Thursday, September 29, 2011

We Have Cancer

This country is infected. It has a “cancer.” That cancer is collectivism (a/k/a: socialism, Fascism, progressivism, etc.), and Obama is a big, cancerous TUMOR on the heart of America. He needs to be “cut out” at the next opportunity. If he remains, this country is DOOMED. His goal is a “Soviet Socialist America,” and he is working HARD to achieve it. If he remains in power, he WILL achieve it. I love this country. There are few countries in which I could say such a thing about the president without going to prison at best, or being executed at worst. I want to keep it that way, and if Obama attains his goals, it won’t stay that way for long. He’s already creating the mechanism to “get rid of” his enemies; and his enemies are ANYBODY who disagrees with him and has the temerity to say so. (Amazon)

I Bet she Keeps All Her Money

Democrat Representative Schakowsky says “You don’t need to keep all your money.” She thinks even though you EARNED it, you don’t need to keep it. What a FOOL this woman is! What is it about Democrat Representatives that makes them think you shouldn’t be “allowed” to keep all the money YOU earned? They keep all THEIR money. This is the kind of politician people who “pay no attention to politics” elect to run our government. No damned wonder this country is going “down the tubes” faster and faster as long as Democrats are in charge. We need to get some human beings elected to replace these fools. (The Blaze)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How Stupid ARE We?

Why is Nancy Pelosi still in the Congress? Peelosi is the one who made what I consider the STUPIDEST remark I’ve ever heard ANY politician make when she said of Obama’s health care swindle bill, “We have to pass the law to find out what’s in it!” I would never believe ANY politician could be so stupid as to make such a statement in public and still be re-elected if I hadn’t heard and seen it myself. We have a history of electing and RE-electing stupid people like this. Both she and Barney Frank, one of the most corrupt politicians (outside of Charlie Rangel, the Democrat who writes tax law for others, but doesn’t pay his own taxes), was also re-elected in 2010. Then there’s Alcee HASTINGS, THE Democrat judge who “ran from the law” to Florida after his corruption was found out, did his time and was impeached, then ran for Congress from Florida and was elected. He’s STILL in Congress. With Hastings, at least he is only a known criminal. Nancy is under “investigation” for corruption, as is Franks, but both were re-elected again and again, including in 2010.

Does anybody think a Democrat administration will find her guilty of anything? Teddy Kennedy (of the famous “waitress sandwich” while drunk with his drinking buddy, Senator Dodd (both Democrats), was in Congress until the day he died, at which time somebody got smart and replaced him with a Republican. I don’t have room here to list the KNOWN crooks in Congress, but they are legion. And most are Democrats because getting “caught with your hand in the cookie jar” is a “resume enhancement” for a Democrat. Yes, there are some Republicans in the lot, but those who were exposed, were “drummed out of the service” by Democrats while Democrats got a “slap on the wrist” and remained in Congress. The link provided is for a story about five KNOWN crooked members of Congress who got re-elected many times. (Cracked)

"Big Brother" is Watching YOU!

Obama has started a new web site people can use to spy on each other and report to HIM. Apparently he has appointed himself “Big Brother” to the United States. I seem to remember a similar effort by Adolph Hitler in Germany during the Second World War. It didn’t work then and won’t work now. All it will do is give him some targets he ordinarily wouldn’t even notice so he can “come at them from behind” with something like an IRS “inspection” or an “investigation for terrorism by the DOJ. Nothing will be said about the origin of his notice of these people. His first “victims” are Romney, Perry (the two top Republican candidates to replace him) and Glenn Beck, a radio and TV commentator Obama has said is “unimportant and irrelevant.” Soon there’ll be a TV camera in your television set, watching YOU. Just like in ”1984.” (Glenn Beck)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

They're Racists!

