Monday, February 23, 2015

Suffering Fools Gladly?

SUFFERING FOOLS GLADLY?” Anybody who knows me knows that's one thing I never do. Then I come upon an item in “One Political Plaza” posted by one “Jack 2014” who calls Bill O'Reilly “Bill O'Fairy,” thus eliminating himself from being believed about ANYTHING and plainly showing his bias that accused Bill O'Reilly of the same things Brian Williams has ADMITTED to, falsifying his “experiences” in “war zones. He bases it on a “Mother Jones piece by a man O'Reilly calls, “a disgusting piece of garbage” who has been looking for something, ANYTHING to discredit Fox News (and O'Reilly specifically) for years. It is based on unproven allegations and excerpts from a FICTION book O'Reilly wrote. And it's interesting that he had to go back to the 80s to even FIND anything. CNN even showed an interview from another correspondent who was not WITH O'Reilly who says HE was a thousand miles away. This “Jack 2014” likewise is an obvious Fox hater, who calls Fox “Faux Snooze.” I don't put much stock in any of this. (One Political Plaza) Scroll down.

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