Sunday, February 22, 2015

Should Rudy Apologize?

No, he should NOT. I don't know if Obama was BORN in a foreign country. The jury is still out on that one. He DID register at one college as a "foreign-born student." He was RAISED in a foreign country. He was admittedly BORN to communists, Raised BY COMMUNISTS, AND mentored by communists his entire life in a country where hatred of America is pounded into the heads of children every day. How he could not be a communist sympathizer, it's impossible to say. He has said, many times, that this country was STARTED by slave owners and that we have STOLEN whatever we have “from the poor.” How you steal from the poor who have nothing, I can't fathom. That's just one of the items of ILLOGIC liberals always whine about. Ergo: he doesn't “love America.” Rudy merely stated the obvious, out in the open, and the liberals' heads exploded, as they always do when a non-liberal tells the truth about them. You should NEVER apologize for telling the truth. No matter how much those liberal FOOLS scream and whine. And Rudy is doing just that. Good on ya, Rudy! (New York Post)

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