Opponents (on both sides) claim “Tea Party” people are racists, homophobes, and all the other things they blindly attribute to their opponents, all without a SHRED of proof of ANYTHING. The “Tea Party” is not a “party.” It is a word that has been attached to people who are tired of the liberals stealing their tax money and making more and more “rules and regulations” to control them more absolutely. Yes, there MIGHT be a racist or two among them, as there is in ANY group of people; as there is in the Democrat AND Republican Parties. Although there are more racists in the Democrat Party, and this is a PROVEN FACT, due to the fact that there have been so many racists among them in the past, AND the present. The sheriff who turned fire hoses on black demonstrators in the sixties was a Democrat, as was one of our former Supreme court Justices. One of our longest-serving Senators (Robert Byrd, who recently died at 92), whose name is on EVERYTHING in his home state, was not only a Democrat; he was a high-ranking member of the Ku Klux Klan. (Daily Bail)

A Most High Honor

Glenn Beck has been named “the most hated person in America” by liberals. To me, that is one of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon him, if taken in context. I’m sure Rush Limbaugh is on that list with a high ranking. Sean Hannity, too. I'm probably there, too; but a little lower. But Glenn has been extremely effective and so holds the number one position. If you ARE effective, they pile hate on top of hate upon you, as they have done to everybody on the “right” who has been effective in exposing their lies to the world. The more they hate you the more effective you are in stopping or at least slowing down their efforts to control us all. It is a high honor to be hated by the left. I was having a "political discussion" the other day with a liberal and he ended it by calling me a "right-wing loon." I guess he couldn't come up with a logical argument. (Town Hall)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Apples and Oranges

When Warren Buffet says his secretary pays taxes at a higher rate than he does, he is LYING. Lying by comparing two different kinds of taxes: Income taxes and capital gains taxes, which have a lower rate FOR EVERYBODY. If his “secretary” sells her house she will pay taxes on it at the SAME RATE as he does. Buffet makes very little on which he pays INCOME taxes, and if he does, he and his secretary pay the same as EVERYBODY, depending on the total amount of their liability Basically, his contention that his secretary pays a higher rate than he does is a calculated LIE. (Just common sense)

Obama Insists on Doing the Wrong Thing

A judge overturned Obama’s moratorium on drilling, which was brought on by the Gulf oil spill. Obama apparently thinks ONE spill will cause a lot of others, to the extent that he must cost thousands of oil drilling workers their jobs and millions of stockholders in BP to do likewise. Look at your own retirement plan. I’d be willing to BET that YOU hold BP stock in your portfolio. Obama has pledged to “appeal” the rejection of his stupidity. Gad, I can’t WAIT until we can get rid of this ignorant jerk! (World News Vine)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

What You Don't Know About Islam

They SAY it’s a “religion of peace.” But to them, peace is only possible when ALL countries are under Sharia Law and ALL people have converted to Islam, willingly or not. The Koran allows Muslims to LIE to “Infidels” (unbelievers) to conceal their goals. There are other things you need to know and this video tells you about many of them. Islam is NOT a “religion of peace.” Not by OUR definition of peace. It is a religious DUTY for Muslims to work to impose Islam on the entire world. They say one thing in their own meetings in their own language and quite another here in a language we understand. (Patriot Action Network)

Typical Expectations

Obama says, "I expect to be re-elected." The way Obama’s dupes talk, this sounds a bit like what they probably expect. They think he’s the reincarnation of the Messiah and can do anything. His failure to do so in so many cases doesn’t seem to disabuse them of this notion (or maybe what he HAS accomplished, that WE deplore, is counted as success to these ignorant people). I feel sorry for those people who are still driving with “Obama 2008” stickers on their cars. It will be even harder for me when I start seeing "Obama 2012" stickers begin appearing. If I had done something as abysmally stupid as voting for Brraaaccck Obama I certainly would not be advertising my stupidity this long afterward. I feel even more sorry for them because they STILL can’t see their error. (Just common sense)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Everybody Should Watch This Cartoon

It should be made a mandatory screening in all schools. “Conditioning,” you say? At least it goes in the right direction, as the conditioning they’re getting in our schools does not. This cartoon was made in 1948, but it accurately depicts what is happening in this country in a simple fashion that anyone can understand. Funny how the “snake oil salesman” selling “isms” looks like Obama and how much what he preaches sounds like what Obama is touting in all his many speeches. What happens to those who drink this is also accurate. Those who sell their freedom for something a con man touts as “better” will soon find out how bad life will become. Replace that “ism” with Obama’s “change” and you have it. (Patriot Action Network)

