Sunday, February 15, 2015

Taking Over Everything

That's what Obama is doing. He did it with the auto industry with loans (our money) many of them didn't need, but which were forced upon them. Banking, too. They put a bunch of major bankers in a ROOM And told them they were “not getting out of here before you take his money,” while taking the money meant you were “beholden” to the government. He took over other industries by FIAT, using “rules and regulations” to do it. That's what he's in the process of doing right NOW with the Internet. He has put out the word that “the Internet is “broken,” when it ISN'T. He's using the FCC to push the FICTION that the Internet is a “public service” like radio and TV and they're coming up with “regulations” to “keep the big boys from bullying the little guys.” Which isn't happening, and never will. What WILL happen is that they'll make “rules” to stop people like me from criticizing them. When they do, I'll become a “criminal” because I won't shut up. (Glenn Beck)

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