Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lowering the Bar

Liberals think fooling kids into THINKING they’re smarter than they are will make them BE so. It won’t. I recently heard they were lowering the percentage for a passing grade to 40% so less intelligent kids can pass their courses whether or not they’re smart enough. This cannot work, but try and convince a liberal of that, since most of them were educated in a liberal school environment and aren’t really very smart. They think “lowering the bar” and making the kids “feel better” about themselves will equate to better intelligence. It won’t. The only good thing about this is that sooner or later these kids will be “in charge” and people who have CONSERVATIVE-based educations will be able to make them look like the fools they are. There’s a difference between “self-esteem” and “self-image.” Self-esteem is based on a LIE: people lying to you about your talents and abilities so you THINK you’re smarter than you are; self-image is based on TRUTH. You KNOW your talents and abilities and use them to your advantage. This cartoon by Wiley makes the comparison best. (Mallard Fillmore)

Giving Themselves Awards

If anybody wonders why liberals get so many awards, and conservatives—not so many, there’s a good reason. Most of the “recognized” awards are given out by liberals, to other liberals. Liberals don’t give awards to conservatives very often. Rush Limbaugh was a candidate for the Nobel Prize at the same time as AlGore. Gore won it because the winners were decided by liberals, who can’t control who NOMINATES people for that award—although it’s an honor just to be NOMINATED. Gore and his co-winner both got it for the lies they were telling about global warming—oops! I forgot. Gore doesn’t want people to use that term anymore, since it became clear the globe was not warming any more and hasn’t been since 2000 or before. His swindle is collapsing, but they can’t take back the Nobel, unfortunately (nor the money given with it), even if it is found the reason why someone won it is a lie. (MSNBC)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Communists Thriving From Capitalism

Some countries are having good economic news lately. Unfortunately, the US is not among them. Cuba, for instance, is showing signs of economic improvement by allowing its peasants to practice limited capitalism. “According to the Washington Post, ‘The Cuban government, in its most dramatic reform since [Raul] Castro took over for his ailing older brother Fidel three years ago, is offering private farmers... the use of fallow state lands to grow crops -- for a profit’." Sounds a little like what communist China is doing, and which is allowing THEM to improve economically. That this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that a LITTLE capitalism will overcome a LOT of collectivism (communism) is not even necessary to mention. (Mark Scousen)

Scaring Us To Death

That seems to be the aim of the media (including Fox News). Fox local in Denver is running a story about how “dirty” the workout equipment at local spas is. This, of course, ignores entirely the fact that everything you touch is just as dirty. You don’t have to be “working out” to come in contact with germs. So why single out the “work out” business? Mainly because they just want to scare us and create a crisis. You can bet the government (state and federal) will take notice of this series and come up with more tight regulations and laws “to combat germs,” of course. Further, you can bet more taxes will be in your future, to pay for it. (Hub Pages)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Giving Each Other Awards

You’ve probably wondered how it is that liberals get so many awards, while conservatives—not so much. The answer is simple. The liberals put much store in such awards and they make sure liberals get them, whether or not they deserve them. Conservatives, on the other hand, are more interested in RESULTS—not their “good wishes” and awards don’t mean as much to them. That’s one reason why self-described communist Van Jones got an award from the NAACP for ”being an American treasure (What a stupid award for him to get.).”Jones, who served as an adviser to the White House Council on Environmental Quality, generated mounting criticism last summer, first for calling Republicans "assholes" during a videotaped address earlier in the year and then for signing a petition in 2004 supporting the "9/11 truther" movement, which believes the Bush administration may have been involved in the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks. The latter development, which came on top of several others, was perhaps the most devastating and led to calls for his resignation. But than made no difference to the NAACP, who singled this communist out for the honor. (Fox News)

Peelosi's Own Personal Air Taxi

“According to World Net Daily (WND), Judicial Watch has obtained documents under the Freedom of Information Act which reveal that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has spent over $2.1 million on air travel over the last two years, treating the Air Force jets on which she flies as if they were her own personal air taxi service. She often reserves the jets, then cancels them at the last minute despite the considerable cost involved in pre-flight preparations. Worse, $101,000 of that total was for food and alcohol consumed by her, her staff, her family members and other invited passengers while in flight." She’s like “The Queen” and obviously thinks she’s more important than the president. It’s like a “wild frat party” in the air, paid for by you and I. (American Family Association)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Concentrating on Accomplishments"

