Saturday, May 31, 2014

Is A Law Necessary?

In Sacramento, they want to make a law requiring taxi drivers to speak English. Why? Why don’t the taxi companies require it as a condition of employment? Or do they operate like they do in Denver where all the driver needs is money to rent a cab and have a license? In Denver, the cab companies aren’t in the business of carrying passengers. They’re in the taxi rental business. They don’t care how many cabs are on the road and will put as many out there as they possibly can, even if there are too many already and drivers are going broke. There are always new drivers. They don’t care if you make any money at all. They’ve got theirs. As long as they have gullible would-be cab drivers lined up around the block to give them money to use their cabs, that’s not going to change. (Last Resistance)

"Old News! Put It Behind Us!"

That’s what Democrats are hollering desperately as the Republicans (who else?) announce the formation of yet another committee to “investigate” the Benghazi murders. Only the appointment of Trey Gowdy as committee chairman gives me hope that it will not be yet another “whitewash” of Obama. Democrats are trying HARD to push the idea this is “old news” and that we should not “beat a dead horse” in investigating this very REAL and TODAY scandal where the president himself and his then Secretary of State FACILITED the murders of our ambassador and three embassy personnel, and then of LIED about it KNOWINGLY for weeks afterward. They’re deathly afraid that Gowdy will “upset their applecart” and I’ll be surprised if Gowdy comes out of this alive. People who threaten Hillary's plans seem to end up dead. I wouldn't be surprised if that applied to Obama, too. (The Washington Examiner)

Censorship Is Coming

It used to be that you only had a “voice” if you could afford a printing press. Then came the Internet, and all it took was an affordable computer and an ISP to get your opinions out there, and tell the truth that politicians would rather you not. Dictators all over the world did their best to shut us up, and in some countries, they have. Most notably communist China, Iran, and Russia. The key to their repressing bloggers is to force them to “register” with the government, which gives the government the “right of control” over them. If they say the right thing, they leave them alone. Say the wrong thing and their “license” gets pulled and they’re out of business. Putin’s “free” Russia is the latest to join the fray, passing a law requiring bloggers to “register” before they’re “allowed” to post. Licensing bloggers mirrors our own government’s efforts to “license” gun owners and is a BIG step toward a dictatorship. (New York Times)

Friday, May 30, 2014

He Gave Plenty of Warning

This guy was under psychiatric care since age 8. Even his own parents were worried about him because of his Internet posts and tried to stop him. The cops even “looked him over” and decided he wasn’t a threat to anybody—until he murdered three women in their sleep, shot and killed three others on the street, then killed himself—all because he “couldn’t get any.” Where did he get that gun? Did anybody wonder why a guy with so many mental problems wanted a gun? Anti-gun fools will almost NATURALLY blame the gun, not the system. But I think the SYSTEM is broken. After he wrote his “manifesto” in his Facebook page, why did nobody act fast enough to stop him? The ONE limitation on the right to own and use a gun I agree with is that for real mentally deficient people, not the ones the government DEEMS mentally deficient for political reasons. How did this guy get by it? It interests me that he didn’t even try to have sex with those women he murdered in their sleep. If he was so horny, why not? Damn, what a screwed-up world we live in. (Cowboy Byte)

No War on Religion?

Think again. The fight against the Christian religion is so strong that professors at East Carolina University were expressly FORBIDDEN from “thanking God” in their speeches at graduation. What kind of damned fools do we hire to teach our young, impressionable children? Of course, right along with that, many universities invite MUSLIM Imams to give the graduation addresses to their students and create (and require attendance to) “Muslim studies” courses. On the QT, without telling their parents, most of whom are footing the bills. In addition, they forbid them FROM telling their parents. He told them, “You can’t thank God. I don’t want to get into my reasons for this.” Which is because his reasons are not logical. (Update: the ECU administration "shut him down" when they told students to ignore his instructions, citing the First Amendment)  (Campus Reform)

He Didn't Know She Was "Carrying"

So while a man was arguing with Angela Martin, 44, who was sitting in her car, he pulled out a knife and started stabbing her. Whereupon she pulled out her gun and shot him to death. The result might have been very different if she had not been a licensed gun carrier. Further proof that more guns in the hands of responsible, honest people can reduce violent crime, everywhere. At least by removing ONE attacker from the list of the living. No doubt this case will be cited by anti-gun fools on their lists of “gun violence” reports. This is the kind of case they cite, not caring that the shooting was in RESPONSE to violence. (The Blaze)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

"Too Late, Ben"

Ben Carson says “The Second Amendment is needed in case the government goes off the rails.” Too late, Ben; the unthinkable has already happened. Obama has violated the Constitution so many times the press goes, “ho hum” whenever a new instance rises. He has TRASHED the Constitution, and nobody has done anything about it. A new American Revolution is near, and he fully realizes it; that’s why he’s working so hard to eliminate our right to own and use guns in self-defense. He KNOWS the time is coming SOON when his people will be going personally to your door to remonstrate with you over what you say and do in opposition to his “policies” and he doesn’t want them to meet a gun when they do. This is the most lawless president, ever. I hope some day, somewhere, somebody who can make a difference “grows a pair” and puts a stop to him and his "policies.". (Cowboy Byte)

A World Full of Fools

Did anyone ever think a bunch of people waving an American flag would be attacked and called “racist” for waving the American flag? Well, it happened at a small school in “The People’s Republic of California.” I never thought the fools could take over an entire state, but apparently it has happened, mostly because other fools already live there and allowed it. Gia Lee (a natural reaction with a name like that) said, “What’s wrong with these people holding up American flags in Morgan Hill? Racist a—holes!” I guess because she’s been taught to hate the American flag by her own government, it’s racism for others to like it. What a real BITCH this is! No brain, big mouth. “Hey folks in Morgan Hill. You have some racist neighbors. You need to check those Tea Party a–holes,” said Al_Bondigas. “F— your American flag. Racist as f—s. I’ll always have pride with my Mexican flag but not the American one,” wrote Ivan Mora.” Good. You can take your Mexican flag with you when we deport you, you illegal alien fool! We have no use for it here. And the people waving American flags are NOT racists—YOU are. They're patriotic Americans! If you don’t like it here, why did you COME here? How STUPID are you? What kind of a damned fool calls American CITIZENS racists for flying THEIR flag? (World Net Daily)

We're "Filthy"

And Muslims are “clean and spiff,” according to a Tennessee Muslim Imam (what has HE been smoking?). But when was the last time a Christian or Jew MURDERED his pregnant wife because he didn’t approve of how she dressed? Because we engaged in some sexual practices that Muslims condemn in public, but practice in private? How many six-year-old BOYS did Christians RAPE because he said something hey didn’t like? You, we’re “filthy,” aren’t we? How many 13-year-old girls have had to run away from Christian homes to escape “arranged marriages” with older men? They really like to throw around such terms as “filthy” to describe us, while their ACTIONS make them the FILTHIEST religion around. Hillary called Islam a “great religion,” but she’s a fool. (Creeping Sharia)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tea Party "Dead?"

“The Tea Party still rules in Texas. In an otherwise humbling election year for tea party challengers across the U.S., conservative insurgents in the Lone Star State keep winning like it’s 2012. None were bigger than fiery conservative talk radio host Dan Patrick, the Tea Party Caucus founder in the Texas Legislature, ousting longtime Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst in a symbolic signal of GOP restlessness. Anti-establishment Republicans also were favored in key statehouse runoffs, leaving Republicans poised to push Texas even further right on abortion, gun rights and spending come 2015.” What? I thought the tea Party was dead. I even heard Sean Hannity say so on the radio. Looks like reports of its death are a little premature. But then, most of the reports come from liberal sources, and you know what that’s worth. (The Blaze)

It's happening Here, Folks!

A thirteen-year-old Muslim California girl fled her home to avoid an “arranged marriage” to an unknown Pakistani man in Pakistan. She was found in a motel very close by with a relative and her parents are under investigation for child abuse in the “arranged marriage” scheme, which they deny. She and all their other children have been removed by child services pending the investigation. They say, “Yes, we were planning on a trip to Pakistan and she was excited about it.” Funny way to show her excitement, huh? Sometimes you can’t escape these foolish ways even by coming to the United States. I’d be watching her father for terrorist connections, if I were California authorities. Now they'll probably want to kill her for "dishonoring" her family. Watch out for that. (Reuters)

Polar Bears Threatened

According to Dr. Susan J. Crockford, an “evolutionary scientist” in British Columbia, who has studied Polar bears for 35 years. (How one person could have studied them for so long and NOT know that more ice doesn’t bother them in the least, I don’t know). Except maybe that she is a “climate change” fanatic, and wants to promote the idea that the Polar bears are in danger when they’re NOT. Scientists lying to promote AlGore’s swindle are not new. Some have even admitted it. But Polar bears can swim for hundreds of miles. They’ve been living there for more years than any of us have been alive, and are THRIVING. But people like Crockford want to keep that from us to keep the “global warming” money coming in. (CNS News)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Judge-Ruled Society

John Conyers failed to get enough signatures on his petition to run for yet another term in Congress. That’s the law. He was OUT. Uh, not so fast. He’s got a friendly judge who can go AGAINST the law and keep him in office (at least let him run), one he has held for 52 years. Which just shows you how much power judges have in this country. They go against the law in their rulings all the time, but their rulings get enforced, anyway. Supreme Court Justices “rule” CONTRARY to the Constitution and THEY get upheld. We need to make some laws to force judges to follow the LAW in their rulings or be removed from the bench and, in some cases, imprisoned or even executed (as in the ruling that allowed the MURDER of countless innocent infants). (Rush Limbaugh)

