Saturday, May 29, 2010

Clinton Lying for Obama

It’s nothing new for Bill Clinton to lie. He lied to Congress and and lost his law license for five years while we paid a large fine to get him off the hook for it. Here’s what happened: Obama wanted to keep Arlen specter in the Congress so he told Rahm Emmanuel (he of the “never let a good crisis go to waste” comment) to find someone who will lie for him to offer Democrat Joe Sestak (It was very hard to find out he WAS a Democrat) a job if he will get out of the race against Specter. Of course, Clinton knew if Sestak accepted, Rahm would make it good. It was a FELONY for anyone in the administration to offer him a job, so it fell to the “house liar,” Bill Clinton, who was not himself “in the administration.”

After Clinton got his acceptance, Emmanuel could then give him the job without committing a felony, since Clinton was the actual “offerer” (and he could be given the job AFTER getting out of the election, eliminating the possibility of a felony). This is how it is done in Washington. Clinton was the “cut-out” that gave Obama “plausible deniability” and kept him from (technically) committing a felony. If there ever IS an “investigation” of this (which there probably won’t be with Obama controlling the means of prosecution), it will find “no wrongdoing,” of course, as do ALL “investigations” of itself done by people in Washington. (Dick

Nightstick At Polls Not Prosecutable

Is a nightstick a weapon or is it not? Is there a law against people carrying weapons intimidating voters at a polling place or is there not. So what’s the problem? How is a Black Panther standing at the entrance of a polling place brandishing nightsticks NOT prosecutable? Maybe it’s “not prosecutable” because Obama won’t ALLOW it to be prosecutable. After all, those people were pushing Obama, and he OWES them. But can he show me the law that SAYS it’s not prosecutable? Doubtful. Unless he wrote it since the election and had it passed as part of something else without our knowledge as crooked politicians do. The Commission on Civil rights is now demanding to know why the Obama administration dropped the charges against these men. Does anybody think they will get a coherent answer? (World Net Daily)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Jindal Has A Plan: Obama Nixes It

Dammit! I’m not going to let a REPUBLICAN do something I couldn’t do! That seems to be what Obama is saying to Louisiana’s governor, Bobby Jindal. Jindal has a plan and wants to execute it. So Obama’s jerks tell him, “no.” why? Is anything they are doing (if anything) actually ACCOMPLISHING anything? Since when can a PRESIDENT stop the governor of a STATE from doing what it takes to save his own shoreline? Talk about this being Obama’s “waterloo!” Obama will go down in history as the president who allowed the Louisiana coastline to be destroyed. He claims it’s “all hands on deck,” but only DEMOCRAT hands, it seems. Rahm Emmanuel said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste,” and they’re not. They’re blaming everybody but themselves for this disaster. The environmentalists are strangely silent. (Collecting My Thoughts)

Banning Books and Blogs

The Obama administration plans to control the Internet and ANY words that he “deems” to oppose his ideas and actions will be criminalized. This is how he’s going to “deal with” people like me, Drudge, Fox News, World Net Daily, etc. We will have to look at everything we say to see if he can, under this unconstitutional law, make criminals out of us and shut us up. Why doesn’t somebody DO something about this usurpation of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States? I will NOT be “shut up” until his people put me in prison for what I’m saying, or just KILL me by denying me the medicine I need to stay alive. (Bradley Smith/Jeff Patch/Reason Magazine)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Meredith Viera, of NBC, “praises the courage” of those who raise taxes. Does it take “courage” to raise taxes during a recession or depression in the face of sure proof that the way to prosperity is to LOWER taxes? What’s WRONG with this woman? Has she lost her mind? Or has she always been addled? I can’t believe a network is paying this ignorant woman millions to spout such crap! Does SHE really WANT to pay higher taxes when she KNOWS lower taxes mean more money in the hands of investors, who invest it in jobs-creating, PROFIT-creating projects and thus help make this economy better? Damn, the STUPID people we have spouting nonsense to the people of this country! While people who “pay no attention to politics” listen. (NBC)

Obama's "Kiss of Death"

Several Democrats have now “gone down in flames” after Obama supported them. Several other Democrats have lost, not even making it to the general election. Blanche Lincoln, once considered a “shoo-in,” just barely made it through the Democrat primary and might well lose in the general election. We’re seeing the beginnings of the “Democrat rout” we’re going to see in November. Obama knows it’s going to happen and he doesn’t give a damn as long as he succeeds in moving us closer to socialism. Arlen Specter, who moved back to the Democrats to keep his seat, lost it. The "time of Specter" is over. (Red State)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Law Needs to Be Changed

