Thursday, February 26, 2015

He Must Be A Racist

Never mind he's black. He's disagreeing with Obama's policies, so he MUST be racist, according to Obama. He's only 12 years old, but he's “wise beyond his years” in what he says in this video. Obama will find some phony way to discredit him, probably because of his age. He can't use the usual “racist” accusation because the boy is black. So he'll probably say he's too young to know what he's talking about. But this boy has been PAYING ATTENTION as most others in his age bracket do not. That's why he knows so much. And Obama HAS TO discredit him because way too many people will listen to him, and that could upset ALL of Obama's plans to LOOT America. If we had more people like this kid out there, we wouldn't be in this trouble because they would not “buy” Obama's BS (stinky brown stuff). And that would SINK Obama's plans. (Godfather Politics)

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