Sunday, February 15, 2015

"Overstating the Terror Threat?"

That's what Obama says, hoping to make the media “lighten up,” while terrorists behead CHILDREN and adults and kill innocent people all over the world. And even BURN people in cages while recording it for the world to see. Yeah, the media is “overstating” it. Seems to me the media is just REPORTING what the Islamic terrorists are DOING. If that's “overstating it,” I'm for that. It's all part of Obama's effort to minimize what the Islamic terrorists are doing, while refusing to even NAME them for what they ARE. Nobody will believe he is ONE of them, and is trying his best to make us think they are no kind of threat to the mainland. It is becoming more and more apparent that he is LYING, as usual. If somebody doesn't realize it, and DO something about it soon, we're going to be an “Islamic State” before you know it, living under “Sharia Law.” The PRESIDENT is not supposed to align himself with our ENEMIES, which is why it's so hard to convince people he has. (Minuteman News)

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