Friday, February 20, 2015

ISIS Cells In America?

Yes. Certainly. Nobody with any intelligence at all thinks otherwise. With Obama's laxness on border control, illegal Mexican (and other South American) aliens are not the only ones coming in. Terrorists have been coming in, right along with them. And Obama is delighted. It fits right in with his plans to “teach America a lesson.” Yet, outfits like News Max are just now asking that question. Even though they should have had the answer to it for a long time. But maybe they're just asking the question so WE will think about it, and take action. The fact that the FBI has “active cases in 49 of the 50 states involving Islamic militants confirms it, and there HAVE been actual ATTACKS by Islamic militants on an ongoing basis, even though the government gives them other names and will not admit they ARE Islamic militant actions, to “gloss them over” and make us think we're “still safe.”. They're HERE, folks, Make no mistake about it. And we'd BETTER be alert. (News Max)

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