Taking Out Another Republican

Looks like they’re after one more Republican-owned seat in Congress. They’re trumping up charges based on his running of a restaurant just after he left the FBI. I don’t know how true these charges are, but the timing looks very suspicious to me. He’s fighting these accusations while trying to get re-elected. I wonder  why they came up just at this time? Are they trying to “equalize” the effect of the charges against Elija Cummings for his obstruction of Congress to protect Obama’s IRS thug, Lois Lerner? Or did they already have this scam “on the table?” I can’t believe they’re really so concerned over how much he paid his employees. But then, that’s me. I don’t trust ANYTHING Democrats do. (Hot Air)

Rush Is Really Mad

About the Marxist-inspired book, “Capital,” by Thomas Pickenny that advocates collectivist (communist, socialist) principles as the best way to go. And I don’t blame him. But freedom of speech allows people to write STUPID books, too. “In the book, Piketty argues that pervasive inequality is the natural end of capitalism, with the wealthy growing wealthier as the rate of return on their assets outpaces overall economic growth. With the rich getting richer to the detriment of everyone else, Piketty proposes (i) taxing incomes on the highest earners at 80% rate, and (ii) levying an annual progressive global wealth tax.” What he’s preaching is THEFT from those who earned it for the benefit of the “drones” of society and that’s the BASIS of collectivism under all its names. Unfortunately, there are many (too many) who will “buy” this crap; those who only want a “free ride” in this world, and who wish to live with someone else paying the bills. This kind of thing really makes Rush mad. Me, too. (The Blaze)

Monday, May 26, 2014

"Constitution-Free Zone"

How do politicians get away with blatant unconstitutional acts like these? From what I can see, this has been in effect since—forever. And nobody has seen fit to do anything about it. My question is this: “Where IN the Constitution does it say ANYBODY can establish a “zone” within the United States where the constitution does not apply?” But they have done it, and it is being ENFORCED upon us without our knowledge (unless it affects us personally)—mainly because many of us do not pay attention to what our politicians are doing to us.. This is so blatant of a violation of the Constitution that SOMETHING must be done about it; but is there ANYBODY out there who has the gonads? I doubt it. (Liberty Alliance)

Rush Is Really Mad

About the Marxist-inspired book, “Capital,” by Thomas Pickenny that advocates collectivist (communist, socialist) principles as the best way to go. And I don’t blame him (Rush). Freedom of speech allows people to write STUPID books, too. “In the book, Piketty argues that pervasive inequality is the natural end of capitalism, with the wealthy growing wealthier as the rate of return on their assets outpaces overall economic growth. With the rich getting richer to the detriment of everyone else, Piketty proposes (i) taxing incomes on the highest earners at 80% rate, and (ii) levying an annual progressive global wealth tax.” What he’s preaching is THEFT from those who earned it for the benefit of the “drones” of society and that’s the BASIS of collectivism under all its names. Unfortunately, there are many (too many) who will “buy” this crap; those who only want a “free ride” in this world, and who wish to live with someone else paying the bills. This kind of thing really makes Rush mad. Me, too. (The Blaze)

Good for Us, Not for Them

Shannon Watts, of “Moms Against Guns” (or some such bullcrap name), appeared at the Moms' soiree held well away from the NRA meeting in Indianapolis and, to all reports, she (AND other anti-gun fools) were accompanied by tough-looking, black suited ogres with suspicious bulges under their arms or at their backs. Seems like all anti-gun fools who show up at such gatherings do so with ARMED security while they insist on DENYING us “little people” such rights. This is not a new development. Politicians (like Sen. Diane Feinstein) who work HARD to deny us the right to self defense and to carry the means to it, a gun, go around armed themselves, or surrounded by armed security. This is a well-known FACT. Not to be denied. I can also remember several liberal pundits who are adamantly AGAINST guns for “the little people,” but who themselves have and use guns in their own defense. (Gun Free Zone)

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Confusing the Law

Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana, just signed two laws to allow people who have carry permits to carry their guns into places where they serve alcohol. But not if the place makes most of their money from that alcohol. Restaurants that serve alcohol with food are okay. Cops and other “officials” are allowed to carry their guns in such places (unless their superiors deem otherwise), but they can’t drink while armed. Of course, those on “official business” will be allowed to carry them. Sound confusing? You bet. Even conservatives like Jindal can succumb to the wishes of the “anti-gun fool crowd” partially in how he makes his laws. He also signed a version of the ‘”Stand Your Ground” law allowing you to kill an intruder if you feel threatened. But if you hurt him, but do not kill him, it’s murkier. And you will need a battery of lawyers to straighten it out—so you might as well shoot to kill. This “stand your ground” law doesn’t apply if you’re outdoors. Domestic abusers would be denied the right to own a gun for ten years if they are under a protective order. But you know courts give these out like candy. My head hurts just trying to figure it out. I’d hate to be being shot at while trying. (Times-Picayune)

You Can't Do It By Law

There is a big push today (and yesterday, and before) to raise the minimum wage. You know, that wage that people with no skills get paid for doing “scut work” because they have no skills yet and aren’t worth a whole lot of money? That part of the employment factor is set aside for people ENTERING the work market to LEARN the skills they need to rise to higher salary levels. To pay them the wage reserved for people with skills is absurd. Liberals want to give them that wage NOW, before they learn enough skills to be WORTH that higher wage. What they don’t understand is that such people are mostly KIDS, mostly still living at home. But they PRETEND that such salaries go to mostly people with families and kids of their own, which is not true. Not even CLOSE. People who have no skills at that stage of their lives have only THEMSELVES to blame for it. People at the very beginning of their working life are just NOT WORTH high salaries and to have the government make a law to FORCE employers to pay them more, until they bring some SKILLS to the table, is idiocy of the highest sort. All it does is ELIMINATE such positions and create more unemployment in that skill category. What they preach SOUNDS good, but people with no skills aren’t WORTH high salaries. I doubt if liberal politicians will ever learn that. (Brookings Institute)

Dynasty Against Dynasty

The 2016 election is shaping up to be a fight between the Bush dynasty and the Clinton dynasty. So no matter which Democrat wins, we lose, anyway. So we need a Republican to win. Each family has produced many successful politicians and on the Clinton side, they have all been liberals and socialist-leaning all the way.  On the Bush side, not so much, but they AREN’T conservatives. Not by a long shot. So either way, the American people are the losers in the game. Unless we can find a Republican OR a Democrat who is NOT leaning towards socialism and a “New World Order," as the (now) senior Bush once promoted. If we could just overcome the liberal efforts to discredit our best people, such as Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, Allan West, and a few others, maybe we could get something done to carry us further from the cliff edge. They’ve got the deck firmly stacked against us and if we don’t do something, in the near future we will replace Russia as the socialist “showcase nation.” (How Stuff Works)

Saturday, May 24, 2014

When Courts Are Wrong

What do you do when the courts are wrong on constitutional issues? In Tulsa, a police captain was ORDERED to attend a Muslim “service” and “discuss” Muslim things with them. He refused, as he should have. Think what would have happened if things were reversed and a Muslim were ORDERED to attend a Christian service. All hell would break loose! But the court didn’t see it that way. This cop was demoted and “investigated” by his department when he refused. The court, ignoring the First and Fourth Amendments, said this was “okay.” That he COULD be “ordered” to attend a Mosque and it was proper that he be punished for refusing. For my part, I would have refused to attend a Mosque under ANY circumstances, and, woe be to ANYBODY who insisted or attempted to punish me for my refusal. There have been way too many such rulings recently that patently VIOLATED the Constitution, with NOBODY being punished for it. Is there NO WAY to force the courts to follow their own rules and actually stay within the Constitution? Can they violate it at will with no “kickback?” (World Net Daily)

All NRA Speakers GOP

It seems like every speaker at the NRA convention in Indianapolis was a Republican. I wonder why? Could it be that Democrats are not smart enough to realize that the only way to defend ourselves against illegally-armed criminals is to have our own guns and know how to use them? Or do they carry their own guns, as former San Francisco mayor, and now the best-known anti-gun fool out there, Sen. Feinstein (best known for waving an automatic weapon around with her finger on the trigger at an anti-gun meeting), who DOES carry her own gun but wants to deny us the same right SHE exercises for herself? And I remember another liberal gun-hating COLUMNIST who shot an invader to his home and was charged with a crime by officious prosecutors. They PREACH it, but they don’t PRACTICE it. I think most of them are either armed, or have armed security to carry their guns for them. What’s good for the goose doesn’t seem to be good for the gander. Bloomberg says he’ll spend $50 million to defeat NRA, but guess what? 100 million MEMBERS will spend $24 each, or MORE to defeat Bloomberg. How’s THAT?  (The Guardian)

"Shark Hunter" Cummings In Trouble

Remember Elija Cummings, the Democrat from Maryland, the one who said “sharks still swim the ‘slave route’ looking for black slave bodies?” The one who had a hissy fit when he wasn’t allowed to speak out of order at a congressional hearing? Well, he’s in trouble for “obstructing Congress” and could conceivably be sent to the slam for FIVE YEARS for his efforts to stop the questioning of Lois Lerner.. He’s been a “thorn in the sde” of many people in Washington for a long time, but that is about to come to an end. Even if he doesn’t go to prison, his influence, such as it was, will be much reduced. And that can only be a good thing. And before they even try and call me a racist for this, know that’s a load of crap. I don’t care if he’s PURPLE. He will get what’s coming to him. (Gateway Pundit)

Friday, May 23, 2014

Muslim Treatment of Women

In America, they talk a lot about “the inequality of women.” Even the White House pays women less, on average, than men in the same jobs. Of course, that ignores the fact that women go home to have babies a lot, but that’s another discussion. The whole point is that the same people totally IGNORE the treatment of women in Muslim-run countries. They’re so afraid they’re not man enough to keep their women, they force them to go around wearing what amounts to a TENT to make sure no other man will be able to “see their charms.” And they allow ANY man on the street to beat them if they show so much as an ankle. They do not allow them to go outside without being accompanied by a “male member of their family.” They engage in female genital mutilation, the kind of which I will not describe, here. If they have sex with ANYBODY, even by RAPE, they’re more likely to end up in prison or be executed than are the men involved. They need FOUR MALE WITNESSES to prove rape, in any case.

