Thursday, May 31, 2012

MSNBC Says "Don't Call them Heroes"

MSNBC's Chris Hayes says, “I feel uncomfortable about the word ‘hero’ because it seems to me that it is so rhetorically proximate to justifications for more war [Huh? -RT]. Um, and, I don’t want to obviously desecrate or disrespect memory of anyone that’s fallen, and obviously there are individual circumstances in which there is genuine, tremendous heroism, you know, hail of gunfire, rescuing fellow soldiers, and things like that. But it seems to me that we marshal this word in a way that is problematic. But maybe I’m wrong about that…” You ARE wrong about that, Chris; as are ALL liberals who think these wars are not “justified.” They ARE justified by the THOUSANDS of innocent people that have been MURDERED by Islamic terrorists, using Iraq and Afghanistan, and now Pakistan as “safe harbors.” These wars are to REMOVE those “safe harbors, and those who fight to accomplish that ARE “heroes.” The likes of you couldn’t hold their coats while they fight to keep us free. You don’t know what it’s like to BE a “hero,” yet you pretend to have the right to deny them the description. (The Blaze)

What Was Done to Palin is Not Criminal

That’s what Rush Limbaugh says. I disagree. There’s a certain amount of “knocking down” you can expect in any political campaign; but what was done to Sarah Palin far surpassed that, and still does, long after she was no longer a candidate. They “poo-poo” all efforts to talk about Obama’s past, but they go way back to Romney's prep school days to “get something” on him. But if that’s the best they can come upwith, they’re in big trouble. They “parachuted” people into Alaska during the 2008 presidential election to dig up dirt on her but they still couldn’t find anything of substance to hit her with. Now the very Republican “handlers” who prevented her from saying anything substantive during the campaign after hearing her stirring speech at the convention are claiming she is the reason they lost. What FOOLS they are! She “took herself out of it” because she was tired of the “politics of personal destruction” war the Democrats were waging against her, and I don’t blame her. I’d be tired, too. I’d like to see her back in it, and I think there is a small possibility she may, if the Republican Convention is a “brokered” one that doesn’t nominate Romney on the first ballot. I pray that happens because I think she is our best hope to defeat Obama—even though I still believe Bugs Bunny could beat him. Romney is “okay,” but I would still rather see a conservative “fighter” like her in that position. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Big Brother" is Watching

“Big Brother" is now Obama, and he hopes it will continue to be as long as he lives. He has now put out a list of “key words” to identify his enemies. Words such as “pork,” “al-Qaida,” “attack,” “dirty bomb,” and otherwise innocent words such as “cloud, “team,” and even “Mexico!” The list was released under a “Freedom of InformationAct” demand and I’m sure it will be added to as time goes on. I’m sure this post will get their attention and maybe even get me a visit from Obama’s thugs. But if he thinks he can stop me from telling the truth about him and his criminal regime, he needs to think again. Only death or prison will stop me. (Washington Times)

Why Does Anybody Care?

So a “scantily clad woman” dances at a Muslim wedding and other Muslims go bananas. Who cares? Why would anybody but a Muslim care about what “offends” Muslims? They’re always trying to force us to observe THEIR prohibitions, but we don’t necessarily ACCEPT their prohibitions. I, for one, could not care less about what “offends” Muslims, just as they don’t “give a flip” about what offends US. It might be a death sentence for  a Muslim to “give up the faith” and join another religion—or for a woman born Muslim to marry somebody of another religion—or even have SEX with such a person, OR even with another Muslim, not her husband, but I don’t care. I have never thought infidelity warranted murder, but what’s wrong is wrong, not under religion, but under common sense. There are many sexual practices that are LEGAL under Islam that are against the LAW under other religions and governments. But we don’t “go after” Muslims for them. All we ask is for Muslims to leave us alone and we’ll leave them alone to murder their daughters or other women for infidelity (as long as they're not in our country where OUR laws prevail) while men daily make “temporary marriages” with whores to make screwing them legal under their laws. (YouTube)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

They Just Don't Get It!

Liberals (socialists) operate on a wrong basic premise: that you go into business to create jobs. Nothing could be further from the truth, which is why everything they try FAILS. If you want evidence of the failure of the liberal premise, just look at the myriad local and federal governments that are failing today, and you’ll find liberals (socialists) running things. You go in business to make PROFIT! If you DO make profits, soon you are hiring more and more people to help you run your business. Job-creation is a BY-PRODUCT of making a profit. Even Obama, who HATES profits, pumped TRILLIONS of our dollars into many companies, including General Motors, in order to “turn it around.” But what does “turning it around” mean? Becoming PROFITABLE! Becoming profitable CREATES JOBS! Liberals don’t understand this simple concept. Until they do (which will never happen), they’ll never succeed at making things better, anywhere. (Just common sense)

They Just Don't Get It!

