Sunday, February 8, 2015

It's NOT A Boycott!

That's what Nancy Peelosi says about the Democrats “being too busy” to attend Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech before a combined Congress. The fact that MOST of them will not be there does not amount to a boycott, she says. “They're just too busy” to listen to the important things Netanyahu has to say. But it's NOT a boycott, she says. Considering the facts, that's as stupid a statement as her earlier crack about Obamacare that, “We must PASS this bill to find out what's IN it.” This woman, like most stupid people, has no idea how stupid she IS, or how she reveals that stupidity with her inane remarks. We're well rid of her as MAJORITY leader. Now we just have to get rid of her, period. (AmericanThinker)

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