Do you know a rapist who would rape a woman in front of FOUR MALES? I sure don’t! In Saudi Arabia, they don’t even allow women to drive. I don’t know about other Muslim-run countries, but you still don’t see to many women in a tent driving a car there. In any case, the men involved usually go unpunished, or UNDER-punished compared to the women. What is needed to convince our pansy liberals that Muslims ABUSE their women as a matter of LAW and RELIGIOUS law. And to keep Muslims OUT of our country with the Sharia Law they bring, coupled with the fact that they “breed like rabbits” and soon will outnumber us in our own country; this in spite of hiding their women from the world, and especially other men. And then there’s marriage. They say they’re extremely tough about marriage.

But they allow a man to have many wives, and allow him to have as many “temporary marriages” as he wishes so he can pick up a whore, marry her for a night, then “divorce” her in the morning, simply by walking down the street in the morning saying, “I divorce thee” three times, which satisfies the “no sex with other than your wife” edict. Then there’s the “no suicide” and “no murder” edicts, which are easily gotten around by DEFINING people as apostates, who can be killed with no punishment. The no suicide edict is gotten around by defining their victims as “unbelievers,” which it is okay to kill under the Koran’s instructions. And woe be to you if you “willingly convert” to Islam, even under a death threat, then recant. That’s a death threat, too. It really amazes me that our pansy liberals can ignore all this and continue to call Muslims “good people,” whether or not that particular Muslim wants to kill us. It is said “If you VOTE FOR your own enslavement, there is no way to save you.” I can’t argue with that. (Just common sense)

Wanna Make A Liberal Cry?

Just show them this video that shows the usual thing: a woman, all alone, finding a man with a knife outside her door trying to get in. It’s what she DOES then that makes liberal and all anti-gun fools crazy. Click the link, and enjoy. This should be the outcome in every such case, no matter what hairy reasons liberals come up with in their efforts to disarm all honest people while doing NOTHING about criminals, who always get their guns, anyway. (Eagle Rising)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Letting Liberals Dictate Words

That’s why we’re losing the war for the “hearts and minds” of Americans. That’s what “PC Speech” is all about; so they can tell us what things we cannot say, what words we cannot use, etc.” They tell us who we can’t support, like Sarah Palin, about whom they’ve LIED without backtalk, for years—ever since she proved that she’d be a better presidential candidate than John McCain. He (and they) saw it right away, and “muzzled her,” right after her spellbinding speech at the convention after being named a VP nominee. The best way to beat them is to REFUSE to cooperate in our own destruction by allowing then to tell us what we can, and cannot do or say to fight them. I REFUSE to use their puissant “weasel-words” and use their ridicule of certain people to tell me to look at them further with respect to SUPPORTING them. Liberals will always tell us who and what they hate and what frightens them and you can usually count on it by the amount of vitriol they dump on them. And words they don’t like us using? USE them as often and in as many contexts as possible, and NEVER apologize. (Just common sense)

Muslims Slam 9/11 Museum

“Religious leaders are slamming a documentary to be shown at the nation’s premier 9/11 museum because it might make people believe Islam was responsible for the attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people.” What?  Funny thing; they WERE! Eighteen MUSLIMS hijacked four airplanes and flew them into the Twin Towers and The Pentagon, killing MORE than 3,000 innocent people in one fell swoop! And Muslims dispute that? That shows just what kind of FOOLS they are. Muslims all over the world are killing innocent people because they don’t believe exactly the same way they do. And they are “offended” when we call that to the attention of the world? So what? Who cares what Muslims are “offended” by? They can take their being “offended” and pound SAND with it! Then they offend ME by assuming we are stupid. No, al-Qaida doesn't represent ALL Muslims. But they are all TAUGHT to think the same way in the Koran; so most of them do. Some don't ACT on their belief, but more do than don't. (Liberty Unyeilding)


They say they are using the “no-fly list” to pressure Muslims into “finking” on one another. Talk about ABSURDITY! They don’t think there’s any other reason to have a “no-fly list?” After 18 MUSLIMS hijacked FOUR airplanes and flew them into the world Trade Center and the Pentagon? Why would we have any other reason? I would ban ALL Muslims from flying or even ENTERING the United States. Just between you and me the Muslims represented by CAIR can go pound sand! If I were the judge before which this case was presented, I’d put the Muslims bringing the suit in prison. Do they really think we care a whit about their concerns? Maybe if they stopped murdering innocent people because they don’t believe the way they wish they would, we might begin to care about their concerns. But that ain’t agonna happen. They’re not smart enough. (Bare Naked Islam)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Understanding Islam

One thing I used to not understand about the Koran, supposedly written by one man, their Prophet, is that it contained contradictions. Now I know; as Mohammed gained success after success after moving to Medina and starting to raid shipments to Mecca, his viewpoint changed, and he was less tolerant of Christians and Jews and other religions who refused to recognize him as a "prophet of God (Allah)." And in the Koran it specifically tells Muslims that his later statements (much more violent than before) overwrite his earlier ones (not so violent). So those who preach that Islam is a “peaceful religion” ignore the later writings and cite the earlier ones, which Mohammed himself said were no longer relevant. He built his whole religion on the banditry in Medina and his sex life was one that was atrocious to human beings, allowing him, as it did, to “marry” a nine-year-old girl, leading to his followers doing the same. It’s a phony religion from the word, “go,” and mostly only illiterate, greedy people believe in it. Which is why Islam hates the very idea of learning, especially for women. (Citizen Warrior)

"Piling On"

“Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy has come under heavy fire for reportedly making racially charged remarks about ‘the Negro’ and whether blacks might be ‘better off as slaves, picking cotton’.” That sounds pretty much like liberals “piling on” by attributing comments to him that he never dreamed of ever saying and criticizing him for it or twisting what he DID say by selecting certain words and discarding others. Like Harry Reid saying Romney had not paid his taxes, which is an outright LIE, for which he was not criticized by anybody but his opposition because Democrats would NEVER criticize him, for anything. I don’t believe Cliven said ANYTHING like that if you hear the whole thing. He's a "black ACTIVIST" who fights for black rights, fergawdsake! It’s a common liberal LIE, meant to separate him from his supporters. And it seems to have worked, from what I've heard people who originally supported him say. This is supposed to have been said at a “news conference” attended by ONE reporter. Probably a New York Times reporter who reported it that way with nothing to back it up except his unsupported word. I've heard the whole thing and it's nothing like it was presented. (The Blaze)

Live In Russia, Speak Russian

Sometimes Vladmir Putin actually sounds reasonable. He recently made a speech to Russia’s “DUMA,” his “lawmaking body. In it, he said, “In Russia, live like Russians. Any minority, from anywhere, when it wants to live in Russia, to work and eat in Russia, should speak Russian, and should respect Russian laws. When they prefer Sharia Law, and live the life of Muslims, then we advise them to move to those places where that’s the state law. Russia does not need Muslim minorities. Minorities need Russia, and we will not grant them special privileges, nor try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell ‘discrimination’. We will not tolerate disrespect of our Russian culture. Change “Russia” to “America,” and Obama could give the same speech to Congress. But he never will, because he is a Muslim sympathizer at best, a Muslim believer at worst. He loves Muslims and wants their ways to eventually rule America. He is a SABOTEUR who sits in the White House. (Gail Pepin)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Helping the Enemy

Dinesh D’Sousa, a well-known conservative filmmaker, has pleaded guilty to election law violations after months of calling the charges “political in nature” and therefore meaningless. That sounds just like what Obama has said about his many scandals, and proves maybe they MIGHT be true. I hate to see D’Sousa’s work being belittled by his being convicted of election fraud (as if none of the Democrats weren’t likewise guilty). All this does nothing to diminish the TRUTH of what was revealed in D’Sousa’s film, but Democrats will CLAIM it does, and get away with it. I’m still waiting for liberals to look hard enough at DEMOCRAT filmmakers to discover some of THEIR perfidies. But that’s something Democrats and liberals never do. So they don’t find any. And they look HARD for CONSERVATIVE violations, so inevitably they’ll find some, or make them up.  The signal that they were “after” D’Sousa should have been heard when the day after his first anti-Obama movie came out, he got a phone call from the IRS. (World Net Daily)

Some Politicians "Get It"

They passed a law in Georgia that allows concealed carriers to carry heir guns into certain places like bars, churches, schools, and government buildings. One group criticized it as “guns everywhere.” But is that a real criticism? “Guns everywhere” can be a GOOD THING, if the guns are in the hands of good people. After much publicized mass shootings lately, some states have called for more restrictive gun laws (as if criminals obeyed laws!). But others opted for allowing people to carry their own guns in more places. Of course, this was fostered by Republicans, giving Democrats something to criticize. Democrats aren’t smart enough to do it. The law still allows people to control their own property, allowing churches and bar owners, say, to ban guns from their establishments, thereby creating places where armed criminals (who obey no laws) can come in and shoot it up, so it’s not a perfect law. I'm reminded of a female doctor in Texas who had to watch as a shooter murdered her parents because she could not bring her legally-carried gun into a restaurant. They note that schools have been “gun-free zones” for a long time, and have been targets for gun-toting criminals all the while (that part they ignore). (Town Hall)

"Anonymous Tips?"

