Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Terrorist By Any Other Name...

Is still a terrorist. And an ISLAMIC terrorist is still an ISLAMIC terrorist, even if our stupid president refuses to call them what they ARE. I don't know what he thinks he's getting away with by mislabeling Islamic terrorist atrocities, but it isn't working. In the old days when there were only three national news outlets he could CONTROL, he could get away with such crap. But no more. His refusal to call them what they are has become an an object of derision and mirth as he continues to display his utter STUPIDITY by it. Maybe he just wants to be able to say there have been no Islamic terrorist attacks “on his watch.” Probably. He knows it will be a LIE, but since when did that ever stop him? He's still trying to perpetrate the FICTION that the atrocities committed by ISAMIC terrorists are committed by people who only CLAIM to be Islamic, which is one of his biggest LIES. Now he says, “I won't quibble over it,” which means, “shut up about it.” (Last Resistance)

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