Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sharpton's Done

Well, we can hope, can't we? A lot of people think of Al Sharpton as a “stand-up guy.” I never have, but that's neither here nor there. CNBC thought enough of him to give him his own TV show, even though most of the time, he was threatening to call large corporations racist if they didn't send him money. That, and showing up wherever he could WHIP UP racism, like Ferguson, MO. That extortion worked usually, and he has gotten rich off the proceeds. Maybe MSNBC was one of his victims and they gave him a show to keep him off their backs. One problem. He ignored his taxes. They kept asking him and asking him to “pay up,” and he didn't. Now the IRS has gotten serious. It's “payoff time” for Sharpton and if he doesn't, he may well end up in prison. Of course, that's where he has belonged, for a long time, considering all the trouble he has caused, and the people who have died because of him. (Tea Party Bulletin)

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