Monday, February 2, 2015

Lies, Lies. and More Lies!

One thing Obama loves to do is LIE. One of his recent lies is this: “There is no metric by which we are not better off than when I took office.” Does he really think we are STUPID enough to believe this bullcrap? He does, or he would not say something like this—something so easily proved to BE a lie, with a straight face. But it's not so easy for a president to lie these days, with cameras and other recording devices everywhere. And I LOVED it when CBS” Mark Knoller, of all people, asked his “chief official liar” (besides Obama, himself) if he considered our rising national debt one of the “metrics” that indicates we're “doing better?” After Josh Earnest tried to obfuscate by saying they “see the deficit as a percentage of the economy, Knoller “went right for the throat” with his follow-up question: “Might you agree that the debt was NOT a metric that shows we're doing better?” Then Knoller hit him right in the mouth with, “Would you concede that the raw math shows that the debt has increased?” His answer of “Yes” was a tacit ADMISSION that Obama had lied. (Freedom Force)

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