Thursday, February 19, 2015

Obama To "Strangle" Conservatives

One of the things Obama hopes to do is “strangle” conservatives. Like they're OUR enemy more than Islamic terrorists. He works harder on that goal than he does to “strangle” Islamic terrorists. What he fails to realize is that, contrary to what his advisers tell him , conservatives are in the MAJORITY in this country, and if they all come out to vote, he's TOAST. Conservatives are not ANY kind of “enemy” to this country. Maybe to HIM, because he wants to LOOT this country of everything he can, and conservatives do everything they can to stop him. All conservatives want is less governmental interference in our lives, less government spending of OUR money on what is important to HIM, not to us. They want a government that is SMALL, and only “runs the infrastructure” while doing its most important job: to protect us from outside powers, as well as those INSIDE. They're NOT “the enemy, to anybody but a CRIMINAL who wants to rip this country off, as he does. So I guess they ARE his enemy. (Daily Caller)

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