Liberals (socialists) operate on a wrong basic premise: that you go into business to create jobs. Nothing could be further from the truth, which is why everything they try FAILS. If you want evidence of the failure of the liberal premise, just look at the myriad local and federal governments that are failing today, and you’ll find liberals running things. You go in business to make PROFIT! If you DO make profits, soon you are hiring more and more people to help you run your business. Job-creation is a BY-PRODUCT of making a profit. Even Obama, who HATES profits, pumped TRILLIONS of our dollars into many companies, including General Motors, in order to “turn it around.” But what does “turning it around” mean? Becoming PROFITABLE! Becoming profitable CREATES JOBS! Liberals don’t understand this simple concept. Until they do (which will never happen), they’ll never succeed at making things better, anywhere. (Just common sense)

We're Not the Extremists

Obama and his crowd call conservatives extremists, but if you look at the facts, it is OBAMA and his crowd that are the extremists. “Some conservatives believe that other conservatives, on talk radio and Fox News Channel, are damaging the cause of conservatism by dishonestly overstating their case against President Obama to increase their ratings and profits. More reasonable Republican politicians, they argue, would like to cooperate with Obama on bipartisan solutions but don't have the power to resist these extremists with the megaphones and so have buckled in lock step to their demands and become the party of 'no' and the purveyors of gridlock.” The only problem is if we “compromise” with the likes of Obama and his crowd, we are LOST. This will become a socialist country if we allow him to be president for four more years. To him, “compromise" means compromising your own convictions and agreeing with HIM. That will never happen with me because I have deeply held convictions that are OPPOSITE to his socialist/communist dreams. (David Limbaugh/Human Events)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Communist Van Jones Slams Tea Party

Does he really think ANYBODY believes his crap? He is a self-described communist and he lies a lot, just like Obama does. So if he’s “slamming” ANYBODY you know they’re okay. He says they “smash every American institution” while it is Jones and people like him who ARE. He’s like most liberals (wannabe communists) who CLAIM the Tea Parties are “going against America” but can’t prove it, so they just shout it ever louder, hoping people will believe them. But only those who know NOTHING believe them. People who “pay attention” know who they are, and how much they LIE to get their way. (The Blaze)

False Racism As Political tool

Liberals are using false racism as a political tool. Ever since Obama started calling people “racist” whenever they disagree with him in any way, the entire Democrat Party and all other liberals have “jumped right on the bandwagon,” calling everybody who disagreed with them, in any way, sometimes just saying words they have “decreed” as bad, a racist. Now we find George Soros, the man behind most of the despicable things Obama and those who “run” with him, actually funding a “race-baiter” organization when they go to Washington to “teach” politicians and bureaucrats how to best accuse people of racism and use that as a political tool. (Washington Times)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

PROFIT is the Reason!

Obama and his thugs hate profit, which proves conclusively their incompetence to even BE in office. Profit and the profit motive is what has made this country great; what has made this country the destination of choice” for people from all over the world who want to better themselves. Even so, Obama put BILLIONS of dollars of OUR money into General Motors, trying to make it PROFITABLE. He can deny it all he wants, but it is true. Becoming profitable is the ONLY object and is what makes the difference between success and failure. But he wants to PUNISH those who DO make a profit while working to make a profit, himself. To what do we attribute his newfound wealth? PROFITS from the sales of his “fantasy tales.” Later on, he became richer from being able to dole out BILLIONS in our money to his friends and donors. Communist China decries profit, and only grudgingly allows SOME of its people to earn some profit while making lots of profits themselves in their dealings with other countries. Private business is NOT there to provide JOBS for ANYBODY. Jobs are only a “by-product” of their search for profit. But Obama and his thugs don’t realize that, which makes them completely incompetent. Such incompetence reigns supreme in countries all over the world, as witness the financial disasters in countries all over the world. (Teen Vestor)

Maybe HE Needs to "Grow Up"

Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen told a newsman to “F-cking grow up” when he asked him about his earlier statement (since apologized for) praising mass killer communist dictator Fidel Castro. Seems to me that Ozzie needs to “grow up,” not that reporter. Ozzie hasn’t been a conscious member of society long enough to be able to intelligently praise a murdering communist dictator. But he thinks he is, and that the reporter questioning him is not. He’s a FOOL and doesn’t even know it. (The Blaze)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sen. ("Leaky") Leahy Threatend Supremes

