Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Teachers Arm Themselves

No, not here. We're not smart enough, mostly. PAKASTANI school teachers are arming themselves in the wake of the Taliban (Islamic terrorist) attack that resulted in the deaths of 150 innocent children AND teachers in Peshawar. And in Israel, they “relaxed” the gun rules in the wake of Islamic terrorist (Palestinian) attacks there that involved the murders of four Orthodox Jews and a policeman in a TEMPLE by four men armed with knives, axes and a gun, recognizing (rightly) the protective value of “good guys with guns.” Which makes me wonder: why can't OUR politicians recognize this simple truth? Why do they continue to think the average American would “go wild” if he had a gun and cause a “wild West atmosphere” where you can get shot over a fender-bender? They're STUPID to think that way, but how do you “smarten them up?” You can't. Stupid is stupid. You can only get RID of them and find politicians who ARE smarter. As long as we keep electing stupid politicians, we will HAVE stupid politicians, and more of us will DIE from their stupidity. (Daily Caller)

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