That’s what Obama is saying to Democrats. That they should concentrate on their accomplishments, rather than on their losses. Only problem there is there are NO accomplishments for them to concentrate on. They have failed at everything they’ve tried, and are ready to fail at the rest. He’s given away BILLIONS to “Stimulate the economy,” with NO effect. He “took over” GM, hoping to help them make more profit, though he hasn’t the slightest idea how. In fact, he HATES profit, which is the “lubrication” that makes the wheels of the world turn. He doesn’t know HOW to make the economy better, and won’t even LISTEN to those who do. He THINKS he does, but everything he does makes it worse. (Just common sense)

Another School Shooting

Every school in the land is a “gun-free zone.” Which means it’s illegal to bring a gun into the school, at any time, unless you are a policeman. But crazies who shoot up schools don’t care about the law. They don’t obey laws that say they can’t take a gun into that school. I predict that the “anti-gun Nazis” will demand even more restrictive anti-gun laws as a result of the shooting on February 23, 2010 at aJefferson County, Colorado middle school, even though such laws NEVER do anything to stop such people from shooting up a school and, in fact, make such shootings even more possible and likely by assuring the shooter there will be nobody there armed and willing to stop them. There has never been a shooing at a gun show because a potential shooter KNOWS there are guns and people willing to use them in self defense there. A uniformed, armed policeman won’t work because they KNOW he is armed and can take him out first, before anybody is ready.

I’m not suggesting they let the students be armed. I AM suggesting that teachers and staff who have a concealed carry permit be allowed to carry their guns into the school specifically so a potential shooter cannot be sure there will be no one there to stop their rampages. And I suggest those teachers and staff be ENCOURAGED to get a gun and a carry permit so there WILL be someone there who can protect these defenseless students. The same holds true elsewhere. ANYBODY who can qualify for a carry permit should be allowed to carry his gun into what is now a no-gun zone. That way, illegally armed criminals cannot ever be SURE they can shoot people at will with nobody able to defend themselves. Anti-gun laws just do NOT work, so why do we continue to make more and more, every time somebody shoots someone with an illegal gun? (Fox News)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Take Me At My Word"

That’s what Obama says about gun rights. But his track record for telling the truth is abysmal, so why should we believe ANYTHING he says, about anything? “Obama lied when he said ‘I'm not going to take your guns away’ and ‘Lawful gun owners have nothing to fear...I think people can take me at my word.’ Yet Obama's agenda has a national gun owner registration scheme to authorize the government to ban firearm possession for any person by merely adding that person's name to the terror watch list.” And there is no legal requirement to be met to add your name to that list. I’d bet my name has already been added to this list because I disagree with his policies. (Soda Head)

Obama's Lies

His “State of the Union” speech was a litany of lies, as are all of his speeches, and was designed (as usual) to con us into believing his lies. This article takes that speech, item by item, and shows where the lies are. One of the basic lies is that Republicans have nothing to offer in the way of ideas to counter his own. That’s a lie. They DO have many ideas, but he will not listen to them. He says his plan will not increase costs, and will LOWER them. This is a blatant lie. Have you ever seen a “government program” that cost less than they said it would cost? I haven’t, and I don’t think I ever will. Nor will you, no matter how long you live. Especially with Obama in charge. (David Limbaugh/Town Hall)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Following the Same Path

Right now I’m reading the history of the Bolshevik takeover of the Russian government in 1917. They followed the exact same plan Obama is using right now to “collectivize” this country. Lenin was popularly elected and immediately “targeted” the rich, which included ANYBODY who owned property or a business. He told people “only the rich” would ever pay his excessive proposed taxes, then applied them to everybody. Soon his people were taking over and closing businesses at the point of a gun and running the owners out (without compensation). Soon, the owners were “allowed” to live in ONE ROOM of the home they formerly owned. Obama is making much progress in this direction. You can expect the “home and property confiscations” to begin soon. You may say I’m an “extremist” for this, but it is true. People who tried to warn the Russians about the onslaught of communism (a form of collectivism) were called “extremists,” too. If we don’t “wake up” and put some roadblocks in his way, Obama will become the Lenin of the USA. I won’t be here to see it, thank God. I’ll be dead; I hope. Unless it happens quickly. (Just common sense)

Why He Doesn't Answer

This cartoon explains why Obama sometimes doesn’t answer when you call him. Since everything, to him, is all about him, you shouting his name is just to be expected, since you worship him (or should). (Garfield)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Blow Iran Up: NOW!

