Saturday, February 21, 2015

"Ending Bush's Wars"

That's one of the goals Obama had coming in, and it's one he DID attain. Of course, the way he did it, it was easy. He did it by “cutting and running” without finishing the job we went in to do after we WON the initial phases. Now, in Iraq, Muslim militants (ISIS, ISIL, IS, or whatever they call themselves today) are in the process of taking back everything many of our troops gave their lives to win. What he has done is indefensible and makes what we did meaningless. He thinks the war in Iraq was meaningless, but he's WRONG. Since the Islamic terrorists (a term he REFUSES to use, by the way) had a great friend in Saddam Hussein, and a “safe harbor” they used for training and recruiting, Also, he gave them a lot of money. We eliminated that when we “took him down.” Not to mention getting rid of a bloody dictator, which made the people living there very happy—all except for the Islamic terrorists. (News Max)

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