Thursday, February 5, 2015

Brian Williams Lies

He says he was in a helicopter that was shot down and had to be “rescued” by other troops. It really happened—but he wasn't on it at the time. The helicopter he was on arrived an HOUR later, but he, like Hillary, adopted the experience as his own. You'll remember the day Hillary Clinton, then “First Lady,” told about having to “run, under fire,” a story that was equally untrue. She even made a crack about “sending in the First Lady when it was too dangerous to send in the president.” Then there was Dan Rather's attempt to discredit George Bush with a story that was based on phony paperwork—that he KNEW was phony, but which he used, anyway because it was a “good story.” These are just three instances of politicians and “newsmen” LYING to make themselves look better. Makes you wonder how many instances have gone unnoticed, huh? (America's Watch Tower)

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