Saturday, February 21, 2015

Stating the Stupid

Obama is frightened. That's why he favors Muslims in everything. I thought he was just favoring them because he IS a Muslim, and wanted them to win, but I may be wrong. He revealed his fright when he told us we're ”just inviting Jihad by criticizing Islamic terrorists.”(naturally, he didn't use the words, “Islamic terrorists” because he's afraid to). But to INTELLIGENT people, criticizing Muslims has NOTHING to do with Jihad. They want to KILL everybody who won't “knuckle under” and “convert” to Islam and criticizing them makes no difference whatsoever. How do you make someone who has “gone off the deep end” madder? They have to know when you BEHEAD people and kill innocent people, including CHILDREN, for not believing the way YOU want to dictate, people are GOING to criticize you. Unless they're COWARDS. Just saying what Obama said illustrates not only his stupidity, but his shaking knees. He's a COWARD. I have no respect for this fool, president, or not. What a damned fool he is! (Daily Caller)

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