U. S. Money to HAMAS

We should not be sending money to a terrorist organization like HAMAS under ANY circumstances. There is NO REASON to send money to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Any problems they have, they brought on themselves by shooting rocket bombs into Israel to kill randomly as many men, women, and CHILDREN as they can. That is why there is an embargo on Gaza. To keep the Palestinian terrorists from bringing in more weapons with which to murder more Israelis. (Town Hall)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Misdiagnosing ADHD

I’ve been saying all along that “authorities” have been using ADHD diagnoses to take control of children who are simply being children. This study confirms that. A diagnosis of ADHD is almost guaranteed when unusual activity is noted on the part of the child. That activity may or may not be due to ADHD, but doctors routinely call it that and prescribe expensive and harmful drugs these children don’t need, and which may injure them. Worse, the child might, instead of TAKING the drug, sell it to other children because the drug in use for ADHD is the “drug of choice” for some school children. (WebMD)

Drilling In ANWR

The liberals want you to believe ANWR is a lush, warm, lovely place where lots of people live, and that drilling in the small “postage-sized” part of it DESIGNATED for drilling would hurt it forever. Not so. It is unpopulated tundra, all but uninhabitable to humans. Drilling there will not appreciably damage ANYTHING there and any “damage” would be temporary and easy to reverse. The difficulty of stopping the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico is because they were FORCED to drill that far out, and that deep by the government’s “environmental restrictions” on drilling anywhere else. Had we been able to drill closer in, and less deep, any spill would have been minimal and easy to stop. Why does nobody talk about this? Because then we would be able to put the blame directly where it belongs: on this government and their “environmental restrictions.” (Thought You Should Know)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Buffet Lies

When he collects a wage or salary, he pays exactly the same percentage in taxes as does his secretary. It is when he gets a profit in a CAPITAL GAIN that he only pays 15%, as do ALL people who do so, INCLUDING his secretary if she, say, sells her house. "On average, the wealthiest people in America pay a lot more taxes than the middle class or the poor, according to private and government data. They pay at a higher rate, and as a group, they contribute a much larger share of the overall taxes collected by the federal government." And that’s backed up by the IRS’s own figures, that say 86% of ALL income taxes paid are paid by the top 25% of taxpayers, while over 50% of able-bodied people pay NO taxes at all, but receive welfare, instead. (Yahoo News)

Make Polls Say What You Want

This writer is a liberal, and even HE is confused at the different ranges of opinions shown in different polls. Apparently, he doesn’t realize how easy it is to make a poll say what you want it to say. If you want it to say something to support a liberal position, take it in an area known to be where mostly liberals live, such as New York City. Then there are the questions you ask. You tailor the questions to get the answers you want and allow no other answers. Then, if you get any answers that run contrary to the line you want to pursue, just ignore them. Don’t include them in your report.

This is how the liberal media pushes the liberal template on everything they do. Many times they use such polls to MAKE news. The next thing you do is to twist the headline about your poll to say what you want for all the “headline readers” out there. You know; the people who only read the headlines in a newspaper or on television. In one recent poll. 43% said one think (what the liberals wanted) while 41% said just the opposite. Guess which opinion got more attention in the headline. (CBS News/Coop’s Corner)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Obama's "Enemies List"

Obama’s henchmen have started a web site where people can “rat out” those who say “mean things” about Obama so he can “deal with it.” He SAYS all he will do is try and CORRECT misinformation out there, but we all know he will put as much pressure as he can on those who are “ratted out” to “change their opinions,” and if they don’t he will “take action.” I expect to be “ratted out” by somebody in short order, then I expect a visit from many different government agencies who want to “examine” what I do, and delve into my personal business. And if they find ANYTHING they can twist into something they can make look bad, they will do it. That’s how they operate. And if the situation allows it, they’ll come into my house with guns drawn, and if I try and defend myself, they’ll kill me. (World Net Daily)

Drug War Makes It Worse

Let me say first thing that I am NOT a “druggie.” I’m probably the only person in the country who doesn’t even know what pot TASTES like, though after 18 years as a paramedic, I certainly know what it SMELLS like. Many of the people I scraped off the sidewalk and the street were there because of one drug or another, from pot right on up. But I have to ask a simple question: “What GOOD has the “drug war” done?” How many people are abusing drugs today as opposed to the number using BEFORE the “drug war” started? MORE. Which shows me the “drug war” is useless as a deterrent to illicit drug use, but a “handy tool” for cops and politicians to use in taking away our rights.