If they don’t “approve” Obama’s health care swindle law, there “will be consequences.” What that means by that, I don’t know. But it is an overt attempt to “browbeat” the Supreme Court in ADVANCE of an important decision. If that ISN’T against the law, it SHOULD be. Leahy said the Court should not “go against the will of the people.” Only problem, the “will of the people” is to GET RID OF Obama’s health care swindle law. Leahy says the court should “respect” all the work the congress put into the bill. Only problem here is the Supreme Court is a “co-equal branch” of government whose ONE JOB is to rule in the CONSTITUTIONALITY of ANY law. If this one is UNCONSTITUTIONAL (and it is) it should be “struck down. No matter what Leahy says. And Leahy should be punished for threatening the Court. (The Independent Sentinel)

Sharpton Is A FOOL

He says the Republicans “declared war on black people.” He couldn’t be more wrong and he knows it. He’s merely posturing to benefit his “charities.” He KNOWS the GOP was RESPONSIBLE for the law that allows him to speak his mind without being lynched. He KNOWS the GOP is the best friend black people ever had, but it is to his personal, as well as political and financial advantage to try and make the GOP look bad. He KNOWS the DEMOCRATS were the “black oppressors” Martin Luther King was demonstrating against—not the Republicans. It is his BUSINESS to make “race trouble.” He makes a lot of money out of being a “race-baiter.”  Of course, he will call ME a "racist" for pointing this out. (Breitbart TV)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"It Must Be Racism!"

That’s what the Washington Post, Obama’s main personal newsletter after the New York Times, says about the two states where the DEMOCRATS went for somebody else BUT Obama by 40%, one state even WITHOUT an opposing candidate in the DEMOCRAT Primary. Never mind Obama spent more in his first three years than there IS. Never mind that unemployment figures continue to be dismal; that your money is fast losing its value by the amount of “money-printing” his “Fed” is doing. Never mind he has put BILLIONS into losing “green energy” propositions where the principals “take the money and run” so they can donate to his next campaign again. There’s “no other reason” they can see but racism. Talk about “journalistic misconduct!” I know we have freedom of the press, but there ought to be penalties for obvious LYING by the press. Only problem is, who gets to DECIDE  if it is a lie or not? Common sense, I guess. (Washington Post)

It's All About A "Free Ride"

 People engaged in today’s debate over this and that try to complicate things so only THEY will fully understand things. But it is actually very simple. Some people want to get a “free ride.” Others don’t, and don’t want to finance that “free ride” for the other side. In Ayn Rand's prophetic “Atlas Shrugged,” one of the hallmarks about which she wrote is this” “The intelligent man knows he cannot CONSUME in his lifetime more than he PRODUCES.” It’s quick, and simple. And incomprehensible to those who want a “free ride.” Which includes ALL liberals. They deny it vehemently. They couch it in many ways, but it still all boils down to a “free ride” at the expense of others. Meanwhile they try and kill those who are financing their free ride. I have to laugh at the stupidity of people who oppose the opening of ANY Wal-Mart store because it is companies like Wal-Mart who FINANCE their “free ride.” Whenever Wal-Mart opens a store they create hundreds of well-paying jobs, whose work FINANCES the “free rides” for others.. People line up for blocks to be considered for one of those jobs. Wal-Mart’s prices cannot be beat by anybody who does not operate the same way they do.

Yes, they import many things from communist China because they cannot AFFORD to pay the prices required by companies that make similar items in the United States, then sell it for a price people will pay. And why is that? Because  employees keep demanding higher and higher wages to produce those products. And why is that? Because the government keeps printing money, making every dollar in their pocket worth less. The government keeps raising taxes higher and higher while placing taxes on more and more things, taxing them many times on the same money. This forces them to demand higher wages, which causes their companies to charge higher prices, etc., etc. Liberals set out to “kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.” They think they’re doing something good when they condemn “big corporations” for their miseries—when it is the GOVERNMENT which creates all the problems they face. They blame the “big corporations” for their woes, but they can’t explain why, except to say they “feel” the big corporations are screwing them. They “feel.” That’s it. But “feelings” are not facts for anybody except liberals. They think, way down deep, that they’re OWED a living, and others should pay for it. That translates into a “free ride.” If you look closely at ALL their “demands,” you’ll SEE the “free ride” they’re demanding. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Obama Is A Fool

Just for running an ad spreading the lie that Romney “wants women to go back to the fifties.” They’re still pushing the discredited “war against women” crap. He doesn’t offer any proof (he doesn't have any), just his saying so. This is the kind of “cheap shot” advertising Obama’s people are running and Obama is approving. Not only that, I saw an ad that consisted of a series of bar graphs that seemed to go “below the line” that was supposedly Bush’s time in office, then moved ABOVE the line, supposedly when Obama took office. I still don’t know what it was all about, because there was no “voice over” and the writing was too small for me to see. Again, not too smart. (The Blaze)

