Friday, February 27, 2015

False Accusations

In many cases, accusations of “police brutality” are accepted as true, even without EVIDENCE. Just as accusations of sexual harassment and rape are, with no "evidence" but the unsupported word of the woman, leading to FALSE accusations in both cases. In this case, however, the miscreant didn't figure on being “on camera” as he hit HIMSELF in the face to give himself a couple of black eyes he could blame on the cops. He has been hit with even more charges, in addition to the stalking and first degree sexual assault that got him there, in the first place. The whole point of this is, it's EASY to blame the cops these days—too easy. Some cops don't like the cameras some are being forced to wear, but they are as much for their OWN protection from false “police brutality” charges as they are there to “keep THEM honest.” (Daily Caller)

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