I know that’s a “death knell” for innocent Iranians, but it’s the only way to keep Ahmadinjerk from killing a lot more people when he attacks Israel in an effort to “push them into the sea,” as he has promised. The Mullahs or the people themselves should have taken him down well before now. The only thing keeping him from it was lack of that capability. He has now announced that he now HAS that capability and as crazy and ignorant as he is, it’s only a matter of time until he explodes a nuclear device in the Middle East (IF he is telling the truth, which is doubtful), killing a lot of innocent people. We need to vaporize him and his cronies before that can happen. (Ann Coulter/Town Hall)

It's Not Guns, Stupid!

Anti-gun freaks blame guns for violence, but it’s not the guns. We had violence long before guns were invented. Remember the time when everybody carried a sword and sword fights were a popular way of settling disputes? If every gun in existence were “zapped” and disappeared from the world (an impossibility, but one the anti-gun freaks wish for) bad guys would find other ways to maim and kill people. They talk about “life being cheap,” not mentioning that it was people like that who MADE it cheap when they pushed the killing of the result of unprotected sex, rather than use a rubber. It’s NOT guns that made it cheap. Criminals and crazy bad guys seem always to get a gun when they want to shoot up a bunch of people, usually IN a “gun-free zone.” Has anybody ever successfully shot up a gun show, where everybody was armed? (Guns & Stuff)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Going Out On A Limb

I’m going to go a little bit out on a limb (but not very much) and predict that, as with ALL “random shootings” in “gun-free zones,” the “anti-gun freaks” are going to use this shooting to call for even more limits on gun ownership and concealed carry. Will they try also to ban small planes because of the Austin, TX IRS-targeted plane crash? Logic would tell anybody with a modicum of intelligence that people who are bent on committing a crime aren’t going to be too worried about violating anti-gun laws. But these people HAVE no intelligence. (Just common sense)

Progressive Liberalism

The “progressives” stole the term “liberalism” when we got wise to the name “progressive” in the early 1900s. Then years later, when those who knew what progressivism was were either dead or senile, or so old they didn’t care anymore, they changed it back and are now promoting the word “progressive” again. The problem is, the words are INTERCHANGEABLE. Liberalism today is NOTHING like the “classical liberalism” of the Founder’s time. Liberal in that day meant small government without much power, low taxes, etc. All the things conservatives stand for now. Liberalism today is basically an obfuscation word that means collectivist. (Just common sense)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Following The Same Path

Right now I’m reading the history of the Bolshevik takeover of the Russian government in 1917. They followed the exact same plan Obama is using right now to “collectivize” this country. Lenin was popularly elected and immediately “targeted” the rich, which included ANYBODY who owned property or a business. He told people “only the rich” would ever pay his excessive proposed taxes, then applied them to everybody. Soon his people were taking over and closing businesses at the point of a gun and running the owners out. Soon, the owners were “allowed” to live in ONE ROOM of the home they formerly owned. Obama is making much progress in this direction. You can expect the “home and property confiscations” to begin soon. You may say I’m an “extremist” for this, but it is true. People who tried to warn the Russians about the onslaught of communism (a form of collectivism) were called “extremists,” too. If we don’t “wake up” and put some roadblocks in his way, Obama will become the Lenin of the USA. I won’t be here to see it, thank God. I’ll be dead; I hope. Unless it happens quickly. (Just common sense)

He Wants It all His Own Way

Obama tells the Republicans “we’ve been demonizing each other so much” it’s hard for us to find areas of agreement. Actually, all the “demonizing” has come from his side. We’ve just been telling the truth about him while he has been lying about us. When he speaks of “areas of agreement,” he means areas where WE agree with HIM, not the other way around. He talks about using “good ideas” from both sides, but so far, he hasn’t recognized ANY “good ideas” from any side but his own, which is all socialism in one form or another. If he “takes” a good idea from our side, he claims it as his own. At his much-ballyhooed meeting with Republicans, he didn’t invite agreement; he just “chewed their butts” and told them how things were going to be.