The Supreme Court has ruled that “authorities” could violate people’s rights on the basis of an “anonymous tip.” An anonymous tip could easily be manufactured by a cop as an excuse to search ANYBODY because it IS “anonymous.” As such, it cannot be proved, nor disproved. Justice Scalia, in his dissent, called it a “freedom destroying cocktail.” And it is. It is a judgment that allows cops to just search people on their own initiative, based on a false claim of “an anonymous tip.” Basically, all you have to do if you get mad at a driver is to call in an “anonymous tip” that he violated the law and the cops do the rest, even if they see nothing to support the claim. That’s pure “police state” activity. Scalia was joined in his dissent by Justices Thomas, Ginsberg, Kagan and Sotomayer. Except for Thomas, not the usual suspects in opposing freedom-canceling measures. Unfortunately, their dissent does nothing to reverse this onerous ruling. (The Blaze)

Monday, May 19, 2014

He's Inspiring

I’ve been seeing an inspiring story lately about a former football player who was paralyzed from the neck down in a football game and was told he’d never regain use of his body. So he’s now able to move parts of his body they never thought he’d be able to move, and he graduated from his college—another thing they said he’d never do. And I think about my own story. After having both legs destroyed in separate accidents early in my life, I never worried about being able to walk—until recently, when my legs started giving out in earnest. Now I can just barely walk, and I’m going to try and do something about that. I hope it works. I’m not paralyzed, but I think I’m the victim of bone repair technology that is fifty years old. Surely they’ve made advances since then that can help me now—IF Obamacare allows it. I’m 76—in an age group that his “death panels” just may refuse to help. (Just common sense)

The Evidence Is There

Anti-gun fools tell you that gun ownership for honest people will NOT result in gun owners successfully defending themselves against criminals, armed and not armed. That’s a LIE. There ARE instances of that all over, and I can go to numerous web sites where such instances are detailed, with the sources included. It happens almost every day, somewhere. The site shown lists many such instances and the source is NOT them. The sources are news media all over the nation, but they’re treated as “local stories” and the national media does NOT pick them up, as a rule. Therefore the anti-gun fools can falsely CLAIM this doesn’t happen. The same is true of stories about child abuse BY the “child protectors,” which I also work to make national stories to show the world how prevalent it is. (NRA-ILA)

Are People Stupid?

In other places, Tea Party Republicans are making many gains, and will make many more as time goes on. But in Colorado (where I live, unfortunately) Democrat Governor Hickenlooper won his election. One can only hope his high taxation activities will catch up to him before the next election and we can send him back to his breweries so he can make more beer, instead of more taxes. What is it going to take for people in Colorado to realize he is just one more “tax and spend” Democrat and get RID OF HIM? Most of Colorado is NOT Democrat, but Democrats still “rule the roost” in Denver and its environs. Maybe we can change all that with an infusion of truth. (7 News Denver)

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Stop Muslim Immigration!

Why? There's ONE honest Muslim out there who explains that Muslims should NEVER "assimilate or integrate" into Western culture.The Koran expressly tells Muslims NOT to “befriend the Kuffar” (“filthy unbelievers.”) They’re taught to look down on us as corrupt (without understanding how abysmally corrupt THEY are). So why do they come here? The only reason I can see is to make trouble for us. Many Muslims might not be the radical kind who wish to kill us, but they are TAUGHT to make as much trouble for us as they can. It's in their "Bible," the Koran. Why would they WANT to come here to live? In a country whose ways are against everything they believe in? Their Imams tell us to “convert as many as they can to Islam, even if they don’t want to convert.” And how do they accomplish that without threatening us with DEATH if we don’t convert? This is what they do in other countries. Recently in Armenia, they MURDERED an entire family who would not convert. And another family took note of that and “willingly converted.” How “willing” is the conversion when it is done on the threat of DEATH? Their ways can only mean growing trouble for us as they gain power simply by BREEDING more and more Muslims and start running for office with many (mostly liberal) Americans being gullible enough to elect them. We need to stop allowing their immigration here as soon as possible and stop allowing them to run for office. that's not racism, it's COMMON SENSE. But that won’t happen, especially as long as their “secret friend,” Barack Obama is still president. (Bare Naked Islam)


Is The Tea Party Dead?

That’s what Democrats (and even some Republicans) want you to believe because they haven’t been as vocal lately as before. But they’re still working HARD locally to help us retain, or even RECLAIM our rights. The proof of the pudding is in Florida’s 19th District, which has just nominated the Tea Party-backed candidate, Curt Clawson. And I predict this story will be repeated over and over in the upcoming elections. Real Republicans (not RINOS) will take over seat after seat. Democrats will lose the Senate and become even LESS powerful in the House. Then they will lose the White House and their evil works during the Obama scourge will be reversed (I hope). Obama kept his true nature from us long enough to get two terms, but people are now "waking up" to the evil of his ways. (Washington Post)

They're "Moving In"

And we’re allowing it, every time we do ANYTHING to “appease” Muslims. Whenever we change a rule because it :”offends Muslims,” they see weakness and press even harder. They’ve “moving in” and breeding like minks. Soon they’ll outnumber real people and will be able ro outvote us on any subject. That is when that abomination called Sharia Law will take over and your life, as you know it, will END. You will be pressured to “convert” to that political system they PRETEND is a religion and if you refuse, you will be shunned, maybe even murdered. That’s how they’ve become the “fastest growing religion,” by terrorizing people into “converting.”  We need to shun THEM, and NOW, before they gain enough power to make their wishes our command. Anybody who votes a Muslim into elected office should be SHOT. (News With Attitude)

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Damned Fool Democrats

 It isn’t enough to raise McDonald’s (and others’) cost of doing business significantly by raising the minimum wage to an unconscionable level they can’t afford, now two Democrats want to apply a “special tax” on them to use in buying fruits and vegetables for low-income people. Talk about “flights of fancy!” If they really BELIEVE that money will be USED for buying fruits and vegetables for “po folks,” I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell them. As soon as politicians get wind of that money, they’ll spend it on something else while taxpayers will be required to come up with MORE money, which will be stolen, etc. Somebody needs to tell these fools how government works. (The Blaze)

They Just Don't Get It

Actions have consequences. “From Khan Zahir100, who says:  ‘TSA pat down my 2 and 6 year old because they touch me & I was selected as usual for enhanced security check because of my name. Can they do that? When I ask why my kids the answer was because they came in close contact with me so they have to pat down them & my wife in a very rude manner. I was in shock. Till this day I cant forget what they did to my children how can they do this to children.' (Hey Khan, it is precisely because of people like you with Muslim names that we all have to be subjected to this kind of TSA scrutiny. Your kids could be wearing suicide bomb belts. Get out of my country if you don’t like it)." Muslims just don’t understand that their killing sprees all over the world are what MAKES them subject to extra scrutiny. As to the kids, Muslims are known to USE kids to carry their bombs and that makes THEM subjects for extra scrutiny, too. The way to end such scrutiny is to end their killing sprees. But they're not smart enough to know that. (Bare Naked Islam)

"Hillary A Dynamo?"

One well-known Democrat woman said Hillary would be a “dynamo” as president. She has apparently been smoking the same weed other Democrats have been smoking. Hillary would be no more of a “dynamo” as president as she was as Secretary of State. And she was a complete flop in that office. She LOST $6 billion dollars during her tenure and was instrumental in getting four of our embassy personnel MURDERED by Islamic terrorrists and then denying it in the face of SURE PROOF to the contrary, until FORCED to “come clean.” Then she asked that fateful question: What DIFFERENCE does it make?” A question that showed her complete INDIFFERENCE to those deaths and should, by itself, BAR her from ANY political office in the future, elected OR appointed. (Just common sense)

Friday, May 16, 2014

They Just Can't Stand It

Liberals really believe this “three-eyed monster” they’ve painted the conserva6ives to be, and those who pay no attention to politics believe them. But the ones who don’t believe them upset them terribly. They just can’t understand why ANYBODY would READ, much less LIKE something Limbaugh wrote. And to get him the “Author of the Year” award is incomprehensible to them, so they right away claim “voter fraud,” something they know a LOT about. You wouldn’t believe the surprise in the voices of leftist radio and TV commentators when they find themselves FORCED to announce it. MSNBC, a network Rush has BANNED from mention on his show because of their so obvious LYING about the news, devoted an ENTIRE DAY to discussions of “voter fraud,” mentioning Rush and the award many times. The interesting thing about it is, this award is NOT based on votes; it’s based mostly on BOOK SALES, and in that category, nobody can APPROACH Limbaugh.

Meanwhile, Obama, who knows NOTHING about brain surgery, is going to hold a “concussion seminar” at the White House. A step in the elimination of football. At the same time, Rush’s second book in the series has just been released and is already number 5 on the New York Times book list. That must REALLY make them cry! The big problem for liberals is that this series departs from THEIR views of history and tells the TRUTH about it. They HATE it that the kids of this nation (whom they want to COMPLETELY brainwash) LOVE them, and that’s going to do much damage to their teaching of their false world view. The left is shouting loudly about the LACK of “voter ID” in the system for this award. Something they HATE when it comes to the “unimportant” vote for PRESIDENT. (Biz-Pac)

Muslims Kidnap Young Girls

Muslim extremists kidnapped hundreds of girls from a school in Nigeria. 300 girls were kidnapped, but Nigerian “officials” claimed only 84. Why, I can’t fathom. Anybody with any kind of a conscience should be outraged by this, but some Nigerian officials don’t seem to be. This was only found out when the military governor braved danger to travel to the school to see for himself. Apparently, Nigeria is dangerous, even for government officials. They SAY all but 8 of the girls have been rescued, but there is no proof of this. And they retracted that claim the next day. The Islamic extremists use the girls as porters, cooks, and, of course, sex slaves. And WE’RE the ones they call “animals.” I guess it’s all in how you define what an “animal” is. I would call THEM animals, but I don’t want to insult animals. Nigerian government officials, like Obama, have CLAIMED to “have the terrorists on the run,” But, again like with Obama, the terrorists haven’t cooperated with that lie and have increased their abominations and atrocities measurably. OF COURSE, Obama’s thugs will deny this story because the source is Fox News. But the story also appeared in Reuters and CNN. (Fox News)

Biofuels Creat More Pollution

That’s what the scientists have found. The Petroleum Institute thinks that means we have to rethink our condemnation of fossil fuels in light of this. But will that cause Obama and his thugs to change their minds> Not a chance. Their actions are chiseled in stone. Obama isn’t interested in curbing pollution. He’s interested in POWER and biofuels are the key to it, for him. So he’s not going to “rethink” anything. He’s going to go right on and spend billions of our dollars for biofuel research and manufacture as if nothing had ever been said about them causing more pollution than fossil fuels. He thinks we'll forget that. This is how he operates. Never mind what people who KNOW what they’re talking about say, what’s important to him is what gives him the most POWER. And to hell with all the rest. Notice the source is the New York Times. Not the most conservative rag out there. (New York Times)

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Kenya: "Obama, Shut Up!"