The cops say that 14 bus-loads of people (containing about 500 people) descended upon the home of a Bank of America employee, frightening his 14-year-old son and there were NO arrests. Because the cops “didn’t SEE anything unlawful.” 500 people standing around screaming outside someone’s home, standing on his property, ruining his yard? And THIS is not “anything unlawful?” C’mawn! There should definitely BE a law against such actions. Yes, people have a right to speak their minds, but NOT in this manner. This is “over the top” and such actions done in this manner should be unlawful. If this is the kind of thing that will happen if you oppose Obama, we need to GET RID OF Obama. (Just common sense)

Veto Kills Man

In Kentucky, licensed concealed gun carriers have the right (contained in the Constitution) to carry their guns for self-defense—except in restaurants and taverns, of course. The legislature made a law to fix that oversight and the governor vetoed it. So a stalker waited until his victim entered a place where she could not legally bring her gun and murdered a woman’s husband in a restaurant soon after. That didn't stop this murderer from bringing in HIS gun. Funny how the criminals always seem to be able to get guns while honest people can’t. “Governor Bredesen has ignored the will of the citizens of Tennessee yet again. Bredesen’s veto of the Restaurant Carry Bill speaks volumes about his disregard for our Constitution and our Second Amendment rights. This man was elected and swore under oath to uphold our Constitution. With an overwhelming vote in both the Senate and House, our fine Legislators spoke for their Constituents by their vote supporting the Restaurant Carry Bill.”

Nikki Goeser lost her husband because a stalker wanted him “out of the way” and she could do nothing since her licensed gun was in the car because of Tennessee’s law prohibiting guns anywhere food or alcohol is served. The governor’s veto caused his death as surely as if the governor had pulled the trigger on the illegal gun the murderer used to kill him. Politicians make or break laws without considering the EFFECT of them on human beings. When are politicians going to start facing the reality that anti-gun laws DO NOT stop criminals from killing people with their illegally-obtained guns? It amazes me how STUPID these politicians are! (Human Events)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mexico's Draconian Immigration Policies

Mexican President Felipe Calderon criticized American immigration policies and specifically the new Arizona law demanding cops actually ENFORCE the federal immigration laws. Maybe Calderon ought to fix his own immigration laws before he criticizes ours. If you enter Mexico illegally, it’s a felony, bringing you two years in prison for the first offense, and TEN years for the second offense, and deportation after serving your sentence is automatic. You aren’t “ordered” out of the country, you’re SENT out of the country while in custody. And he’s criticizing OUR policies? What a jerk! (Fox News)

GOP The Party of "HELL No!"

Obama is still calling the Republicans “the party of no,” as if that were a BAD thing. It’s not. Saying “no” to everything Obama is trying is only common sense, which is something he doesn’t have. We need to say, “HELL no” to everything he does. The Republicans are at least STARTING to “wake up” to the danger this jerk presents and are beginning to fight him—which makes him mad. ANY opposition makes him mad. He’s still trying to demonize Sarah Palin, which just tells me he’s frightened of her. Watch this space because it might not last long as he passes his laws to shut people like me up Hopefully, we can get rid of him before he makes it. But we may not. (Fox News)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Obama Points Us in the Wrong Direction

He says Arizona passed their “irresponsible law” because the feds will not pass an “immigration amnesty law.” What a LOAD that is! They passed it because the feds will not enforce EXISTING immigration laws. How much can he TWIST reality? I think he should be IMPEACHED for refusing to enforce the laws he is SWORN to enforce. But he probably won't be because he controls what happens in Washington much better than Clinton did. He tells the lies and the liberal media swears to it. (Human Events/Mark Krickorian)

Joy Behar Criticizes Newt for "Nazi" Reference

“On Monday’s Joy Behar Show, HLN host Behar devoted a segment to chiding former Republican House Speaker New Gingrich’s over the top declaration in his latest book that the "secular-socialist machine represents as great a threat to America as Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union once did," as she charged that Gingrich "throws the word (Nazi) around like its nothing," and asked, "What is he, losing his marbles?" No, he’s NOT “losing his marbles, Joy. YOU are.” It seems like the liberals like Behar want to stop people from using certain words (the same one they use to describe conservatives). Nazi is not the only one. Islamic terrorist or Muslim extremist are two more. Telling us the “secular-socialist machine” now running this country is “throwing the word “Nazi” around like it is nothing shows just how ignorant she is.