But they aren’t going to be that way after the next couple of elections if enough Americans have started paying attention to his “rape of America.” The Huffington Post talks about the Republicans getting "newly torn a--holes. (and they didn't even 'clean it up')." Obama got one, too, but he he's too dumb to realize it. He's got too many calluses there. He got some very serious questions, which he didn't answer. He just talked right over them while criticizing Republican administrations past. I don't often read HP, but every time I do, I notice how crass it is. Frankly, I don't believe any Republican talked about having "two a--holes" in public. I think that's a typical Huffington lie. (Huffington Post)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"Obama's Great Achievement"

It happens I agree with Biden that following Bush’s lead in handling Iraq might be Obama’s “great achievement” in office, since he has nothing better to claim for his own. I know liberals think he does, because everything he does advances our move toward collectivism (socialism, communism, fascism), and that’s what they consider good. I don’t. I don’t believe the government ought to be able to micromanage my life, forcing me to go, “hat in hand,” to some nameless, faceless bureaucrat for permission to do things that ARE my right, by right of birth. Some say those rights are “God-given.” But it doesn’t matter whether or not you believe in God. They’re yours, by right of BIRTH. (Media Research Center)

"Stimulating" the Economy

The way Obama is doing it will not work. Taking money from one segment of the economy and giving it to another doesn’t “create new wealth.” It merely transfers existing wealth from one person to another. Raising taxes in a recession just makes the economy worse. Obama plans to allow Bush’s tax cuts to expire, which is, in effect, the biggest tax increase in years. He needs to lower the tax rate even more, which will stimulate business to make more money, and cause it to create more taxable income. That will increase the tax “take,” as it did when Reagan did it and almost DOUBLED the “tax take.” These are things the Democrats won’t admit because allowing people to keep more of what they earn doesn’t allow government to CONTROL things, and that’s what liberals are after, CONTROL. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Green Police" Coming

“The most interesting element of the Super Bowl wasn't the Super Bowl. It was an advertisement for the Audi A3 TDI. The commercial depicted uniformed officials arresting Americans for, among other offenses, asking for plastic bags at the grocery, throwing away batteries, failing to compost an orange peel and installing incandescent light bulbs. ‘Green Police,’ announces one of the green-clad fascisti. ‘You picked the wrong day to mess with the ecosystem, plastic boy’." This ad was done as a joke, but the “green police” aren’t that far in our future if Obama and his crowd stay in power. Already there are laws to CHARGE for plastic bags; an item once touted as a “green product” that “saved the trees,” and to BAN incandescent bulbs. It ignored, even then, that trees are a “renewable item.” When a tree is gone, it doesn’t disappear forever. You simply plant another one. Believe it or not, there are more forests today than 100 years ago. But the coming “green police” won’t care about that. The whole idea is based on false science they make up as they go along. (Ben Shapiro/Town Hall)

Obama's Phony "Freeze"

Obama SAYS he is instituting a “freeze” on spending. But, as usual, that’s a lie. “Last year alone, the U.S. deficit hit $1.4 trillion on record spending of $3.7 trillion. The freeze will apply only to $447 billion in spending — just 12% of the total. Next year, if the freeze goes into effect, it will save just $15 billion — and $250 billion over 10 years.” (Investor’s Business Daily) Just 12 PERCENT! Just a teeny, tiny bit of total spending in an administration that has spent more than any president in history. Democrats said, “Bush lied, people died.” But they couldn’t come up with a real lie. This IS a “real lie, among many others Obama has told, including the one about taking over 1/7 of the economy (the medical business) will “cost you nothing” and all the promises he has made that will cost more than there is in existence, and which he KNOWS he can’t keep. (Investor’s Business Daily)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Right Girl