Obama went to Kenya (his place of birth) to give them some money and got his comeuppance. He tried to tell them to “come into the 21st century” and approve of gay marriage, and they told him to “go to hell.” That they are a “God-fearing nation and would not accept such a thing.” This kind of a slap in the face for a president would be all over the news if it happened to a Republican. But because it’s Obama (a liberal), the news media (except for Fox) gives a loud yawn. (Just common sense)

"My Place In Heaven Guaranteed"

That’s what former Mayor Bloomberg says, but he’s wrong. Trampling on people’s rights will NOT earn you a “place in Heaven.” That’s presumptuous of him to even THINK that. His activities taking away the right to self-defense and the right to carry and use the means to that end, the gun, have caused many people to be killed because they have no way to defend themselves against the guns in the hands of CRIMINALS, who obey NO laws. Causing people to die will NOT get you into Heaven. People who think so are not only STUPID, they’re EVIL. And that will NEVER get you into Heaven. Whatever gave him the idea he was “doing God’s work” is as arrogant and delusional as he is. (News Busters)

IRS "Punishment"

The government is not supposed to use the IRS to PUNISH people who don’t agree with them, but they do. Isn’t this a violation of the law? The Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty made some disparaging comments about Hillary Clinton and John Kerry and promptly lost their “tax-free status.” Isn’t this punishing a rightwing organization for their opinions? Isn’t that verboten? I’m glad I don’t have tax-free status because that would give them a “handle” to control MY opinions. Seems to me they ought to be able to state their opinions without punishment from the IRS, which is SUPPOSED to be an agency for collecting taxes—not for PUNISHING dissenters. But then, under a scum like Obama, anything is possible. (Minutemen News)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

No Tweets, Just Bullets

This butth-le who claims responsibility for kidnapping about 300 innocent little girls and threatens to sell them into sexual slavery is in dire need of an “attitude adjustment” that involves showing a spear up his rear end until it comes out of his mouth between those impossibly white teeth. Many liberals will “call me down” for being “too harsh” when I say that, but you CAN’T be “too harsh” when dealing with such a subhuman slime. Any liberal who doesn’t like my comments needs to suffer the same consequences. I hate to use such words as “butth-le” to describe a human being, but I’m running out of words “harsh” enough to apply to somebody like him who is NOT a “human being.” And these are the people whose “religion” is CALLED a “peaceful religion.” If we don’t start treating these subhuman fools as what they are, we’re going to lose. They CLAIM that ALL of the girls have “willingly converted” to Islam. Yeah, right! If you were a helpless little girl ORDERED to “willingly convert” at the point of a gun, would you? Michelle thinks creating a hashtag will help, but then, she’s as stupid as her husband. At least this piece of subhuman trash isn’t afraid to show his face, unlike the usual terrorist trash, but hopefully soon that will be his undoing. (National Review)

Clinton: "Internet Is A Right-Wing Tool"

This is a typical LIE coming out of the mouth (or fingers) of one of the best-known liberal liars out there. Yes, the Internet IS an important tool for believers in truth and small government to use to COUNTER the use of the Internet by LIBERALS. Before the Internet, people like Clinton and his cronies were able to spew their LIES unopposed because you needed a printing press or a microphone to get the truth out there. No more. We can now come right back at them and EXPOSE their lies on the Internet, and they don’t like that. So they tell the world is is WE who are using the Internet for nefarious purposes and people who PROUDLY “pay no attention to politics” until just before an election BELIEVE them. He calls it “conspiracy commerce.” But it ISN’T. It is merely countering liberal LIES in ways we could not before. (Daily Caller)

It's Not Just About Guns

Every time I turn around, some liberal (mostly Obama and his thugs) are trying to “overrule” the Constitution. And when they can’t they just ignore it  until the courts (which are usually on their side) overrule THEM. Cities pass gun bans and are overruled. Then they regroup and do it again, and are overruled again. The feds pass laws against gun ownership for honest people who OBEY laws, which do not affect gun ownership for CRIMINALS, who buy theirs out of the trunks of cars in alleys owned by other criminals. Tight gun laws just make it easier for that to happen. But an overlook tells me that Obama and his henchmen are trying their best to destroy the constitution itself, not just the Second Amendment. Right now, they are conspiring with Muslims to make a law CRIMINALIZING the critics of Islam, even if true. If that makes it into law, we are DOOMED because Muslims can go on murdering innocent people and people like me cannot say a WORD against it. We must be vigilant, and stop every effort to subvert the Constitution by those terrorists in office. (Daily Caller)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Head Injuries Not Treated

Two shooting incidents at Ft. Hood in five years should not have been a surprise to some people involved. They systematically got rid of the very people who could deal with returning soldiers who had suffered “head trauma” and then “wondered” why somebody “went nuts” and started shooting. They have forced into retirement ALL neuropsychologists except ONE, who was left to treat up to 500 patients a MONTH. Now why would they DO that? Dr. Alan C. Hopwell, then senior officer in the neuropsychology department (now retired) urged many times that they hire more people to treat the increasing number of soldiers returning with “head trauma.” Instead, they got rid of as many as they could. Something’s wrong here. Who gave the orders to retire as many neuropsycologists as possible in the face of increasing returnees with head trauma? There’s another SCANDAL brewing here. One Obama will probably label as “phony,” like all the others. (World Net Daily)

Why Do We Do It?

 Why do we (not me) keep on electing such people as Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Peelosi, and Bill Clinton (and they’re not the only ones) to high office in our government so they can LOOT us of our money and take away our rights for the benefit of the “drones” of society who wish to live their lives without working? Drones who produce nothing except more and more babies, each of which is worth a finite amount of money to them? Some people would say the answer to that question is a hard one, but it is not. Those who say that are blind, and most are PROUD to “pay no attention to politics” until just before an election, when the lies are flying high and wide.

The reason is very simple: today, there are more “drones” in our society than PRODUCERS, and each one has a vote. They are now the MAJORITY and they vote to “keep the goodies coming,” and it is the “producer” who creates those “goodies.” The only problem with that is that soon the drones will eliminate the producers entirely from the population. Then they will start “eating their own” and society will collapse and we will begin again. The survivors will vote some real people into office and we will prosper for a while, until the drones again gain enough power to overrule the producers. It took us almost 300 years for that to happen this time, but I don’t think the process will take that long next time. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your point of view), I won’t live long enough to see it.

At age 76, I am forced (because I can no longer work, though I wish I could) to live (mostly) on Social Security, something I call an ABOMINATION. Why is that, since it sends me money each month I remain alive? Again, the answer is simple: I “contributed” (“protection money”) to Social Security all my working life, at the point of a gun (and if you don’t believe that “gun” thing, just try and NOT “contribute”). If I had been able to invest that same money myself in interest-bearing instruments, today I’d be a millionaire and the income from it would be significantly HIGHER than the pittance Social Security “returns” to me. The Heritage Foundation has the figures to prove it. Do your own research. (Just common sense)

Hard As A Rock

That describes the heads of the anti-gun fools who treat it almost as a RELIGION. They stick to their narrative and won’t even HEAR anything to oppose it. They call those who do “trolls” and just ignore them. “Anti Gunners" have absolute faith in The Narrative. They won’t deviate or even consider for a second that there might be something wrong with it. It is like the Papal Infallibility taken to the extreme.” But they are CLEARLY wrong because their answer is ALWAYS to try and keep guns out of the hands of EVERYBODY and succeed only in keeping them out of the hands of honest people who OBEY laws, but not CRIMINALS, who do NOT. There is no way to change their minds. It’s their RELIGION and they’re the “faithful.” Their heads are “rock hard” on the subject. They’re not amenable to logic. (Gun Free Zone)

Monday, May 12, 2014

Kill the Bastards!

This article by Mark Steyn is an example of REAL journalism, recognizing the fact that those 300 little girls kidnapped in Nigeria probably will not ever be found and rescued. But it does not say nothing should be done to TRY and rescue them, whatever the chances are. They’ll probably be sold into sex slavery, anyway. But the whole piece misses the point. Maybe they’ll be rescued, maybe they won’t. I hope they are. They are the innocents in this. But we should go out of our way to eliminate the THREAT posed by such outfits as “Boko Haram,” whose very name means “learning is sinful,” and is, (surprise, surprise!) a MUSLIM terrorist organization. They proved it by attacking a Western school. Meanwhile, we should bend every effort to rescue them and kill their kidnappers. Not "bring them to justice," bring them to their idea of Paradise.

