Friday, February 20, 2015

Gore's Con Falling Apart

But it has already made him a billionaire, so he doesn't care too much. How do I know it's falling apart? I just stick my head out the window while my ears freeze. If what Gore predicted was so, we'd be having a VERY mild winter this year. Instead, it's VERY cold, and we're having record snowfalls in many areas where Gore said it would be almost snowless. In truth, this globe has NOT been “warming” for more than 15 years. Instead of “pulling in his horns,” he changed the NAME of his swindle to “climate change,” so he could claim warming OR cooling was caused by it, and goes right on fleecing us. “Climate change” is a largely meaningless term that allows him to blandly blame ANY kind of “climate change” on his idea of what's bad, so he can keep “coining the bucks.” Even Obama has jumped “on the bandwagon,” since he realized it could help him pass even more restrictive laws and regulations while charging more and higher “fees” that are supposed to help him 'fight climate change.” He's a “Johnny come lately,” but he plans on making the most of it. It's all based on a ONE DEGREE INCREASE in temperature in 100 years, and MAN being the cause! To me, that's not a problem—it's a relief. IF it were true. It isn't. (Just common sense)

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