Jedediah Bila (Who would saddle a pretty girl with a name like Jedediah? That’s a bad enough name for a man!), who writes for AMAC, the upcoming rival for the ubiquitous organization for the aged, AARP (American Association for the Aged), the one that has sold us out by agreeing to promote Obama’s health care swindle, was asked many times if she still supported Sarah Palin after Sarah continued to support John McCain, after he proved he was a RINO and suppressed her during the election. One of the things I have always liked about Sarah is her determination to keep her word in spite of hell and the wishes of many others. I have never supported McCain, but I support her decision to continue her support of this man, even though I’m sure she has misgivings. It shows great strength of character; a trait you find in way too few politicians, and one that scares the liberals (Democrats) to death—which is why they try so hard (unsuccessfully) to destroy her. (Jedediah Bila/AMAC)

Listen Up!

Pay attention! When people like the “skivvy bomber’s” own father) try to warn us. Don’t use the excuse of “too much information.” With today’s computer-aided analysis, that doesn’t wash. His father warned us; he was actually under investigation for YEARS before his attack, but he was still allowed on that plane. But for lack of good training, plus the bravery of other passengers, hundreds of people would have died on that plane. The Ft. Hood shooter even gave a speech talking about beheading people and wore Islamic clothing to a convenience store days before his attack, but nobody noticed. They even tried to attribute (after the fact) his attack to “pressure,” even though he had never been in combat. As far as “fighting his kind of people” is concerned, if “MY kind of people were killing indiscriminately, I would go to war against them in a minute. This government is STUPID where terrorists are concerned, and they will get us killed because of it. (Just common sense)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

She's Real!

That’s what I like about Sarah Palin. So the (liberal) news media gives her a hard time about jotting speech notes on her hand. Should she take her teleprompter to bed with her at night as I’m sure Obama does? (I don’t think she even uses one.) Yes, she jots speech notes on her palm. So what? That is NOT “inauthentic” to do so. Reagan (and I) used 3X5 file cards with “idea starters” for speeches. So what? “Comparing Palin’s handful of words to Obama’s near matrimony with his teleprompter is frankly too ignorant to address. For those who can’t tell the difference, I suggest you revisit middle school. You clearly fell asleep way too much.” (Jedediah Bila)

The Worst Racists

The Islamic terrorists are some of the worst racists and religious bigots in the world. They want to kill everybody who doesn’t believe the same way they do, especially Jews. But nobody mentions this while they’re bemoaning us not “respecting THEIR religion” or “profiling” them. They’ve really got our gullible politicians working for them. Our president is even doing something no president before him ever dared to do. Bring them into this country, give them the same rights Americans enjoy, and treat them as “common criminals.” They are UNcommon criminals, and need to be treated as such. If that means shooting them where they stand when caught in the act of killing innocents, then so be it. Send them to Allah and give them their 74 virgins. (Just common sense)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Biden's Ignorance

I used to think Joe Biden was marginally more intelligent than Obama until I heard him tell Larry King that Iraq could be one of the best accomplishments of the Obama administration. This after both of them tried their best to LOSE the Iraq war when it was, in Biden’s words, “”Bush’s war” a few years ago. Does he really think we don’t REMEMBER these things in this day of the ability to record Almost everything a politician says and play it back after he says something different? What makes him think he and Obama can claim as a “great Obama achievement” something that he tried every way he could to sabotage while Bush was president? Their stupidity is in thinking WE are stupid. (Just common sense)

Angry and Scared

“On AC360, CNN’s Jessica Yellin spun the rise of Republican candidate Scott Brown as coming from ‘folks here in Massachusetts [who] are feeling angry and scared’.” She’s right, but she doesn’t know why. I’m angry that Obama wants to dictate to me what doctor and hospital I can use through a nameless, faceless bureaucrat he will appoint, and who will make a LOT more than I ever though of making. I’m scared that this bureaucrat might sign my death warrant by denying me treatment I need to stay alive because I’m “too old.” I’m angry AND scared that he/she will send me to PRISON for not buying health insurance at his dictate. (Media Research Center)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Professor" Racist?