Another Breitbart Death Witness Vanishes

The man who saw Breitbart fall when he died has now turned up missing. I predict he will turn up dead one day, sooner or later, depending on how well his body is hidden or how much he saw. A member of the coroner’s team who may have worked on Breitbart’s body died under mysterious circumstances (they have rushed to assure us he didn't) and now this. Breitbart was ready to release information that was going to be very damaging to Obama as he has done several times in the past—and he’s dead. They SAY it was a heart attack, but this government has access to chemicals that can mimic heart attacks and be virtually undetectable in the body. I have a long list of people who died under mysterious circumstances just before releasing information about Clinton, too. Never say these fools aren’t capable of murder. It doesn’t even need an “order” from them with the zealots they have surrounding them. All they have to say is something like, “Will somebody rid me of this idiot?” And somebody will. I don’t think I’m in any danger because I’m not the only person with this information. (Wonkette)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lockerbie Bomber Dies

The man who was convicted in the bombing of the airplane that fell in Lockerbie, Scotland, killing 270 people, most of them Americans, and subsequently released to Libya because he was SUPPOSED to have been dying soon of Cancer, but who was still alive years after he received a “hero’s welcome” in Libya upon arrival, has FINALLY died. Good riddance to bad rubbish. I wonder how many MORE people died because of his machinations in the time between the time Khaddafy conned Scotland into releasing this former intelligence officer and his death. One can only hope this evil bast-rd was in terrible pain for a long time before he mercifully (to us) died. His family maintains his innocence, but he was the ONLY one CONVICTED in this atrocity. The world is well rid of his kind. Libya’s current government SAYS it wants to help find and apprehend anybody else connected to the atrocity, but I don’t expect anything to come of it. Megrahi is dead, and nobody’s going to ever again be associated with his main life’s atrocity. Bet on it. (Reuters)

Piven: "Default on School Debt"

Professor Frances Fox Piven thinks students ought to default on their school debt and ILLEGALLY occupy foreclosed homes. This is how STUPID she is; and she’s TEACHING our impressionable children this crap. She doesn’t even realize that if they do, and it builds up over time, her university won’t be able to pay her handsome salary and she’ll get fired. Yes, I’m sure she has “tenure.” But that doesn’t count if the university runs out of money and can’t print it like the government does. Where do we GET such ignorant people to teach their crap to our kids? And why can’t we get rid of people like her? Piven is an excellent example of a "looter" who makes "moochers" possible. (The Blaze)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Is Elizabeth Warren "Indian?"

Is Elizabeth Warren really part Indian (You liberal jerks don’t even THINK about giving me grief over using the word “Indian.” I don’t subscribe to your “politically correct speech” attempt to dictate the very words I use.)? Maybe she is, maybe she isn’t. Just as Obama is or isn't a citizen. (Maybe we need to come up with a derisive name to call those who think she's lying) I claim to be part Indian way back there, too. Not for any benefit, but because my family tells me so. I doubt I could prove it, either. They weren’t too great at record-keeping back then. The important thing is, is she a good possibility to take what used to be the Teddy Kennedy Senate seat (I don't think so) before he died. But that’s beside the point—if that’s the worst thing they can come up with, they’re in big trouble. (The Blaze)

Is Hickenlooper Gay?

 Personally, I couldn't care less if he is. It changes my life not a bit. But why would he have tears in his eyes as he “orders” Colorado lawmakers into a “special session” that costs taxpayers $25,000.00 a DAY to vote AGAIN on a measure they had previously voted down instead of concentrating on something important like the economy? Colorado is doing better than most states on the economy. But it won’t be for long if “Hick” keeps on “throwing good money after bad” to pass an unimportant (to the world) law as the one about gay marriage. Yes, that law IS important to gays, but to nobody else. The economy IS important to EVERYBODY. Why does he not concentrate on trying to help the economy instead of spending unnecessary money pushing a divisive social issue that has already been voted down? Apparently, this is just the kind of thing Democrats DO. Let’s get RID of them! (The Denver Post)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

In Boxes, Not Plastic Bags

The law under which the feds raided Gibson Guitar TWICE over the origin of the wood they used for their frets is being changed. The same law allows the feds to arrest lobster restaurant owners for getting  their lobsters in boxes rather than plastic bags and other stupidities. People with INTELLIGENCE would not enforce such a law in the first place unless they WANTED to destroy businesses. Competent people would KNOW this law was silly and a gross interference in private business. Some people criticize me for saying Obama wants to destroy private business. Okay, let me ask this: if you wanted to destroy private business, what would you do? The answer? Exactly what Obama is doing every day. Damn were we (not me) stupid to elect this “disaster area” as president! We need to get RID of him as soon as possible. Sooner if we can. (Audrey Hudson/Human Events)

