Tuesday, February 3, 2015

"Islam-Free Zone"

A gun range owner in Hot Springs, Arkansas has declared Muslims as “persona non grata” (not allowed) at her range and her business has quadrupled as a result. Of course, she has gotten a lot of flack as a result, too, but I personally think she has made the right decision. Unarmed Muslims are bad enough because they tend to insist that we, as CHRISTIANS, obey their MUSLIM rules in all things. No, it's not “discrimination.” Muslims the world over have given her a GOOD REASON to ban them by murdering people and beheading them, even CHILDREN with abandon for nothing more than not converting to THEIR religion. And to allow Muslims to be there WITH GUNS is foolish. Better to ban Muslims from a gun range altogether. Muslims with guns are dangerous at any time. There's no way to separate the extremist fools from those who are just trying to get along. At a gun range, that's a problem. It's a good decision. Now maybe we won't get a news flash about a Muslim shooting up her gun range. (Last Resistance)

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