The victims were Muslims who had made the fatal mistake of going to a Western school. My recommendation is that we make radical Muslims the Nazis of today, but go one step further since they’re still daily making mischief and killing people. Germany made Nazism ILLEGAL and put people in PRISON for BEING Nazis. I think we should kill all Muslims “caught in the act” planning, OR acting to kill people for Muslim reasons. This is a “death-dealing religion,” and that’s all they understand. Yes, they don’t mind dying, but when they do, that particular Muslim can kill no more innocent people. It should become a crime to BE a Muslim as it is in Germany to be a Nazi, because they will destroy this world as we know it if we don't. (Steyn Online)

Muslims Moving In

And the Republicans (and Democrats) are helping them. The Republicans by not doing much to oppose them, and the Democrats by appointing them to high office in the Obama administration. Yes, Muslim advocate Ayaan Hirsi Ali was rejected by Brandeis University, but the Congress and Republicans had nothing to do with that. But the Muslim Brotherhood (which has been designated a terrorist organization) is forming its own political party in hopes there are enough stupid Americans to vote for them. I’m sure there are some, but I sincerely hope not enough to make a difference. I agree with Allen West when he says, “It ain’t gonna work.” Maybe most Republicans aren’t doing much to stop Muslims from being able to affect the way this country is run, but HE is going to. He asks: “How is it that such a small bunch of people have gained such a powerful influence in this country?” Of course, that’s a rhetorical question: he knows. It’s Obama HELPING them to do so and appointing Muslims (some of them known terrorists) to high office in his administration. Some say this is stupidity on his part.. But I disagree. I think he WANTS Muslims to gain as much influence as possible as long as he is able to help them. (Allen West)

Sheryl Attkisson Quits CBS

She quit because she had done numerous stories about members of the Obama administration that didn’t get on the air. During the Bush administration, she did many stories critical of the Bush administration people and they were well-received and ALL go on the air. Then she did similar stories about Obama’s scandals, and they didn’t. It became obvious that ANY story that criticized Obama OR his cronies would not make it on the air and there was no use in even doing the work. She is now writing a book about her experiences tentatively titled, “Stonewalled: One Woman’s Fight for Truth in Obama’s Washington.”  I suggest Fox News hire her. They will not find a more dedicated and responsible reporter anywhere. (Politico)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

How Muslims THINK

By Dr. Arieh Eldad an M.D. at Hadassah Hospital in Israel. This is being redistributed at his request. “I was instrumental in establishing the 'Israeli National Skin Bank', which is the largest in the world. The National Skin Bank stores skin for everyday needs as well as for war time or mass casualty situations. This skin bank is hosted at the Hadassah Ein Kerem University hospital in Jerusalem where I was the Chairman of plastic surgery. This is how I was asked to supply skin for an Arab woman from Gaza , who was hospitalized in Soroka Hospital in Beersheva, after her family burned her. Usually, such atrocities happen among Arab families when the women are suspected of having an affair. We supplied all the needed Homografts for her treatment. She was successfully treated by my friend and colleague, Prof. Lior Rosenberg and discharged to return to Gaza.

"She was invited for regular follow-up visits to the outpatient clinic in Beersheva. One day she was caught at a border crossing wearing a suicide belt. She meant to explode herself in the outpatient clinic of the hospital where they saved her life. It seems that her family promised her that if she did that, they would forgive her. This is only one example of the war between Jews and Muslims in the Land of Israel . It is not a territorial conflict. This is a civilizational conflict, or rather a war between civilization & barbarism. Bibi (Netanyahu) gets it, Obama does not. I have never written before asking everyone to please forward onwards so that as many as possible can understand radical Islam and what awaits the world if it is not stopped.” This is how Muslims THINK. Blow up the place where they saved her life to get "forgiveness in death" from her own family after THEY set her on fire. This is pure stupidity on her part, which reinforces my belief that death threats and ignorance is why Islam is "the fastest growing religion in the world” because they'll KILL you if you don't join. (Just common sense)

McDaniel Fires Up Crowd

He spoke at the Freedom Works PAC in Kentucky and the crowd went crazy. “We’re fighting, and so it begins again,”’McDaniel opened his ten-minute speech.’ “One last great stand for liberty. One last great stand for our Constitution. We dare not disappoint. There’s too much at stake. Our country’s too great to lose and I will not tell my children one day about a once-great Republic that we were unable to save. We will not witness the managed decline of this Republic (But that's exactly what Obama is doing.). We will witness its revival. We will witness its resurrection.” The only problem is, we ARE “witnessing the decline of this great nation,” orchestrated by the man who CONNED his way into the presidency and SET OUT to destroy this country, making it into a socialist state. We’re almost there, and he may have succeeded by the time his time is up; if he allows that to happen. He came to power in a “bloodless coup” and just may try to STAY in power by MANIPULATING the Constitution to his advantage. That’s how he works. (Breitbart)

They NEVER Give Up!

That’s what the Mississippi Gun News says about the anti-gun fools, of which Ovomit is the chief fool: “I’ve watched politics for years and throughout those years there is one truth that seem to never change. Democrats never give up. I was reminded of this truth last week while watching U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder address Congress and ask for $1.1 billion to “protect Americans” from gun violence–including $182 million to support the president’s ‘Now is the Time’ gun safety initiative (code words for gun control).  At every turn the President’s gun-control agenda has been stopped, but true to the Democrat formula he pulls back, constructs another lie, and begins another assault to accomplish his agenda.” The people have shown him that he is on the “wrong side of history” but he perseveres in spending OUR money to pass his unconstitutional laws against our Second Amendment rights. Criminals trying to disarm their victims once and for all. (Mississippi Gun News)

Friday, May 9, 2014

Don't Hire Muslims

For ANYTHING. They're trouble. They strike to force their employers to “cave in” to THEIR demands for special recognition of THEIR “religious customs” when they don’t do it for other religions, either. They DEMAND “time to pray” five times a day in full view of other employees, who get no such concessions. When they get in positions of power, they INSIST on teaching THEIR ideas to our impressionable students. Muslim cab drivers refuse to carry Jews or ANYBODY who drinks, because that “offends” them. And people “cave” to them. Frankly, what do we care what “offends” Muslims? They can take their “being offended” and stick it where they sit. I just don’t give a damn, and I’m sure most non-Muslims don’t give a damn, either. And that’s not racism, it’s common sense. They'll call it "Islamophobic," but that's a "made-up word" calculated to END criticism of everything Muslim. That's using fear to get their way. (Eagle Rising)

NASA Scientist Scorns Global Warming

Dr. Leslie Woodcock (professor emeritus of chemical thermodynamics at the University of Manchester in England, with a PhD. from the University of London, and served as a senior research consultant at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Laboratory in Ohio) shot down global warming (whatever name they’ve given it to maintain the swindle). “In an interview with Britain's Yorkshire Evening Post, Woodcock declared: ‘The theory of man-made climate change is an unsubstantiated hypothesis’.  Thus dooming AlGore’s contention that “scientists agree with me” that climate change (as it is now known after the original name no longer worked) is a “fool’s paradise” and a great way for those promoting it to make a LOT of money as long as they could maintain the lie, as has Gore and many other people, including Barack Obama. But it is a HOAX, and a PROVABLE hoax. Those promoting it should be imprisoned for bunco. It is a SWINDLE and should be recognized as such. Those who want to put “climate change deniers” in PRISON are the ones who should be sent there. That includes Ovomit and his long-faced stooge, John Kerry. (Forbes)

I Hope They Don't Kill Anybody

When the government moves in on you with intent to take your property and your neighbors respond, ARMED, the "government agents" (thugs) use that as an excuse to start killing people. This has happened in Nevada, at the Bundy ranch, which is surrounded with 200 ARMED BLM swat teams who are “rustling” his cattle and keeping the press as far away as they can while they use helicopters to frighten the cattle into running in the 90 degree weather so as to kill them.. I don’t think they’ve killed anybody human yet, but they have Tasered Bundy’s son and “arrested” three people in their illegal land grab operation. And they've certainly THREATENED to kill. They’re using as their EXCUSE an endangered turtle that has lived for hundreds of years right alongside the cattle, which usually take great care not to disturb them.

BLM says it has “minimal law enforcement in place to guarantee public safety.” 200 ARMED swat team cops who “arrest people” for going through a gate not theirs to control doesn’t seem to me to be “MINIMAL law enforcement.” I'd call it “lotsa thugs.”) And the only people getting hurt are NOT the public. Is this Obama’s Waco or Ruby Ridge? Is he willing to KILL people for his solar power stations? Obama is not involved, you say? Do you really think Reid would be doing this if Obama didn’t approve? I just hope when one of his thugs kills somebody they don’t have a BABY in their arms (the sharpshooter who did that at Ruby Ridge got a commendation for it later, quietly). Clinton's AG Janet Reno said she “took personal responsibility” for Waco, but did she? Was she ever punished for the almost 100 people her “troops” MURDERED, including the 14 CHILDREN? Not REALLY. It was “just words.” Like such words usually are. (World Net Daily)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

"Truth Shall Set You Free"

That’s a cliché. But clichés are based on truth. That’s why they get repeated over and over until they become part of the language. Liars hate truth because it hurts them. Barack Hussein Obama has told so many lies it’s impossible or him to remember them all, which is why he seems to be contradicting himself all the time. He forgets his lies and tells new ones that contradict them. There are so many scandals in his administration he’s getting tired of trying to answer all the questions that arise daily as a result. He uses the very VOLUME of scandals to “poo-poo” them and call them “ phony scandals.” He and his accomplices try and dismiss them by saying, “That’s old news.” “That happened a long time ago.” That’s already been investigated several times and they found nothing” (You won’t find anything if you aren’t REALLY looking. “Let’s put this behind us.” Or “What DIFFERENCE does that make? “ (that four embassy people were MURDERED more than two years ago [at this writing] and we’ve done NOTHING real about it?”) Well it DOES make a difference to those four people and their families and friends. It makes a difference to the American people that they have a “crime cabal” running their country, “running roughshod” over the citizens.

