Thursday, February 12, 2015

Gut-Shoot Them

That's the only way to handle the Islamic terrorists, under whatever name they operate: ISIS, ISIL, IS, Boko Haram, Palestinians, Taliban, al-Qaida, etc. They're all Islamic terrorists, no matter how much our vaunted president denies it. They kill people and maim others. They behead people: adults, AND children. Some children while their parents watch, before they are beheaded, themselves. They RAPE the women (even the small girls) before they behead them. They kidnap innocent people and attempt to ransom them, before they kill them, too. Sometimes AFTER they have killed them. They burn people to death and film it so they can show it to the world. These people are a “waste of space.” They don't deserve to be able to take UP space on this planet. When we catch them, we need to “gut-shoot” them so it'll take a long time for them to die, and they will be in major pain the whole time. Don't take them prisoner. Don't send them tom GITMO to be “coddled” with their own flat-screen TV in their cells while being allowed to Skype their families while sending coded messages to other terrorists, and then released, to go back to the “battle” and swell the ranks of Islamic terrorists. KILL them, and they will be DONE. But that'll never happen, not so long as their “good buddy” Obama is in the white House. Some wimpy liberals say if we do that, we'll be “sinking to their level.” Maybe that's what we NEED to do. That's all they understand. (Just common sense)

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