Friday, February 13, 2015

Creating More Comment

One of the ways Obama keeps people from talking about his REAL crimes is to “drag” a “strawman” across in front of us. Sometimes it's hard to tell if what he puts out IS a “strawman.” But his recent comparison of Christianity's “atrocities” of a THOUSAND years ago is such an obvious attempt, we don't have to even talk about it. While we're debating whether or not the Catholic Church did things just as bad as the Islamic terrorists do today, we're not talking about Benghazi, where his (and Hillary's) inaction resulted in the DEATHS of four embassy personnel, including an ambassador, or his spending more money than there IS, while printing more “funny money” so he can spend more. Or his attempt to take over the Internet by saying it's “broken,” when it ISN'T. And we're not even talking about his myriad OTHER scandals and swindles, including appointing Muslim Brotherhood members to his STAFF so they can do their dirty work from INSIDE. His latest attempt is his comment that "Rights do not come from God." whether they do or not, certain rights are ours by "right of birth," not by an edict of government.  (Just common sense)

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