Empty Seats Tell the Tale

Obama “announced” his campaign for re-election Which everybody knew) to an audience with thousands of empty seats, with only about 10,000 (about half of available seats (mostly his staff) filled, and that tells me a lot about his chances in this election. He keeps “a stiff upper lip,” telling us he is a “shoo-in” for re-election, but that’s just another of his lies. Obama has screwed up enough that even many of his former backers have shown their disdain for him. He has spent more of OUR money than there IS, on things that are insane. He has funneled trillions of our dollars into the pockets of his friends and political campaign donors in various guises like “bail-outs” and “investments” in “green energy” where the principles “took the money and ran,” declaring bankruptcy soon after they started the company. When he was elected, he could draw 35,000 or more. Now he’s lucky if he draws more than 10,000, and most of them are his die-hard supporters and staff. (Rush Limbaugh)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Liberals Ruin Everything They Touch

Lots of people think Romney is going to have a tough time beating Obama. I disagree. I don’t much like Romney, but ANYBODY is better than Obama. I think Bugs Bunny could beat Obama with his record. Obama is a consummate liberal. One of the strongest liberals seen in this century. So that means he is as INCOMPETENT as they come and shouldn’t be anywhere NEAR the White House and its authority. Liberals have been “in charge” for most of the last fifty years, and the problems we have encountered prove their incompetence. Liberals think socialism is the system we should use. That, alone, shows their incompetence. Socialism FEEDS on the labor of the “producers.” It produces NO new wealth, but DEPENDS on the productiveness of others to EARN the money they TAKE (steal) so they can “redistribute” YOUR wealth to those who produce NOTHING. (Christopher Chantrill/American Thinker)

Moochers Win in France

The moochers and the looters didn’t like it when President Sarkozy instituted “austerity measures” (meaning, stopping many of the “give-away” programs they had come to think of as their right) so they voted him out and put a known socialist in his place. So now I guess France will continue to move toward financial bankruptcy, as we are in America with OUR socialist president running things. Damn; when are people going to learn that collectivism (under whatever name) does NOT work? The amounts of money socialism costs them are something they can’t even conceive, so I guess those avaricious politicians will keep on promising more than they can ever deliver while taking more from us than they give. (Rush Limbaugh)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Romney Didn't Do It

“RUSH: Mitt Romney was not at Chappaquiddick.  Mitt Romney has not been accused of rape.  Mitt Romney did not have an affair with a mob babe.  He didn't have an affair with an actress who committed suicide later on.  Mitt Romney did not father a child out of wedlock.  Mitt Romney did not support the tapping of Martin Luther King's phone.  Mitt Romney was never a member of the Ku Klux Klan.” And he didn’t LIE about his law school grades. There are many things Mitt Romney didn’t do that Democrats have done. Also, he didn’t “swim away” and leave his pregnant girlfriend to die in his submerged car while he went home, took a shower, and went to bed, as Teddy Kennedy did. I remember a “died-in-the-wool Democrat” at the time exulting that killing her only cost him ONE POINT in the polls. I wanted to put my fist in his face. I think that might have even been the beginning of my switch from a Goldwater Democrat away from the Democrat Party. Democrats have done a “bang-up job” of minimizing the indiscretions of their members so they can “stay in the race” in politics. For my part, they don’t deserve to even be IN  the race. And they had to go clear back to his "prep school" days to find ANYTHING on him and THAT was weak. Not only that, there are no witnesses to say this "bullying incident"actually happened. Not even people who were supposedly there (Rush Limbaugh)

Easier Than They Think

Why do people who should know better think it will be so hard to unseat Obama? Probably because Obama has people who pay no attention to politics “brainwashed” into believing it. To ignore his FIVE TRILLION dollar debt that their great grandchildren will have to repay. To ignore the fact he has spent more money than there IS, and is gaily printing more and more money every day (thus diluting YOUR money) so he can continue to spend your money. To ignore the fact that he is moving us ever more close to socialism so he can make this country into “The Union of American SOCIALIST Republics.” To forget that he has made more REGULATIONS, appointed more CZARS than anyone else, EVER. That he is acting like a DICTATOR instead of a president. If Americans wake up, he will be put on the “dump heap” where he belongs, in a landslide so big his people won’t be able to steal the election as he did before. (Evolved Ministry)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Writer Fired for Telling the Truth

 heard about a blogger for “Chronicle of Higher Learning” firing a blogger for a post about the validity of black studies. I “Googled” “fired for telling truth” and got 10 MILLION, 200,000 results in 16 HUNDREDTHS a second. That tells me something about our society today beyond ONE person being fired for telling the truth. There’s a lot more of that going on than I ever thought possible, right under my nose because nobody seems to do or say anything about it beyond “local reporting” on each situation, if it DOES get reported at all. Anyway, this story is about Naomi Schaefer Riley, who was fired one day after her article for what the “Chronicle” says was “a violation of policy” which, it turns out was never a policy until this moment. I’m glad I’m not subject to such “overview” because I wouldn’t last a week with liberals “approving” what I write. (Mr. Media)

