Thursday, February 19, 2015

It's All Poppycock!

Horse sh-t; bullsh-t. Horse puckey, BS, balderdash! Any word you want to use to describe Obama's approach to the basis for Islamic terrorism, it all means the same. Obama is a DAMFOOL if he thinks the INTELLIGENT people in America will buy his “explanation” for the Islamic Jihad that is being waged today (though those Rush Limbaugh calls “low information voters” might). Poverty has NOTHING to do with it. If it did, it wouldn't be JUST the Islamics who are going around MURDERING Christians and Jews because of their faith. Everybody in the world living in poverty would be doing it. They have been very “up front” about their reasons for their rampages (guess he didn't notice that): they want the WHOLE WORLD to become MUSLIM, or DIE. And they're willing to do the killing. Obama can't even bring himself to SAY the words “Islamic terrorism” or “Islamic extremism,” or any other word that will connect Islam to the atrocities they commit. They have NO “grievances” against us, except for what we do to stop their atrocities. Their “grievances” are, like the word “Islamaphobia,” made up out of whole cloth. It is NOTHING we did that “set them off,” except to believe in a different God than they do. It's as simple as that. Obama is out to COMPLICATE it with his “summit” against extremist violence where they aren't even allowed to MENTION the real root cause. (Just common sense)

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