To call Obama “the professor” is the same as calling him “an uppity black,” according to liberal (intellectual) Harvard professor Ogilvy. Which proves racism is only “in the eye of the beholder.” This means anybody can define something as “racist,” at any time, regarding critics of this president. They SAID electing a black man president would “end racism for all time.” That was a lie. It made racism WORSE. This is an obvious attempt to shut down as much criticism of Obama as they can. Do these people think we won’t “tumble” to this scam eventually and ignore such claims? Boy, are these people stupid! (Just common sense)

Olbermann's A Real Jerk

“As he anchored a special 10:00 p.m. edition of Countdown, Olbermann not only used one of his "Quick Comment" segments to repeat his infamous attack from the day before on Republican Senator-elect Scott Brown, but he also impatiently interrupted Brown’s victory speech, and, while Brown was still speaking, went on to give a second "Quick Comment" blaming Tea Party protesters and Fox News for the vulgar "tea bagger" term being attached to the Tea Party movement.” Olbermann thinks being associated with the “Tea Parties” and Fox News is “the mark of the devil.” Which just shows his unmitigated ignorance. Fox is the only news service that tells the truth and brings you both sides of all issues. It probably has more liberal “analysts” on staff than anybody else. The “Tea Party” people have sprung up because people are starting to pay attention to the rape they are suffering at the hands of the Democrats. Be careful, MSNBC, your bias is showing. Olbermann’s bias is well known and should have long ago got him fired. But it won’t, since his bias is to the left, as is that of MSNBC, so they don’t recognize it. (Media Research Center)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Obama Creating Crises

It’s a time-honored system, used by would-be dictators and liberals everywhere: First, CREATE a crisis, or build an existing one out of proportion to its real importance (such as “climate change”); publicize the crisis to everybody who will listen, over and over, until it is accepted as truth; then offer a solution, one that allows you to raise taxes or impose new ones, taxes you could not have levied without the aid of these “crises.” The “solution” will also allow you to impose more and more limitations on the rights of the people; rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Obama has created many crises, allowing him to nationalize many businesses, most notably General Motors, and the largest insurance companies in the nation, such as AIG. He is slowly taking total control and if we don’t realize it and do something to stop him, we will be a socialist nation with Obama as our dictator before his first term is over. And you can bet he’ll make sure his first term will be a long one. (World Net Daily)

It's the DEMOCRATS, Stupid!

Carol Costello said the Republicans had “created fear and confusion among voters.” I got a clue for ya, Carol: it’s the DEMOCRATS who “created fear and confusion,” not to mention determination to derail them, among the electorate by trying to RAPE this country even more than Democrats have been raping us before. I thought even YOU could see that, but I guess not. Democrats really think Republicans should support DEMOCRAT plans and schemes, and get upset when they don’t. They aren’t really too smart, are they? Even if they think they are “smarter than the average bear.” (Media Research Center)

Don't Hold Your Breath

"The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission has kicked off its long-awaited hearings by promising a "thorough examination of the root causes" of the subprime scandal. But don't hold your breath." They will be questioning representatives of the banking industry, but not those of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which was not only instrumental in the “meltdown,” they were PIVOTAL. Barney Frank, who was always “in the way” when Bush tried to investigate Fannie and Freddie is not on the witness list. Bush is not on the witness list. Don’t look for them to look at THE AUTHORS of the Democrat-passed, in a Democrat administration (Jimmy Carter) Congress “Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976,” the law that CREATED the “financial meltdown, since it FORCED the lenders to loan money to those who could not, would not, repay it, thus creating economic chaos. Fannie and Freddie bought up those “toxic assets” until the Democrats (with Barney at the forefront) “took them over” just before the 2008 election, thus almost guaranteeing a big Democrat victory, and a “bloodless coup,” allowing the Democrats to “take over” all three houses of government. Don’t look for there to be ANY mention of this in this “investigation.” (Investor’s Business Daily)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

So What?