As witness the RICO laws, DESIGNED to stop cash-flush drug dealers from making federal prosecutors look silly in court, which, in itself is unconstitutional. Today, cops can stop you on the street with NO warrant, search you, steal (confiscate) any cash you have on you, only having to say “It MUST be drug money.” All this because of the “drug war.” Laws against drug use do NOTHING to stop, or even REDUCE access to illicit drugs, so why do we keep making them? It has been said, “Doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result is insanity.” Yet our politicians insist on doing just that, with both drugs AND guns. (John Stossel/Town Hall)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Not A Long-Term Job

The #3 man in al-Qaida has again been killed. I said the last time that many Muslims are afraid to take that job because they figure they won’t live long—and they’re right. What is this? The THIRD #3 man in the al-Qaida hierarchy who has been killed lately? This has got to cause much hardship among those murderous crazy men. Mustafa al-Yazid, recently appointed to be al-Qaida’s top commander in Afghanistan, along with his wife and members of his family, was killed in a missile strike. I wonder how long it’s going to take us to kill Ayman al-Zawahiri, the #2 man? Soon, I hope. Actually, I think he has been their #1 man since Bush killed Osama in one of his caves a long time ago. (Fox News)

Freedom of the Press

Obama is talking about “subsidizing” (“bailing out”) the news organizations that are now going broke from parroting Obama’s bullsh-t. Neither he, nor the media itself will admit the REAL reason they’re going broke, but if he succeeds in “subsidizing” (bailing out) the media, the “regulations” will soon follow. Among them will be thinly disguised “guidelines” forcing them to stop reporting ANYTHING that doesn’t agree with him. Count on it. when that happens, you can kiss freedom goodby. (Town Hall/Dick Morris, Eileen McGann)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Computer Failure (Again)

My new computer went down last Saturday and I haven't been able to get it fixed until now. And I'm not sure it's fixed yet, even though it required a new hard drive. It's still doing some strange things occasionally. I'm hurrying to get this in before it locks up again.

Should We "Settle?"

Many people think we should “settle” for the best, most conservative candidate we can find for whom to vote. When it comes to replacing Obama, ANY of the current candidates that have announced would be better than him. But I don’t think we should “settle” on a RINO. (Republican in Name Only) A Republican who votes for liberal things is not a “conservative” at all, and that (R) next to his name doesn’t make him one. My pick as the best POSSIBLE replacement for Obama is Sarah Palin, but I’m becoming increasingly afraid she will not run. PLEASE, Sarah! Please run! We NEED you to run, and undo everything Obama has done to move us ever closer to socialism. Many people say she has been “damaged” sufficiently that she can’t win. I disagree. The only people who think she is “damaged” have been listening to the rhetoric Democrats and other liberals (some of them Republicans) have been spouting about her. In Doonesbury this morning, they intimated she had had a “relationship” outside her marriage, which is an outright lie. Of course, Doonesbury says “I don’t have to tell the truth; I’m a cartoonist.” But what he says in his cartoons is often TAKEN as truth, whether or not he wants it. (Patriot Action Network)

We Know Whose Butt to Kick

Obama spoke very thuggishly recently about finding out whose butt to kick. Well, we know whose butt NEEDS kicking, not just about the oil spill, the worsening recession, and the complete lack of competence Obama has shown in figuring out how to stop it. That includes refusing offers both from other countries, as well as from right here in America while doing everything he can (such as imposing a six-month’s ban on deep water drilling) to make things worse, both for the oil leak, and for the people already suffering from it. (Town Hall)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