Lois Lerner used the IRS to victimize many conservative organizations by delaying and obstructing their applications for tax-free status, thus making it difficult, if not impossible to raise money to effectively stop Obama’s march toward collectivism (socialism, communism, etc.). She has now been found in Contempt of Congress for her refusal to answer their questions about it. The NSA is spying on ALL of us, trying to “ferret out” those who oppose them so they can “deal with them” as they are daily trying to do with such people as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and the like. The only reason why they haven’t gone after me is because they haven’t noticed me yet. But they will. They’re trying to make laws to force people like me who tell the truth about them REGISTER in order to do it so they can “issue a license to blog.” That’s how they plan on controlling what we say in the future. The power to license is the power to say, “NO.” He has spent more money than there IS in the world and is daily “printing” billions more to prop up his purchase of federal bonds to make it LOOK like the Stock Market is “going great guns” when it is NOT. And he works HARD on a daily basis to find ways to scam more and more money out of us. He lies daily about the millions of Americans who cannot find jobs by refusing to count those who have just “given up” and stopped looking. Did you know that now he wants to tax you for every mile you drive? So now it’ll cost you more to look for a job.

He “puts us down” every time he gets a chance and makes laws and regulations to “punish the achievers” by increasing their taxes unmercifully. He wants to steal the money they have EARNED and give it to people who haven’t the skills, or the willingness to earn it for themselves, to buy the votes of those who want to live at the expense of others. And they reward him by voting the way he tells them, “to keep the goodies coming.” He is either a Muslim (he was brought up in a Muslim country by Muslims, AND studied the Koran) or a Muslim sympathizer. He works HARD to ridicule people who maintain that Muslims are “at war” with US. He tries to minimize the Muslim threat every chance he gets. He tells us that al-Qaida is “beaten” and is “running for the hills” when they’re NOT. He supports that fantasy by LYING to the country and the world for weeks after members of an al-Qaida “franchise” MURDER our diplomats in Benghazi, as well as a lot of other people, daily, in other paces. He “Runs guns” to Syrian terrorists he insists are really nothing but rebels. He makes “big talk” about those hundreds of young girls kidnapped by Muslims in Nigeria but merely sends a few UNARMED “advisers,” supposedly to help look for them. And what are they going to do when (IF) they find them? Ask them nicely to let them go and stop raping and otherwise abusing them themselves?

He appoints members of the “Muslim Brotherhood” (a KNOWN terrorist organization) to be his “advisers,” while other members of this bastard organization kill and maim men, women, AND children all over the world. He (and his accomplices) call anybody who so much as disagrees with his policies “racists.” He has done more to INCREASE racism in this country than anybody else, including those “race whores,” Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and “Calypso Louie” Farrakhan. This after telling us if we elect him we would “destroy racism in this country forever.” Unfortunately just the OPPOSITE is true. He IS a communist! Of that I’m SURE. He was born to communists, raised by communists, most of his friends and advisers all his life have been communists (and Muslims). How could he NOT think like a communist? He proves it whenever he talks about all his socialist notions like “spreading the wealth” He may not be a “card-carrying communist,” but he THINKS like a communist If you don’t believe that, just listen to him talk. I could go on and on listing his crimes against America, but this is already too long. Suffice it to say that Obama’s “crimes” would fill a book. They have, already. Many books have been written about them, but you may not know about most of them (two I wrote and are available on Amazon or Barnes & Noble) because the liberal media will not talk about them. (Just common sense)

Muslims Use Fear

As with the Mafia, they hate the truth being told about them and, like the Mafia again, they threaten those who do. Whenever somebody tells the truth about their subornation of their women and their unfair treatment of them in rape cases where they punish the WOMEN, murder women for going out with the wrong man, and force them to submit to a male oligarchy, they threaten them. If that doesn’t work, they call them Islamaphobes (a made-up word). If that doesn’t work, they come, in force, and assault them. Some they kill. It’s a classic example of a bunch of thugs PRETENDING to be a religion for the advantages it gives them, but who revert to violence when that doesn’t work. Way too many good people respond to this by simply being AFRAID to say anything bad about them. It’s time SOMEBODY did, because there is much bad to SAY about them. They PRETEND to be a “peaceful religion,” but they resort to violence at the slightest “insult.” And THEY decide what an insult is. This frightens a certain kind of person. So they don’t say anything bad about them because, if they do, they get hurt in more than one way. This is why “moderate Muslims” say nothing. They’re COMPLETELY cowed. They’ve been conditioned from birth. The crimes Muslim extremists (a LARGE percentage of Muslims) do is legion; and they want to bring that to America. It ain’t agonna happen. Americans are not conditioned from birth to fear them. They will resist ALL efforts to subject them to Muslim violence and many Muslims will die. But that’s okay; Muslim extremists have no right to be alive.  (Toronto Sun)

Obama Creates Jobs In Belize

He can’t seem to create any jobs HERE, but he spends $1.5 million dollars to create jobs—in BELIZE. What’s WRONG with this fool? Is he SERIOUSLY incompetent, or what. I think it’s “or what.” He wants to “help’ everybody BUT the United States. Somebody needs to put a stop to such expenditures in a world where this president has spent more money than there IS, already. Can’t SOMEBODY advise this fool on fiscal responsibility? It’s not his money so he “spreads it around.” Not even on things that help US, just on any old thing that strikes his fancy. (Tea Party)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Obama's "Legacy"

Whatever else they may say, this is going to be Obama’s legacy: one more major business that has been around forever is closing. Barnes & Noble has been a big part of my life. Aside from being my provider of good books since I was a child, it is now selling MY books. So I have TWO REASONS for being disappointed in their closing. What else is LEFT? In the office supply business, Office Depot (or Office max; I always mix those two up) has announced the closing of hundreds of its stores this next year, which is a prelude to shutting down completely. Of course, this means hundreds and hundreds of lost jobs in an economy that NEEDS as many jobs as possible. B&H closed many of its stores in the last few years (all since Obama has been president) and now they’re shutting down. When is it going to end? Not until long after Obama is gone, unless they get rid of the programs he started, right away.(World Net Daily)

"It's A Muslim Thing"

You wouldn’t understand. That’s what Muslims say when you question their wish to screw little girls (and in some cases, BOYS). Notice most of the countries mentioned in this story about a 14-year-old girl who KILLED her forced “husband” before the “wedding night” to escape what to her would be a fate worse than death are Muslim-run. Now she will go to prison where she will probably be raped by everybody in sight, including the women. Because she no doubt "dishonored" her family so she's available to anybody under Muslim customs. But that’s a Muslim thing; you wouldn’t understand. What I DO understand is that forced marriages are morally WRONG, no matter the age of the bride (or groom). Yet Islam allows it; no, FORCES it. And this is what they want to FORCE upon the world. Not while I’m still alive! Of course, they'd be happy to change that. But that's the difference between Muslims and human beings. (Opposing Views)

Where's the First Amendment?

A student has been suspended for speaking out AGAINST “Common Core,” that measure that basically “takes over” the education system by the federal government. A system that complicates things so much NOBODY, not even TEACHERS understand it; a system that is basically to BRAINWASH the students and make them less of a problem later when Obama manages to make this into a socialist country. The girl COULD “opt out” of taking the test, and said so. The school attempted to bully her into “shutting up,” and failed. So they suspended her for “insubordination,” which means she refused to be bullied (good for her!). There are way too many of these stories filtering out of the schools today, especially about Common Core, a system that should never have been concocted, much less forced on our children. Like “new math,” it just doesn’t work to do ANYTHING but condition our children to be good socialists. They had to BRIBE school systems to even accept it, which should have told them something, right there. Common Core violates THREE federal statutes AND the Tenth Amendment. (Eagle Rising)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Liberal Media "Clams Up"

If Christians beheaded and crucified Muslims, the liberal media would be “up in arms.” It would be headline news for WEEKS. But when Muslims do the same to CHRISTIANS, they “clam up.” Why? Are they “bought off?” Or are they just stupid? My money is on stupid. For some reason they FAVOR Muslims and refuse to report on THEIR atrocities. I can’t see any other reason THAN stupidity to cover up Muslim atrocities. Surely they don’t WANT to live under “Sharia Law,” which is the “end product” of the Muslim advance toward imposing a 7th Century system on us. Maybe they’re just SCARED to report it. I guess they just don’t understand that when (if) Muslims take over, they will be the FIRST to die. (Freedom Outpost)

Is Holder A Victim?

He seems to think so because those old meanies in congress are asking him questions he doesn’t want to answer. He asks if any other AGs have been subjected to what he has had to suffer. How about Janet Reno, who SAID she “accepted full responsibility” for killing almost 100 innocent people at the Waco, Texas compound of the Branch Davidians, including 14 CHILDREN, and the MURDER of an innocent woman with her child in her arms at Ruby Ridge? Why should he be allowed to go free with NO questions answered in MULTIPLE scandals that have resulted in HUNDREDS of deaths, some of them federal agents? Fox (liberal) “contributor” Juan Williams says there is NO EVIDENCE of wrongdoing on Holder's part. Of course there isn’t; nobody has been really looking. Several congressional committees have been “flailing round:” and have been stonewalled and obstructed at every point by this administration.