Meredith Viera said, on NBC’s “Today Show,” that Scott Brown had “derailed Kennedy’s cause of a lifetime.” So what? That’s the whole idea! Kennedy’s “cause of a lifetime” means nothing to Brown. It’s only important to Kennedy and the Democrats. Since when is a REPUBLICAN, the “OPPOSITION,” supposed to support Kennedy’s cause? What a stupid comment. I thought better of Meridith than that, but I guess I was wrong. (Media Research Center)

Keeping Us Defenseless

That seems to be the goal of most of our governments. When Islamic terrorists come here to kill us, as they will when they realize Obama’s government is not nearly as solid in opposition to that as the Bush government was, we will be completely defenseless. Right now all we have to worry about is “run-of-the-mill criminals” and crazies who occasionally go into places they can be pretty sure have no guns to oppose them and shoot them up. But what will happen when an Islamic terrorist goes into a crowd and starts shooting? There will be no one there to shoot him down and stop his killing, so many will die. One of my fondest memories is of an Israeli woman standing over a Palestinian (Islamic) terrorist, pumping bullets into his face when he tried to start a shooting spree. In Israel, EVERYBODY carries a gun. Another fond memory is of a pretty blond woman worshipping at a church in Colorado Springs, Colorado, when a man came in the church, shooting. She was legally armed, and she shot him, ending his shooting spree

Has anybody ever noticed that such shooting sprees always happen in “no-gun zones?” Places where the shooter can be reasonably sure there will be no unexpected guns aimed in HIS direction? Our politicians need to start using common sense regarding self defense and the means to that end. For some reason they want to keep us unarmed, and thus unable to defend ourselves against the illegally-obtained guns carried as a matter of course by criminals, crazies, and terrorists. In SPITE of all the anti-gun laws, guns are easy to get almost anywhere for those willing to break the law. The tighter the anti-gun laws are in a given area, the easier it is to buy an illegal gun. People bent on breaking laws don’t OBEY anti-gun laws. Only honest people do, and are thus unable to protect themselves against those who flagrantly violate ALL laws. We need to do as Florida has done and make it easy for honest people to obtain “carry licenses,” so that those who would use their illegally-obtained guns to plunder us will never be able to know if their intended victims are armed and willing to kill them before they can kill us. (Just common sense)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's "Comic" When They Do It

But “over the top” when we do it. Which, of course, shows the complete bias the liberal media has. CNN representative Susan Roesgen decried and complained about the representation of Obama as “Hitler” by the “Tea Party, but called it “comic” when she, herself did it about George Bush earlier. That’s what they always do when conservatives do the same things they have done in the past. They hope we’ll forget their excesses and, for the most part, we do. At least those who pay no attention to politics and read only the headlines when scanning the paper, do. They figure they can do anything and we’ll have forgotten it by election day, or will not have noticed it at all. (Media Research Center)

Why Won't Obama Prove His Birth?

Obama has spent, so far, $1.7 MILLION DOLLARS of taxpayer money to hide the truth from you, the voter. Originally, I wasn’t interested in this until he went so far out of his way to avoid offering proof. Now I want to know. An Appellant Brief has been filed, ORDERING him to produce this proof. How will he wiggle out of it? There have been more than 20 legal actions trying to FORCE this possibly illegal president to PROVE his eligibility. Liberals have made DEATH THREATS against the Executive Director of the United States Justice Foundation for filing this action. The press has called him every name in the book. Why are they fighting it so hard? Are they afraid he can’t produce proof of his citizenship with all his actions since taking office being rescinded?

He should have been forced to show this proof BEFORE being allowed to even FILE to run for president. Not to do so is a violation of the law on both sides. His, and the election commission responsible for certifying the eligibility of a presidential candidate. Frankly, I don’t want to see him removed from office before his term expires. If he did, we’d get Joe Biden, and that’s worse. Then if Joe was gone, it would be Peelosi. I just don’t want to see the election laws being flouted in such a flagrant way. You know, the same way Obama flouts all other laws that stand in his way. If he is really a citizen, why does he so mightily resist proving it when it would be so easy to resolve the issue by merely showing a real birth (if he can) certificate instead of the phony documents he has, so far, released?? (Just common sense)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Don't Get Cocky