Incompetence In Government

You might not believe me when I say that, but you have only to LOOK at the mess our politicians have made of things to see it’s true. Especially where LIBERALS are running things. They use the discredited economical theories (Keynesian economics), and are thus “running us into the ground” financially. They think COLLECTIVISM (socialism, communism, Naziism, progressivism) is the way to govern and work hard to move us in that direction. They constantly talk about “sharing” and “fair share” or other people’s money. They think even those who DON’T work should “share” the money those who DO earn make. They con us into thinking their theories are right, and make excuses (like “the wrong people were running things”) when things go wrong and they fail. They think only that those running things “didn’t go far enough” in their socialist leanings, which is why things went wrong. WRONG! Their very THEORIES are wrong, and they’re too incompetent to realize it. They’re “running us into the ground” while thinking they’re doing great. (Town Hall)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Romney A Bully?

The story that Romney and his “posse”  bullied a fellow student in his “prep school” because they THOUGHT he was gay surfaced Thursday. By Friday it was found to be false. The Washington times printed (in its web site, where the story appeared) on Friday. The day stories go to die. Was it planned that way? So the story, even is proven untrue, would not be properly reversed? They make a big thing out of his statement that he “didn’t recall the incident,” ASSUMING it was true and he was so far "above" such things he can’t even remember it. But has anybody thought about the idea it might have NEVER HAPPENED? In any case, if that’s all they can come up with in all their “negative research,” we’re in good shape. They PARACHUTED people into Alaska to find “dirt” on Sarah Palin but STILL can’t find any on Obama (they're not looking), even when we give it to them on a “silver platter.” (ABC News)

No Red or Blue States

"Just United states!" That’s what Obama said at the DNC convention, and his re-election campaign is saying it again. But he’s WRONG! There ARE states with a majority of voters favoring the Republicans and states where they favor Democrats. That’s a FACT. A fact he can’t deny. He wishes there were more blue states. It would make it easier to get re-elected in spite of his screwups. Screwups HE thinks of as accomplishments, but which real Americans do not. It amazes me that there are still so many people who think he will be so tough to beat in 2012 after he spent more money than there IS while moving us ever closer to SOCIALISM. The FREE MARKET is why we lead the world and are the “destination of choice” for people who want to better themselves. Not socialism. Wherever it is practiced, it eventually fails as it did in Russia and IS failing in Cuba. If all Americans just REALIZED the damage he has done, there would be no question that he’d be “thrown out on his ear” in the 2012 election. (Weasel Zippers)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

They're All Named Shabazz

The New Black Panther leader, Malik Zulu Shabazz says: “Whites Will Be ‘Very, Very, Very Angry’ in November and Will Cling to ‘Their God and Their Guns’ — ‘We Might Have to Too’' So, Liberals can make threats and be racist- Conservatives can't and aren't. But then, that’s how they operate: reserve to themselves the right to threaten us while calling us racists if we respond in kind. How STUPID are these people? Do they think we don’t understand what they’re doing? Frankly, if they come at me with violence, violence is what they’re going to get. There: I’ve “threatened” them. I guess I’m a racist. (Patriot Action Network)

They're Lying About Smoking (As Usual)

The web site, is a thinly disguised effort BY THE GOVERNMENT to get people to stop smoking. They run ads on TV lying about illnesses “caused by smoking.” There is NO PROOF that ANY of those stories are true. Like the obese woman lying in her bed being bathed by, supposedly, her son, who says she’s there “because of smoking.” . . .NOT! She’s there because of being way too FAT. She must be all of 400, maybe 500 pounds. She may have smoked in the past, but I doubt it caused her problems. Another man shows us his open heart surgery scar and blames THAT on smoking. I doubt it. I have a similar scar and I quit smoking 25 to 30 years ago. They SAY you get immediate relief after quitting, then later attribute many illnesses that have nothing to do with smoking to smoking. It’s a scam to con people into quitting. But, like most of their scams, when you do, tobacco tax revenues go down and they get all “worried” and increase prices, as the water company does when we respond to their pleas and reduce our water use. Then they raise our water rates “because of lower revenues. It’s a common ruse the government uses. (Smoke Free)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Still Blaming Bush

