Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Worse Than Terrorism?

That's what Obama says about global warming (whatever they call the swindle now). His former chief of staff, Rahm Emmanuel, now Mayor of Chicago, once famously said, “Never let a good panic go to waste.” Now, instead of just being AlGore's ATM, Obama is now using it to help him promote HIS swindles. All this over a ONE DEGREE INCREASE in temperature over 100 YEARS! And the FICTION that it is man-made. He's trying to minimize the terrorism threat by comparing it to a “made-up panic.” Funny. Somehow I don't think a one degree increase in overall temperature is worse than many Muslims going around murdering people by the hundreds, even THOUSANDS for not believing the way THEY want them to believe. beheading people, including little girls, is, in my estimation, a lot worse than that. Obama is becoming more and more arrogant in his SUPPORT of Muslim terrorists, and his wish that they WIN. People had better start paying attention to that, and DO something about it, before he “gives away the store,” and we are living under a Muslim Caliphate using “Sharia Law” instead of the constitution as the basis for all laws. (Just common sense)

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