Obama’s every move screams Fascism! But she can’t see it, and neither can the other people who don’t pay attention to politics. Saying it’s as dangerous as the Nazis is a true and accurate description whether or not this liberal ditz knows it. Meanwhile, Behar and many other liberals called Bush and other conservatives "Nazis" on a regular basis. I'd bet she doesn't even remember that. On the same day Behar called the Arizona governor a Nazi. These people are SHAMELESS! The best thing here is nobody's watching this third-rate network. Behar says "Arizonians should let the world know they don't like this law." But they DO, and everybody but most liberals know it. (News Busters)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Master Finger-Pointer

Obama criticized oil company executives who all pointed fingers at each other when Congress yanked them in to answer questions about the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Obama should be able to recognize “finger-pointing” when he sees it because he’s been DOING it ever since he came on the scene (and probably before), blaming the Bush administration and all Republicans for everything that has gone wrong. He will not take responsibility for ANYTHING. I know, I know, he SAYS he does, but he’s never specific about WHAT he takes responsibility FOR. Meanwhile he continues to blame others for everything. I’ve never SEEN a more twisted personality than Obama. And I’ve seen some twisted personalities. (The American Thinker)

Glenn Beck's "Hate Speech"

Obama regards anything that is said that he doesn’t like to be “hate speech” so when Glenn Beck actually READ Arizona’s immigration law ON THE AIR the other day, he was “engaging in hate speech.” Actually READING that law seems to be a crime, since neither Obama, NOR any of his people have read it before they declared it to be unconstitutional. Of course, if they actually READ it, they couldn’t declare it to be unconstitutional and be honest, because it is not. Maybe, like U. S. Congress members, Arizona’s governor didn’t read the law before she signed it. I doubt it. I think she’s much smarter than they are. (Glenn Beck)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Specter Loses

He tried everything to get re-elected, even changing parties—again. It worked the first time he tried it, when he left the Democrats and went to the Republicans. He kept his seat, then. But voters are “wise to him” now and he lost. He might even run again later, or even in this election as an independent. But I doubt he’ll win anything. His time is gone. We now know who he is. Even the Democrats don’t want him in their party. And if you’re too ”dirty” even for the DEMOCRATS, you’d better just go home and drink mint juleps for the rest of your life. You ain’t agonna get back in ANY office. (MSNBC)

Typical Liberal

Ted Turner is one of the most liberal people I know of. Liberals never think things out when they make their ignorant pronouncements. Turner says the oil spill is “God telling us He doesn’t want us to drill offshore.” Liberals hate the very thought of God—until they can use His name to promote their ignorant ideas. I guess Turner can be forgiven, since he had to live with “Hanoi Jane (Fonda)” for so long and listen to HER silly pronouncements. Remember her? She is the movie star who almost single-handedly stopped nuclear power in this country with one movie, posed in a Korean tank (during the Korean war) and gave a note given her by a prisoner-of-war (during one of her visits to POW camps, ALSO during the war) to the Koreans, resulting in punishment for that soldier. Both of them continue to do things to hurt their country. (News Busters)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

School Cancels Trip to Arizona

An Illinois girl’s basketball team qualified to play an Arizona team and ONE person in the school administration made a decision to cancel the trip because she thought the Arizona immigration law was unconstitutional. Forget the fact those students were paying for the trip themselves. And that that law is NOT unconstitutional. As usual, this officious administrator has NOT read the law, and has gone by the lies told in the media by liberals about it. The canceled trip even made Fox News, and many people have offered to pay for the trip themselves. This team won the conference championship for the first time in 25 years and should not be punished by the ignorant decision of one administrator. Frankly, I think the team should go anyway This is still a (semi) free country. What are they going to do, jail them? (CBS2 Chicago)

"A Duty to Die"

A former Colorado governor once said, “elderly people have a duty to die” to make room for younger people coming up (paraphrased). Not true. The elderly have lived long enough to have seen it all before, and can reliably predict its happening again. They are a “valuable resource” younger people don’t seem smart enough to realize exists in this country. Especially our current politicians, who seem to think they are “the smartest people in the world,” and blame others (never themselves) for their shortcomings. “One of the many fashionable notions that have caught on among some of the intelligentsia is that old people have ‘a duty to die,’ rather than become a burden to others. This is more than just an idea discussed around a seminar table. Already the government-run medical system in Britain is restricting what medications or treatments it will authorize for the elderly. Moreover, it seems almost certain that similar attempts to contain runaway costs will lead to similar policies when American medical care is taken over by the government.” And if you don’t think that will happen here, you aren’t very smart, yourself. People in government think they are “the smartest people in the world.” If older people ARE “a burden” to their programs, they aren’t above denying them medicine they need to stay alive, which condemns them to death. (Thomas Sowell/Atlasphere)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Using the Oil Spill

