Sunday, February 1, 2015

Not At War With Terrorism?

That's what the White House (Obama) is putting out, and they're right. We ARE “at war with Islamic terrorISTS! “Well, we say we're in a war against al Qaeda. We have just never said we have been in a war against terrorism, which is a tactic. It's an unusual thing to say that we're at war against a tactic.” Semantics. Yes, “terrorism” IS “just a tactic. But that tactic KILLS people, so we should be out to STAMP IT OUT—COMPLETELY. Not just “control it, or “reduce it's effectiveness.” We are IN World War III, whether or not we realize it. And we'd better start treating it as such, and “pull out all the stops” to destroy the Islamic terrorists. That INCLUDES “boots on the ground” to hunt down and KILL as many Islamic terrorists as we can, wherever they hide. And if a few innocent Muslims get hurt as a result, too bad. “Collateral damage.” That's what happens in a war. Way too many innocent Americans get hurt, ON PURPOSE. The Islamic terrorists go after “soft targets,” not hardened military targets. Then they run and hide until the next time they can catch us by surprise. Obama needs to “wake up” to reality. (Eagle Rising)

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