Yes, Scott Brown (a Republican) took “Teddy’s seat” in Congress. Yes, Republicans won in two other “safe Democrat districts.” Hopefully, many Democrats will lose their cushy jobs because they took part in the “Rape of America,” But not if you get cocky and stay home on election day. The Democrats know they’re in trouble. You can expect them to “pull out all the stops” and use every dirty trick in the book, and some that aren’t there yet. They’ll even write a NEW book. They’ll lie, cheat, and STEAL to retain the power they stole in the 2008 election. Count on it. (Just common sense)

Nothing Left to Damage

Another major aftershock hit Haiti recently, but didn’t do much damage. Mainly because most of the buildings have already collapsed. There wasn’t much left to be damaged further. What the hell were Haitian government people THINKING when they ignored such basic services as FIRE STATIONS?” There is not a single fire station in Haiti, an island nation of more than a million people! How could they NOT have a fire service? That is complete incompetence in government. The people running this government ought to be charged with mass murder for their incompetence. All they did was “feather their own nests” as politicians do when they can, but here with complete lack of any kind of consideration for the welfare of their citizens. This is CRIMINAL mismanagement. (Washington Post)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Making Up the Numbers

That’s what you can depend on when you listen to Obama’s talkers on the Sunday shows. In this case, three of them gave three wildly different estimates of how many jobs Obama’s policies have “created or saved.” Aside from the fact there is NO WAY you can say how many jobs have been “saved,” that tells you a lot about the numbers of jobs they CLAIM have been created. They make these numbers up as they go along, and hope that will con you into believing them . (Thomas Sowell/Town Hall)

Obama Groveling Again

It has become such a habit with him, he’s liable to bow to a conservative without thinking about it, Here, he’s bowing to the mayor of Tampa, Florida. Soon, he’ll be bowing to Ahmadinijerk, Hugo Chavez, or some other dictator. He'll bow to a black cat that crosses his path. He spends most of his time apologizing for his imagined sins of his country. He hates this country and would like to see it destroyed. If he keeps up the way he’s going, it will be destroyed, not only in his lifetime, during his presidency. (Red State)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It Makes Me Dizzy!

Trying to keep track of all the socialists, communists, and other kinds of collectivists who ARE in the Obama administration is impossible. If you must look at ONE, it’s amazing: Van Jones, the self-admitted communist Obama appointed as a “czar,” then let resign when we found out about him. "Now, trying to stay up on who’s who and the czars in this administration is not an easy job for anyone, much less a blonde who still has a job, even in this economy. However, it seemed that there were several connections between Van Jones and the Green Movement. If you go to their website and search Van Jones,voila, he is its founder. There are so many organizations involved in carrying the water for this administration it is mind numbing. All this company will do is redistribute the wealth to those that Obama and Van Jones think should get my and your hard earned money. The 'cap and tax' bill will increase our energy costs to the point we will not be able to afford to heat our homes. Read this and try to keep blood from shooting out of your eyes." (Sacramento Patriot Movement)

I will say frankly, I’m confused. I see him appointing socialists, communists, and fascists to be his “czars” and if we don’t immediately scream about it, they stay there and influence all his decisions. SOCIALISTS having daily influence on the decisions of the president of the United States! (That hasn't happened since FDR) What a way to make a socialist nation out of this country! We need to get RID of this guy so he can appoint NO MORE collectivist “czars.” He has more “czars” in his administration that communist Russia ever had. I see his scam! Appoint so many communists, socialists, fascists and other kinds of collectivists we can’t hope to keep track of them, much less take him to task over them. And it’s WORKING. That woman who once told me not to criticize Obama to her because he was “trying to help” STILL has that opinion. She is still just as uninformed as ever and if Obama institutes “the ovens,” she will willingly go in for her “shower.” (Sacramento Patriot Movement)

China Supplies Iran

Communist China is doing everything they can to destabilize as many places in the world as they can, figuring if there is enough chaos in the world it can only be to their advantage. So Iran can’t buy nuclear equipment because of the sanctions against them, huh? But communist China will sell to them in a heartbeat. They figure if they’re Iran’s friends and trading partners, they won’t use them on them (China). But they will be able to fill the Middle East with terror. How much longer are we going to allow communist China to help other countries destabilize things? (Investor’s Business Daily)