Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Why I "Knock" Muslims

Yes, I know ALL Muslims are not terrorists, even though all terrorists recently have been Muslims. Way too many Muslims, even if they don't go out and kill people who don't believe the way they want to DICTATE, do some really STUPID things. And it's not just individuals who do them. In this case, a man raped, beat, and KILLED his FIVE-YEAR-OLD daughter because he “doubted her virginity. A FIVE YEAR OLD! Then, instead of getting a death sentence or even life in prison, he was allowed to BUY his way out of jail for a paltry Thirty one pounds (because the judge thought that, with his short jail stay, this payment, and his daughter's death was “enough punishment.”--as if he cared, since he killed her himself) The money was paid to her mother, HALF of what he would have to pay if she were a boy. That brings up their routine treatment of women of ALL ages, which is abominable. Elsewhere, women are not allowed to be out in public without a man who is related to them, and must wear what amounts to a TENT, lest another man desire them, and they are so “untrustworthy,” of course, they might go along with it. Then there is their one-sided DIVORCE laws, and RAPE laws, where any rape must be observed by FOUR MEN to be proved, And there is “honor killing,” where a man can KILL his daughter for being SEEN with the wrong man, or for refusing an “arranged marriage.” And they DO it, way too often, even in the United States. Though they get punished much more severely here than in countries run by Muslims. That's when they get caught. Other Muslims too often cover it up. (Tea Party Politics)

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