Thursday, February 12, 2015

Angela Davis Still Working?

I don't understand the STUPIDITY of the people who hire college professors. They make such STUPID choices as to who they hire! Angela Davis is just ONE of the more stupid of hires since the sixties. Another is that home-grown terrorist who bombed the Pentagon and, somehow. escaped real punishment. Now he's a “confidante of a president” while he still teaches his POISON to our easily-led kids. Both teach their poison and make very nice salaries while subverting a generation. Angela Davis is a well-known communist. And before your eyes “glaze over,” let me tell you it's NOT a “rumor.” It's FACT. So why is she still employed as a PROFESSOR in a college while making subversive speeches elsewhere? Worse, it's “African-American (Black—sorry, PC police can go stick it) History Month,” another thing that mystifies me. Why do BLACKS get a special month devoted to their history when WHITE Americans DO NOT? They'll call me a racist for asking that question, but I really would like an answer. They want to be treated as EQUALS. But that treats them as “MORE THAN EQUAL.” It's NOT racist to want to know WHY. It's racist to CALL me racist for asking for an answer. Why is "Black History Month NOT racist, while "WHITE History Month IS? Can somebbody answer that? WILL somebody? (DailyCaller)

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