Friday, February 27, 2015

"Respectful" Strip Searches?

A “school official” at Neufchatel High School in Quebec City, Canada. Is defending herself after an outcry because she authorized “strip searches” of a bunch of female high school students to found out if any of them had any pot. Now Yves Boulduc, the bureaucrat in charge of Canadian schools, says “the school officials did nothing wrong.” How stupid is THAT? How do you “respectfully strip-search” a 15-year-old girl? Fact is, there IS no such thing as a “respectful” strip search, whether or not this fool knows it. There may not be a “Fourth Amendment” in Canada, but I'd bet they do have a law against unreasonable searches, somewhere.

And if they don't, they ought to. Especially since they did this WITHOUT telling the kids' parents. Bolduc says the province is now changing the rules—closing the barn door after the horse is gone. What REALLY makes me mad is that there was not even a TRACE of “probable cause” that these kids had any pot. They just decided to strip them naked so they could search their clothes, “just in case” they had some pot. What's next? “respectful cavity searches?” Similar searches have happened in America, in spite of the Fourth Amendment. (Daily Caller)

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