Saturday, February 21, 2015

Some People Are Really Stupid!

Mostly college students, who have listened to their communist, terrorist, socialist professors. This is an outgrowth of the tendency of colleges to hire such people as Angela Davis, a well-known communist. And before your eyes “glaze over,” KNOW that communism is NOT “dead.” they only PRETENDED it was in Russia “to put America to sleep,” which they certainly succeeded. People like Davis continue to teach their POISON in class, and the impressionable youngsters, who know no better, “lap it up” like a thirsty puppy “laps up” water. Now college students want their colleges to”divest themselves” of any “oil stocks” of any kind, completely ignoring the fact that oil is absolutely NECESSARY to our lives, and to generally divest ourselves of investments there can be disastrous. But they won't admit that, because they're too well “conditioned.” (Just common sense)

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