Tuesday, February 24, 2015

"Bush Lied, People Died!"

That has been a standard litany from the left, and it has been a LIE the whole time they said it. Saddam DID have WMDs, and he just shipped them elsewhere before we could find them so they could claim he didn't have any. Today, even the New York Times, usually Obama's “Democrat House Organ,” agrees, in an unusual case of true journalism. “The .CIA actually PURCHASED chemical weapons IN Iraq, supposedly to keep them out of the hands of Islamic terrorists (which they call 'insurgents').” This was a “firestorm of libel against Bush, and he did nothing to dispel it, so it has become an “article of faith” among liberals, even though WRONG. Yet they still say there were no WMDs, years after it has become acknowledged FACT among iintelligent people that there WERE some there! (American Thinker)

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