Friday, February 6, 2015

Kill ALL Terrorists!

Not all Muslims are terrorists. But so far recently, all terrorists have been Muslims. I'm not recommending killing all Muslims. But we're going to have to kill all TERRORISTS. Not arrest them; not “bring them to justice. Not “reduce their effectiveness or impede their advances—KILL them, wherever you can find them. They are way too much of a threat to the world to use the half-assed responses the world has used, led by that wimp in the White House, Barack Obama. This IS World War THREE, whether or not anybody will admit it, and if we don't treat it that way, we're going to lose. We can't ”rule out” ANY action, including sending troops back into Iraq, or anywhere else the terroroists can be found. We need to follow them to the “ends of the Earth,” if necessary We have to “root them out” and KILL them, wherever they're hiding. They like to “hit and run,” going to their “safe harbors” in countries they think we will not invade. We need to stop recognizing that, and go WHEREVER they can be found, and KILL them. Then there will REALLY be no need for GITMO because when we start “taking no prisoners,” there won't be any to hold there. Obama and the world need to quit underestimating them and set out to KILL them ALL, as quickly (and hopefully as painfully) as possible.(Just common sense)

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