Wednesday, February 25, 2015

"No Scandals?

That's what Daviud Axelrod says, completely ignoring Benghazi, the IRS spying scandal, the NSA spying scandal, Obama's “gun-running” to the Islamic terrorists AND the Mexican drug cartels, his printing money with nothing behind it, (which is COUNTERFEITING if I did it), one in SEVEN Americans being on Food Stamps, plus many more: things like his machinations with the “Cat Food Commission.,” his paying illegal aliens tax “refunds” for years in which they paid NO taxes, cutting more than $28 Billion out of the military budget when we're fighting wars on several fronts—wars he refuses to admit we're fighting. There are so MANY SCANDALS in this administration, I can't even NAME them all. But they DO exist, no matter what David Axelrod (Obama's former chief of staff) says about it. They're just IGNORING them ALL so they can LIE about it. (Just common sense)

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