Obama and the other radical socialist liberals now in office hate the idea of us actually drilling for the oil WE own, in areas where we run things. The liberal media is all over this oil spill thing, pushing for us to stop ALL oil drilling in areas we control. They don’t bother to think about how much it’s costing us to be dependent on oil coming from people who hate our guts, never mind that oil is at the bottom of ALL our prosperity. Oil spills happen. That’s life. Oil leaks out into the ocean all the time whether we drill or not. We just have to deal with it. We don’t want to “throw the baby out with the bath water” and ban ALL offshore oil drilling. That’s patent STUPIDITY. But nobody (with any intelligence at all) has ever accused the liberals of not being stupid. (Media Research Center)

Typical Doonesbury

He’s still harping on the “Tea Parties” thing. This time he’s intimating they know nothing of history while the left does. Completely opposite from reality. Of course, reality is something far away from Doonesbury. He can’t take reality, which is one reason he lies all the time. The liberals can always rely on him to lie for them. (Doonesbury)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Robin Hood's "Bad Rap"

Robin Hood has always been painted as “robbing the rich to give to the poor” but that is wrong. He robbed the GOVERNMENT rich, who GOT rich by plundering the poor, and gave it BACK to the poor. They never talk about that part of it. They want to make being RICH a crime. Forget that the “rich” in the piece were the king and his local sheriff, who got rich by being the GOVERNMENT, and by TAXING the people unmercifully. The idea that Robin Hood and Che Guevera have something in common is absurd! Guevara is the EQUIVILANT of the king and his sheriff! He never tried to do ANYTHING for the “peasants.” He was the “pillager” in Cuba. The equivalent of the king in this country now is Obama, who is quickly robbing this country of all its money and all the power to control “the peasants” there is. We need to start realizing this and GET RID OF HIM! (Media Research Center)

"You've Made Enough Money"

Obama says, “at a certain point, you’ve made enough money.” Which begs the question: “Who gets to decide how much money that is? Who gets to SET that point?” I don’t think a man who only MADE a lot of money by looting Americans should GET to decide how much is too much. Maybe we ought to ask him if HE has "made enough money." Obama likes to take in just a little too much territory. Territory a president shouldn’t be able to run. If I’m able to EARN BILLIONS of dollars, it’s nobody’s business but mine. Gawd, this man is STUPID! (Real Clear Politics)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just Ban It!

People are talking about banning gambling. They bring up many good-sounding statistics to support it, such as “crime increased 400% in one area that allowed gambling. Forgetting that gambling brought a lot more people to an area where previously very few people lived. They falsely attributed the rise in crime to gambling, not the influx of people. But you can’t “just ban” things that are bad for people. People need to be able to make their own decisions about things. They’re adults and nobody has the right to ban ANYTHING for an adult. Banning things just drives it underground and creates a lot of new criminals where they aren’t needed. It also creates another big bureaucracy where THAT is not needed. But that’s what liberals are after. As much CONTROL over as many things as possible. Control is the thing that liberals “get off on.” (John Stossel/Town Hall)

Typical Twisting of the Facts

This Doonesbury strip is a graphic example of how liberals twist the facts to suit themselves. Doonesbury once said, ”I’m a cartoonist. I don’t have to tell the truth.” And he certainly is not telling the truth here. He makes it sound like nasty politics BEGAN with Newt Gingrich. The truth is, it has existed ALWAYS. And Democrats are the ones who wrote the “manifesto” on dirty politics. Words like sick, disgrace, corrupt, cheat, decay, pathetic, radical, traitor, greed, and anti-family actually DESCRIBE the Democrats and their policies. And Newt Gingrich didn’t invent them. But Doonesbury wants us to think otherwise, so he lies again in this strip. (Doonesbury)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Offended" By Christian Symbols