Vice President Joe Biden has made yet another stupid statement. He says Iran being a problem is OUR FAULT for doing nothing about it during the Bush years. This is patently false. We did more during the Bush years about Iran than did any other president, before or since; and especially more than Muslim extremist-loving Barack Obama. That this is typical Biden stupidity goes without saying. Biden is the epitome of  an incompetent politician. Obama looked for an incompetent politician for his veep, and he found one. Biden says Iran has made a lot of progress in their nuclear program because of an almost complete lack of “pressure” BEFORE Obama took office. What a LOAD of bullsh-t. Bush was very active in putting pressure on Iran and was responsible for at least THREE UN Resolutions about it. There was so much “pressure” on them I can’t even recount it all here. He said “Under Bush, our leadership was in doubt.” That’s a bare-faced LIE. Even a dunce like Biden knows better than that. (The Hill)

Obama "Invests" In Palestrinian Authority

Would FDR have gotten away with “investing” in the Nazis? Doubtful. But this stupid president thinks it’s okay to give $192 million dollars to the “Palestinian Authority,” an Islamic terrorist organization bent on “pushing Israel into the sea.” How stupid IS this man? What makes him think giving money to an Islamic terrorist organization is a wise thing to do, or even that doing it will endear him to all Americans? That’s as stupid as blocking the Canadian Oil Pipeline. Congress told him not to do it, but he “overrode” them and did it anyway, as any dictator or king would do. (The Blaze)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Clutching At Straws: "Dinosaur Farts"

They had a hand in not only killing off the dinosaurs, they’re part of global warming, too, according to a “scientific” study just released. Global warming fools have nothing else, so they are now citing “dinosaur farts” as a contributing factor to global warming. Is there ANYTHING too stupid for them to use as a "cause" for global warming? This study is by David Wilkinson, of Liverpool John Moores University in England. It estimated that about 520 million tons of methane gas from dinosaur farts and belches contributed to their extinction and it was from global warming back then. AlGore’s “settled science” is not so settled, since most of it came mostly from now discredited sources, many of which falsified their findings to his benefit. So now they’re relying on “questionable science” from sources like this. (New York Daily News)

Fool Blogger

A Huffington Post blogger says women should stop screwing Republicans until they agree to vote Democrat. “In mid-March, a women’s organization held a week-long “sex strike” in an awareness campaign for their “reproductive rights” (presumably this means free birth control), and now author and Huffington Post blogger John Blumenthal is encouraging another such strike, but with a much wider reach. What, exactly, does he propose?  No sex until November, and if by then you are not 100% convinced he will vote Democrat, “Make him stay home on election day (as if she could).” This is the typical loony thing liberals come up with rather than try and argue about Obama’s record, which is ALL bad. They’re still pushing that LIE that Republicans don’t want women to have birth control, too. They say men “use their bodies.” WRONG! They “use” EACH OTHER’S bodies. Takes two to screw. Somebody said Huffington bloggers didn’t get paid. Maybe so, but Arianna sure got paid when she sold the blog recently. (The Blaze)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Obama Is A Moron

But then, we already knew that when he said “The goal is not to eradicate the Taliban.” But eradicating not only the Taliban, but all species of Islamic terrorists is the ONLY way to eliminate the threat from Islamic militant terrorists. They will promise you anything, but will not change their ways, which is to kill EVERYBODY who does not believe exactly the same as they do. If you convert to Islam and then change your mind, they will KILL you, and that is LAWFUL under Islamic regimes. Islamic terrorists are like roaches. Shine a light on them, they scurry quickly out of the light, but come back to do their “dirty work” as soon as you quit looking. Don’t let them con you into looking the other way. While you do that, they will behead you. (Washington Times)

Under Clinton

Eric Holder, Mark Rich, and many others were pardoned; six-year-old Elian Gonzales was forcefully captured and shipped off to Cuba, that Island prison run by the Castros; after campaigning on “no new taxes,” his first month in office saw one of the biggest tax increases yet, and it was unconstitutional, being retroactive; laws were changed, allowing us to teach the communist Chinese how to aim their missiles without breaking the law; Clinton got oral sex in the White House while Islamic terrorists waited in the outer office; he taught America’s children that oral sex was NOT sex, and increased the incidence of oral sex among high schoolers, and even among some grade schoolers; almost 100 people died (many of them children) at Waco, Texas, at the hands of Janet Reno, his Attorney General. These are just a FEW of the things that happened under Clinton, the third worst president in my memory. Barack Obama is THE worst, and Jimmy Carter the second worst. (Just common sense)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

After Capitalism...What?

