Thursday, February 5, 2015

Obama Is A Communist! Really!

The Communist Party USA completely approves of him, and all his works. He's doing more to make this into a communist (socialist) country than they could ever do, and they LOVE it! The Communist Party says the Democrats now support the communist agenda and now, instead of being a third party in the next election, they plan to work as part of the Democrat Party to get as many Democrats elected as possible, as a way to advance their agenda. The Democrats have moved so far left that they are now indistinguishable from the Communist Party. I've never liked Obama. Not because of his color, which is as much white as it is black, but because of his policies, which are pure communist. While he may not be a “card-carrying communist,” he IS a communist in every other way that counts, and that, for me, eliminates him (and his friends) forever from consideration for anything. (Eagle Rising)

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