Monday, February 23, 2015

Attacking Walker

The Democrat (liberal, socialist) attacks on Scott Walker have begun. But don't worry about him. He survived everything they could throw at him in his home state and his “political capital increased. And he did it as an unabashed conservative, which liberals (Democrats) say can't be done. Now they're giving him a hard time because he didn't graduate from college. If that's all they have against him now, he's in good shape. Where is it written (except in the annals of the socialist (Democrat) Party that a college diploma is required rt be president? Nowhere, that's where. So what's all the hoopla? It's all about destroying him as a possible candidate before he can run—as they think they've done to Sarah Palin. The only people who think she's “too conservative” to be elected are the Democrats, and their dupes. (Freedom Force)

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