The “Occupy (Wherever”) fools want to eliminate the monetary system but, like most liberal morons, don’t even CONSIDER what to replace it with. Somewhere in their befuddled minds is . . .socialism, which they think (if they think at all) can reliably replace it. But it can’t. All socialism (in all its forms, collectivism, communism, Facism, National Socialism [which is Naziism], progressivism [just another name for communism].) does is take (steal) money SOMEBODY earned, and redistribute it to people who DON’T earn. In other words, take from those who OWN it, and GIVE to those who DON’T. That this makes work unnecessary to the recipients isn’t lost on those idiots. That’s what they want: a “free ride” at the expense of others. Capitalism (better known as the FREE MARKET) creates NEW wealth, because people keep working when they know they will benefit from their labors. When the time comes they can’t (under collectivism), they stop working and earning, and soon you run out of money to steal and “redistribute.” Then the whole “house of cards” collapses, as it did in Russia and is doing in Cuba today, as well as in many other countries like those in Europe. (The Blaze)

Actually That's A Compliment

Failed former television newsman Keith Olbermann thinks he has insulted Jimmy Kimmel when he said of him, “He reminds me of Bill O’Reilly.” That’s how ignorant liberals are. They look at people like O’Reilly and think they are INSULTING people by comparing them. They’re not. The only way he could actually INSULT Kimmel is to say “He reminds me of myself.” This guy Olbermann can’t even keep a job at a LIBERAL television network like the one run by AlGore and I’m sure BOTH of his listeners are sorry he got fired. I remember one time he said, “I’m not a liberal, I’m an American.” I got news for you, Keith, you ARE a liberal, and I’m sorry to admit you’re an AMERICAN, too. Too bad “Air America” failed (as most totally-liberal networks do. There might be a job for you there if they could find enough money to stay in business. (The Blaze)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I Want Obama To FAIL!

Rush Limbaugh got in a lot of trouble right after the 2008 election when he said he “hopes Obama fails.” Liberals twisted that to mean he wanted this COUNTRY to fail, which was false, as usual. Unlike liberals (or maybe LIKE them), he knew what Obama’s REAL aims were: to make this into a SOCIALIST country with HIM as its dictator. THAT’S what Rush wanted him to FAIL to do, but liberals are too stupid to know any better. I mean the same. I KNOW what he’s got planned, and I WANT him to fail for the same reasons as Rush did (and does). This is a typical example of how liberals TWIST what people say to their own definition so they can criticize a “straw man.” (CNN/CPAC Convention)

Electing Incompetent Politicians

We do that a lot, and that accounts for most of our problems. People like Joe Kennedy III, a liberal who is dumb enough to think oil prices are too LOW, and wants to see them higher. What for, I can’t fathom, except for his ignorance and incompetence to hold ANY office. He depends on his NAME to get elected in a part of the country that blindly elects liberal fools and will probably get elected in spite of his incompetence BECAUSE of his name. We elected Barack Obama, one of the most incompetent politicians we’ve ever seen after Jimmy Carter. Obama is dumb enough to think SOCIALISM is the way to go and is DETERMINED to IMPOSE it on us whether or not we want it. Then there’s Harry Reid, who has been rewarded for his incompetence by being made Senate Majority Leader, and Nancy Peelosi, who is most famous for her inane comment that “We have to pass this bill to find out what’s IN it.” Nancy made sure the Democrats would LOSE the majority they USED to have in the House when she was House Majority Leader and Reid is going to do the same to their slim majority in the Senate in 2012. We keep electing ignorant people because they cater to the fools who want a “free ride” at other people’s expense and more of them vote than do WORKING people who “don’t pay attention to politics” because they’re too busy earning a living. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Taxing the Rich is STUPID

Professor Francis Fox Piven wants to FORCE the government to “tax the rich.” And she is actually TEACHING our children this stupidity! You don’t PUNISH the ACHIEVERS who CREATE the jobs we all need. Show me ANYBODY who doesn’t get paid in his/her job (directly or indirectly) by a “rich person,” INCLUDING Piven. The liberals (which include her) are too stupid to realize they’re “killing the golden goose that lays the golden eggs.” They’ll deny it by calling anybody who accuses them of doing that nasty names, not by arguing against the facts. They NEVER argue against facts. They ALWAYS just INSULT people who criticize them without ever trying to argue against facts because they CAN’T (The Blaze)

Muslims Not "Infiltrating" Our Government

They’re being INVITED IN by our Muslim-leaning president. Obama is “having talks” with members of the Muslim Brotherhood (one of the worst terrorist organizations on the planet), right in front of everybody while the liberal media ignores it. He has also APPOINTED several Muslim terrorists to high office in his administration. This president is either STUPID or is an Islamic terrorist sympathizer. His comment that the Islamic terrorist war is OVER is one of the STUPIDEST statements I’ve ever heard ANY president make. That would be like FDR saying WWII is over while Hitler and Yamamoto are sitting just off our shores waiting to invade. (Washington Times)