Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Name Is A Name Is A Name

Lame duck Attorney General Eric Holder just doesn't understand why Fox News is making such a big thing about Obama's INABILITY to call Islamic terrorism by its name. What he can't understand is that if you can't even CALL it by its name, how can you fight it? What he really doesn't understand is that Obama doesn't WANT to fight Islamic terrorism. He still doesn't have the INTELLIGENCE to understand that Islamic terrorism is a deadly enemy to the United states and, as its president, he MUST fight it, or SURRENDER to it. And to fight it, he MUST BE willing to name it. Holder says if Fox didn't have this to talk about, they wouldn't have ANYTHING to talk about. What abysmal STUPIDITY has affected this fool! They have MANY things to talk about, and most of them have to do with Obama's CRIMES against nature and the United States! NO, Holder understands it all too well. He just doesn't want US to understand it. Media Matters thinks because Fox didn't use those words in a recent feature, they're even. They're not. Obama won't use them as a matter of POLICY. Fox uses them regularly. Media Matters is GOOFY. But we knew that. (Media Matters)

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