Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Terrorists Use Our Courts

England is paying a soon-to-be or recently released terrorist ₤1.5 MILLION dollars for his 13 years in GITMO, as if he had been “exonerated” when he was released. Now it come out that such payments have been made to released terrorists before. I guess it's true that politicians don't care how they throw around OUR money. Why did they pay them? Because they were afraid they were going to sue the government! For keeping them prisoner when they were found KILLING people! Terrorism PAYS! Since when does a “prisoner of war” have standing to SUE his captors? Did you know we gave HAMAS billions of dollars, ostensibly to rebuild schools and infrastructure in Gaza? Whaddya wanna bet that money went into rocket bombs that rained down on Israel? Are we STUPID, or what? If we lose to the Islamic terrorists it won't be because they're so good. They're not. We're STUPID! We're giving away the store! (Allen West)

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