Many atheists want to get rid of EVERY vestige of religion in this country. They want to ELIMINATE Christmas displays of the Virgin Mary and Jesus on government property at Christmas time. They think the Constitution bans religion from anything government. It doesn’t. What it DOES do is keep the GOVERNMENT from dictating religion FOR you. That’s ALL it does. I’m not an atheist. I DO believe in a superior being, an intelligence that orders this universe, and which CREATED it in all its complicated glory. I'd be a FOOL to think otherwise. But my idea of what form this intelligence takes might be a bit different from that of adherents to various religions. But I don’t get “offended” when I see a symbol of somebody’s religion. It’s not my place to BE offended by such. The story linked below is about Christian symbols being banned from a CHRISTIAN church for fear of “offending” somebody. Last I heard there is no constitutional protection against being “offended.” I offend liberals every day. It’s what I DO. If it were illegal, I’d be in “deep doo-doo.” Nasty break. (Moonbattery)

Typical Liberal Slur

Sarah Palin scares the hell out of liberals, so they pile slur upon slur on her, hoping, by simple repetition, to discredit her. The only problem is, they have discredited themselves. Liberal Salon editor Joan Walsh, who herself called opposition to Obama’s policies “un-American,” chided Sarah for her criticisms, calling HER “un-American.” These people have no memories, or think WE don’t. they can’t remember the lies they told in the past, so they criticize other people for the same things they said in the past, when those things, when applied to Obama are NOT lies. Wait until Sarah is president. They’ll be hysterical. (Media Research Center)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

SWAT Against "Tea Party Terrorism"

Obama called out SWAT to “keep order” when the Tea Party came to town. They didn’t find any violence, but they created some when they started pushing around the peaceful Americans who were only there to have what they wanted to say heard. Not that anybody was listening. Obama and his accomplices aren’t interested in what the American people have to say. They’re only interested in shutting them up. If they can’t do it with union thugs they’ll do it with SWAT thugs (jack-booted thugs) who are used to people doing what they say or they get beaten up and taken to jail. Watch what’s happening here, folks. It’s only going to get worse, the longer Obama is in charge. Soon we’re going to be a dictatorship with Obama in charge. (Breitbart’s Big Government)

Liberals Terrified of "Tea Parties"

Which is why they want to “dismantle them.” If they were not effective, they’d just ignore them and go on their way like they do when they’re opposed by an organization that means nothing to them. But the “Tea Parties” terrify them, so they’re doing everything they can to do away with them so they won’t remove their politicians (and thus their bureaucrats) from power in the next (2010) election. But it’s not going to work. We’re “wise to them” and can tell people what they’ll try, almost before they even try it. The Internet allows people to keep a lot better informed than they have ever been when the three major networks had a monopoly on what gets in the news. (Fox News)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Stupid Liberals

“Isn’t that a little harsh?” some people would ask. Not at all. Liberal school authorities sent five boys home for “offending” Mexican (illegal alien) students by having the temerity to wear shirts emblazoned with (gasp!) AMERICAN flags (in AMERICA!) and refusing to turn them inside out on demand. Liberals are the ones who want to ELIMINATE keeping score from sports games so the losers will not “feel bad.” That this would prevent the kids from being prepared for LIFE doesn’t seem to occur to them. Liberals think the way to self defense is to DISARM yourself in the face of danger to “prove to the bad guys you aren’t a threat.” They’re the ones who want to teach kids half the time in Spanish to “cater” to illegal aliens and even LEGAL aliens who refuse to assimilate. Liberals think WE started the WAR we’re now fighting (which they won’t even call a war or name our enemy) with Islamic terrorists by our actions against THEM. They forget entirely that Islamic extremists have been wantonly attacking us for centuries. I could write an entire BOOK just LISTING the ways liberals are stupid, but I won’t. I think I’ve made my point. (Just common sense)

Global Warming?

I don’t think so. The ice in the Arctic is at a ten-year high. Yet AlGore’s dupes (including Barack Obama) are still lying to us, telling us the ice floes are melting. Global warming (now renamed “climate change” so they can now claim that ANY drastic change in the climate is man-made). is a con; one of the biggest cons going, and it has made AlGore a billionaire. Obama has ”bought it” because it can mean a lot more money for him to control, along with being able to get rid of more people’s rights, “to fight climate change, ya know. It’s the second-most lucrative swindle going, right behind Obama’s health care swindle.” (World Net Daily)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Another Rat Flees Sinking Ship

Rep. David Obey, powerful Democrat and chairman of the House appropriations Committee, intends to retire at the end of this term. Apparently he doesn’t want to “go away a loser” as he will if he tries to get re-elected after Obama destroyed his chances of being elected even dog catcher in 2010. He knows if he loses an election his job chances later are slim. But if he “retires” while still in office he can get a better-paying job—and he knows he has little or no chance of getting re-elected. So like many Democrats, he is “retiring” before we can “fire” him. (News Max)

"Romney/Palin in 2012?

