Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What's WRONG With These People?

Don't they know that many Muslims are the ENEMY? Don't they know the things they espouse are inimical to everything we hold dear, even if they DON'T try to kill you? Don't they know the “bible” of their ”faith” (The Koran) instructs them to HATE us because we don't believe the away they think we ought to? To KILL us if we don't “convert? For what Earthly reason would a school in Florida teach our kids about Islam? In spite of the strenuous objections of their parents? Do they WANT to lose their jobs? Don't they know that if the Muslims have their way, we'll all be praying to Allah five times a day (at the point of a gun) while our women go around wearing TENTS? Laws prevent the teaching of religion in our schools—ANY religion. EXCEPT Islam, it appears. How do these people get around that? How do they get AWAY with that? We can't teach about Christianity (or even mention its name), but they can teach about Islam, in detail, with exhortation to "convert.". What are their bosses doing? (Eagle Rising)

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