Holder himself has REFUSED to answer questions OR turn over e-mail evidence they have asked for. You’ll never find any “evidence of wrongdoing” if you aren’t really looking for it. Lois Lerner, another one of the people nominally “under his command,” has also been found in contempt of Congress; CRIMINAL, this time. Kathleen Sebilius has been forced to resign for the same reasons. What makes holder think he should escape an examination of his job after all the people who have DIED because of his incompetence or simply REFUSAL to do his job? He will NOT proceed against a black man, he says, “because they’re my people.” Does that mean a white AG has the right not to proceed against any white man for the same reason? This man is a fool in addition to being incompetent and we should get RID of him as soon as possible. (CNN)

Problem Solved

The gun violence problem is solved. In one case, at least, The criminal with his illegally-owned gun tried to hold up a Florida family, but won’t do it any more. He’s dead. Looks like a man named Mitchell Large (an apt description) attempted to break int a house where EVERYBODY was armed. After warning shots were fired, he maintained his attempt to break in and was hit by bullets from at least TWO of those guns. He will break into no more homes. It was pretty stupid of him to ignore the warning shots, but nobody has ever said people like him are smart. More proof that an armed individual can do what the cops CAN’T do: prevent the crime, instead of just “documenting it” and cleaning up the scene after it has occurred. Crime has gone down in Florida, due to the fact that more Floridians are legally armed and kill off enough criminals to lower the violent crime rate more than anything else except future criminals deciding to go into other lines of “work.” And the anti-gun fools probably include this in their “victims of armed violence swindle.” (Eagle Rising)

Monday, May 5, 2014

Consistently Push Incompetent Policies

That’s what liberals (Democrats) do. It’s incompetent of them to think that paying people with NO TALENTS or abilities as much as $10.10 an hour is a good thing. It may be a temporary "good thing" for “entry level” workers just entering the work market, but not for anybody else. Minimum wage jobs are NOT intended for people trying to support families. They are for BEGINNERS to earn some money while they LEARN the abilities they need to DESERVE higher wages. Forcing businesses to pay them more than they’re worth COSTS jobs as employers REFUSE to pay such people more than they’re worth and just cut their jobs. Liberals can’t understand such a simple thing like that so they continue to push their incompetent policies and lose, as “wiser heads prevail.” (Forbes)

"Religious Intolerance"

Muslims accuse US of “religious intolerance” because we hate them KILLING us for not believing exactly the same way they do. But they are the most religiously intolerant bunch in the world. Where EVER have ANY people been IMPRISONED for studying the Koran? But in Iran, they have been for studying the BIBLE! Imagine the outcry (by Muslims) if American cops raided a MUSLIM prayer service in a Mosque? It would be felt on MARS. But in Iran, it made hardly a ripple, being something EXPECTED there. “Are these Christians plotting the overthrow of the government? No. Are these Christians organizing a terrorist movement? No. Are they threatening the very fabric of the culture within which they live? Maybe… but using that logic so too are the Muslims living in the United States, no?” What’s good for the gander is good for the goose. But not in an Islamic country. (Eagle Rising)

Bribe Fails to Stop Briefing

CAIR, the Muslim organization known to be connected with HAMAS, a known (and so designated) terrorist organization, was so worried about Culpepper County Sheriff’s “briefing” for other cops about CAIR’s operations, they tried to bribe him to cancel it. But he didn’t. “The lead trainer, former special FBI agent John Guandolo, presented some 50 Virginia law enforcement officers with evidence of the radical Muslim Brotherhood’s operations in the U.S. and their jihadi support network, along with a large amount of evidence demonstrating CAIR was created and continues to be an entity of HAMAS, a U.S.-designated terror group. Former U.S. prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy, former Pentagon inspector general Joseph Schmitz and former CIA case officer Clare Lopez also spoke at the seminar.” They tried to bribe this sheriff, but failed. Bravo, Sheriff Jenkins! (World Net Daily)

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Obama, MIchelle to Split?

That’s the rumor. But it hasn’t been proven yet. It is said it’s over Michelle “seeing the world on taxpayer’s dime.” Others say it’s because of Barack’s “selfie” with that sexy head of state. Nobody knows for sure, but Obama and Michelle. This, from the “most transparent administration in history.” The Obamas have reportedly spent $150 million dollars on their many “vacations.” Yes, the president’s job IS much pressure. But to take so many “vacations” at our expense is overdoing it—a LOT. They’re taking advantage of him being president, while they can. Michelle would NEVER be able to spend $8,000 a night plus at hotels in foreign countries unless we were paying for it, and she’s taking full advantage of that. She’s a PARASITE. So is he. They’ve asked him to “rein her in,” but he’s lost complete control of her. What they need to do is cut off the money. congress has that power. That’s sure to slow her down if they refused to pay her extravagant bills. There’s no excuse for her spending so much money just because of his job. She knows she’d never be able to do it if he weren’t president, with US paying the bills. Stop paying the bills and she stops “touring the world on our money.” (Daily Mail Online)

It's An Old Story

A man (or woman) drives drunk; over and over. And gets a “wrist slap.” And does it again. And again. And again. Until he/she kills somebody. Then they put him/her in jail for a while and he/she doesn’t drive drunk. Until he/she gets out. Then it starts all over again until he/she kills again. I don’t know what can be done about this kind of person. Maybe the laws against drunk driving need to be stiffer to keep these people in jail for longer periods. With even longer jail sentences being laid on for multiple cases. People who drive drunk don’t respond well to license suspensions. They just drive anyway. Drunk. Put the in jail for long sentences and they CAN’T drive drunk. Make the offense so bad they’re AFRAID to drive drunk. At a guess, I’d say more people have died at the hands of a drunk driver than of murder. But they execute murderers. Why not repeat drunk drivers? This one killed at least one and injured many others in a SCHOOL! When will it end? Probably never. There will always be some fool who gets drunk and drives. (Mail News)

Lucky to Be Alive

LUCKY TO BE ALIVE: A shooter who walked into a police station and started shooting was shot several times by other cops. But he’s still alive, and lucky to be so. Most would-be mass shooters go where they can be pretty sure there won’t be anybody there with their own guns and well able to do something about him. But like that fool in Indianapolis last year who tried to shoot up a GUN STORE, he now resembles a wedge of Swiss cheese. Obviously it’s not a good idea to try and shoot up a police station. They don’t yet know where he got his gun, but I’ll bet none of the existing anti-gun laws would have stopped this incident from happening. There was no metal detector there, as the cops didn’t think this was a very violent place. But even if there were plenty of guns there, it was a “gun-free zone” for civilians. (Just common sense)

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Who Gives A Damn?

Four embassy people died in that terrorist attack in Benghazi that was set up by Obama to cover up his gun-running activities in Syria. Bob Beckel, of Fox’s “The Five” says the American people “don’t give a damn.” But why then, do we continue to ask questions about it after TWO YEARS? The answer is simple; the murderers have been stonewalling us for that long! Wouldn’t it be nice if a murderer could ask the cops, “Who gives a damn that I murdered four people a long time ago?” and be taken seriously? Nice for the murderer, maybe. Liberals want us to forget about those four murders that are Obama’s and Hillary’s responsibility. It doesn’t matter that TWO YEARS have passed, dude! We’ll keep asking those questions FOREVER if it takes that long to get answers. Do they really think how long ago the murders happened makes a damned bit of difference? No, they don’t. They just want US to think so. It makes NO difference to the dead and their families how long we’ve tried to find out the truth. We still want to KNOW the truth. Beckel tried to divert our attention by changing the subject to the hundreds of girls who have gone missing in other countries, but it didn’t work. Yes, we “give a damn” about that, TOO. But we STILL care about the Obama-engineered MURDERS of our embassy personnel, and we will continue to care into the next CENTURY, if necessary. We’re not going to abandon them because of other atrocities. (Patriot Action Network)

"Climate Control Is A Fact!"

That’s what Ovomit, the latest passenger on the climate change hoax bandwagon, says. But, like most things he says, that’s a LIE. Climate change, like global warming before it, is a hoax; a swindle; a con.” It was started by former VP AlGore, a master con man. It’s like an ATM Machine: you put words in and money comes out. Ovomit finally realized that and climbed on the bandwagon. He means to make a lot more money from it than Gore did, and it made him a multi-millionaire in no time. It exploits a natural phenomenon, the cyclical warming and cooling of the planet. Something that has been going on for longer than any of us have been alive. It’s a good con because the absolute PROOF of a con won’t happen in our lifetimes. The warming and cooling of the Earth is CYCLICAL. It’s NOT “man-made,” and can’t be stopped, nor even ALTERED by man. Some people want to JAIL people who disagree with climate change, which tells me they’ve run out of arguments and just want us to SHUT UP. Such people are good candidates for “retroactive abortion.” (The Hill)

Why I'm Not An Organ Donor

A man who was, had a stroke that paralyzed him so he couldn’t communicate. Then he heard some doctors discussing him, saying he was “about to die” and discussing “harvesting his organs.” A second opinion from a different doctor found the situation was not all that bad and to give him cortisone treatments. He is now able to speak and live a normal life. But they had to FIGHT a night nurse to get her to give him the cortisone. There have been way too many such cases, including Terry Schiavo (whom doctors murdered at the government's behest) and that child they said was “brain dead” after a tonsillectomy went wrong (she’s still alive, in a long-term care facility). I don’t want to take any chances with incompetent, greedy doctors. And it’s only going to get worse, with Obama and his henchmen taking over control of medical decisions that should ONLY be made by a doctor. (World Net Daily)

Friday, May 2, 2014

Fanning the Fires of Racism

Racism was almost dead in this country until we elected Obama president. Since then, he’s been “fanning the fires of racism” every chance he gets. He calls everybody who does nothing more than DISAGREE with his policies racists. He finds racism “under every bed.” And so do his accomplices. I ask him, if this country is so riddled with racism, how did a black man EVER get elected president? How do black men like the Democrat Representative from Mississippi, Bennie Thompson, a black man in a southern state, get elected? How did Clarence Thomas become a Supreme Court Justice? How did so many black people get elected to political office all over the country? Why are there so many black mayors? Governors? It's a fool notion that the only reason people oppose Obama and Obamacare is because he's black (As Rep. Bennie Thompson said). But then, I expect that of Democrats. (Just common sense)

AP Photographer Killed

She was sitting in a car in a traffic jam when an Afghan POLICEMAN walked up and sprayed her car with bullets after shouting, “Allahu Akbar!” I can’t think of ANY amount of restrictive gun laws for NON-policemen that would prevent this from happening. When the very people we TRUST to protect us murder us randomly, there’s something wrong in the world. And what’s wrong is Islam. The cop surrendered to the other cops in the area and was “taken into custody.” He “disappeared into the system,” and nobody will ever know what happened to him. He will probably stay in jail for a spell, then be “repatriated” in a “show of empathy.” Never mind that he killed an innocent woman and there’s no telling how many other innocent, random people he has killed that we don’t know about. (Washington Post)