Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Don't "Degrade," DESTROY!

You often hear boob Obama say we must “degrade” ISIS in Iraq. He also says going into Iraq was a mistake. The Islamic terrorists had a “safe harbor” in Iraq, and Saddam gave them a lot of money to fund their atrocities. Invading Iraq and taking Saddam down ended all that—at least from Iraq—for a while—until Obama told his troops to “cut and run,” allowing the terrorists (under whatever name) free rein to come back and retake all the territory many American soldiers gave their lives to take. And “degrading” the Islamic terrorists is NOT the answer We “degraded” them when we took over Iraq. They quickly came back and retook all that territory when Obama told us to leave, and are rapidly taking over the whole country—again, while KILLING a lot of people.. I'm firmly convinced that was Obama's PURPOSE. To allow them to regain all the territory we took under Bush. Now he's doing it again, in Afghanistan. (Just common sense)

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