” We stayed there to oversee the rebuilding of both countries, until Obama told his troops to ”cut and run” without finishing the job. Now al-Qaida, under a new name (ISIS) has taken back most of the country—that many Americans died to take. The same will happen in Afghanistan since his troops “cut and ran” from there, too. Whatever kind of STUPIDITY makes Obama think he WON those two wars when all he did was RUN from both, I don't know. Whatever it is, he suffers from it. (Just common sense)

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