I think not. It’s time the Republicans recognized the treasure they’ve got in Sarah Palin instead of fearing that she will stop them from running for president. It's time they quit running all the "old guard" who cannot win, just because it's "his turn." The Democrats have told us in no uncertain terms who THEY think has the best chance of unseating that free-spending con man now holding down that seat by insulting her and claiming she is a “know-nothing” backwoods politician. To have her running on the ticket as “second banana” again is useless. Nobody wants Romney. They want SARAH. If Romney’s even on the ticket it should be in “second place,” with Sarah being able to say what SHE wants to say, not what Romney or any other hack politician wants her to say. She has EARNED the right to run for president in her own right. Romney is responsible for the government-run insurance in Massachusetts. that alone should eliminate him from presidential consideration. (World Net Daily)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Make It Retroactive

Obama wants to pass a law lifting the $75 million (Billion? I can't keep track these days) “cap” on how much you can get by suing British Petroleum for damages suffered as a result of their oil leakage into the Gulf of Mexico and making it “RETROACTIVE” to BEFORE the oil spill. Never mind the Constitution PROHIBITS retroactive laws. Obama doesn’t care about that. This government has been making retroactive laws for a long time and NOBODY has done anything about it. He has the armed might to make it stick, so long as nobody with the power to oppose him does anything about his excesses. So he does what he wants, just like any other dictator. (Business Week)

The "Only Non-Partisan Network"

That’s what CNN claims to be, ignoring completely their OBVIOUS bias to the left, while Fox News tells BOTH SIDES. Fox probably has more liberal staffers than any other network out there. What CNN objects to is the fact that they have just as many who AREN’T liberal, and who do a good job of presenting the TRUTH to their viewers, which number a lot MORE than those watching CNN because people are tired of watching and listening to that liberal drivel. This is an OUTRAGEOUS CLAIM and easily disproved. Do they really expect people to believe their obvious lies? Yes, Fox is not "unbiased" in their clearly labeled commentary. They're "biased" in favor of the TRUTH. CNN has no such bias. They're biased in favor of liberal lies. (News Busters)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Destroying Their Ability

The United States government destroyed their ability to control our borders when they conspired with a Mexican drug smuggler to put two Border Patrol agents in PRISON for doing their jobs. George Bush conspired with them by refusing to give these men a full pardon. They SAY they’ve DOUBLED the size of the Border Patrol since then, but I don’t know how. I hear it has been almost impossible to GIVE AWAY those jobs after the treatment they gave these two men for doing their jobs. I would certainly not take a job doing a job for which I could wind up in prison for doing. (Just common sense)

Media Twisting Tea Parties

As I’m sure what media there was in British America when the original Tea Party was held over a three cent tax on tea. They say Tea Partiers are holding up “offensive signs” and making offensive statements. What they don’t tell you is that those “offensive signs” contain the word “love” and a big heart. When pressed, they cannot give you a better example of an “offensive sign” that was actually AT a Tea Party event. This is common. Liberals cite “offensive” things that do not exist, while DEFINING things as “offensive. They would probably define this item as “offensive,” since it tells the truth about them. (News Busters)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

"I Don't Have To Tell The Truth"

That’s what Doonesbury once said when somebody questioned the veracity of one of his politically-based cartoons. He’s held to that ever since, and he never misses an excuse to show what a FOOL he is. In this strip he makes believe Sarah Palin “blabbers on,” making no sense at all, ignoring the fact that it is HIM making no sense. He intimates she is a “know-nothing,”: while he, himself, knows LESS than nothing. Like most liberals, he is TERRIFIED that Sarah will “eat his lunch” in the 2012 elections. I agree with him. She will if she runs as an unashamed conservative and continues making SENSE, as Reagan did, TWICE. He even figured out a way to make a pretty woman ugly and confused. (Doonesbury)

Tea Partiers Richer

So what? Tea Party people are made up mostly of people who EARN their way and don’t ask (demand) others pay their way while they “laze around” and smoke dope (not ALL of them, but many of them). They’re GOING to be “richer” than most who do not. They're usually better educated, too. This is not something to be ashamed of. The only people who think it is, are those who want others to support them. Gimme a break! (Fox News)