We Will NOT Forget 9/11

Muslim terrorists hope they can disarm us by accusing us of being “Islamamophobes.” That is, of course, a “made-up word” much like the one gays use to make us feel like we’re somehow mentally deficient for saying ANYTHING they don’t like. It isn’t going to work. We’re smarter than that. But apparently they are not, if they think it will work. They also play on the “religious” aspect. They are only peripherally religious and use that religion to fool uneducated and ignorant people into doing their bidding, sometimes even at the cost of their own lives. They think they can defeat us by guile, but we’re much smarter than these fifteenth century fools. Soon we’ll get smart enough to shoot them on sight when we catch them in the act. No more GITMO and long incarceration.

They’re like ROACHES. Turn on a light and they scatter for darkness, never “standing and fighting” like men. It is this that will cause them to fail. Bush said we’d track them to their lairs and he was right. He killed bin Laden a long time ago when he bombed his cave with him in it. Obama PRETENDED to kill him in Pakistan. In any case, he’s dead and so are some of his top commanders and lots of his ignorant troops (And Obama does deserve credit for not getting in the way of that). It’s only a matter of time before we find and kill most of the rest, making Islamic terrorists a small group of malcontents, unable to do anything but be the smallest possible irritant to the world. It has been ten years since 9/11, and the Twin Towers have not been rebuilt. That’s due to incompetent politicians. But that will not last forever, and then they will be doomed. (Just common sense)

Obama Promoting Outsourcing

Obama’s thugs raided Gibson Guitars saying they used “illegal wood” that was the moral equivalent of “blood diamonds.” But of course, the real reason for the raid was to intimidate them into outsourcing their labor to a firm in Madagascar. For what reason would a government agent wish an American company to outsource their labor to a foreign company? This sounds a lot like Obama trying his hardest to destroy the American market. When is America going to wake up and look at what Obama is DOING? Not what he is SAYING, which has always been a lie. (Freedom Works)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Liberal (Democrat) Crybabies

Obama has completely destroyed the Democrat Party with his excesses. So much so that all they have left is to cry like babies whose candy has been stolen. The Tea Parties are the “hobgoblin” for them. The “monster under the bed.” But they have no logical answer to the problems in their upbringing that we point out (socialism, free-spending, over-taxation, ignoring OUR wishes, etc.), so they stamp their feet and whine and cry and call us names. They tell us to “go to hell” and call us terrorists and SOBs. They come up with video games where you can KILL Sara Palin, Glenn Beck, and other conservatives. They can’t prove any of their lies, of course; but they rant and rave and lie about us to the media, which laps it up like a thirsty dog at a water bowl and spews it out in every direction. They know we’re going to “tear them a new one” in the next election and no Democrat will be able to be elected to much of ANYTHING for years, unless they can succeed in convincing apathetic Americans of their lies about us. Any time a liberal tells you something bad about us, ask him for detail. “In just what way are we evil?” “What do we do that is so bad?” They want more control over everybody and we want them to have less; they want to tax us into bankruptcy and we want them to be able to tax us a lot less; they want to be able to spend our money (not theirs) like drunken sailors (although drunken sailors are at least spending their own money) and we want them to spend a lot less of our money.

They want to take our money and “spread it around” to those who don’t deserve it and haven’t earned it (did you know that more than 50% of able-bodied Americans pay NO taxes at all, and merely RECEIVE money from the government? That there are people who, even though they pay no taxes receive “refunds?” (The misnamed Earned Income Credit) This has gone too far. Liberals and their “give-away programs” must END. We’ve run out of money; they’ve spent it all, and then some. Now they’re just gaily “printing money” with nothing valuable behind it to give to their friends, and even our enemies. Did you know they’ve given billions of dollars to HAMAS? What other terrorist enemies of ours are they supporting? They’ve “declared war” on the Tea Parties. Okay, we accept that. We have long ago “declared war” on liberals (Democrats) and we’re going to win. Our positions are sound; theirs are not. We have no need to cry and whimper and call them names; they’re not worth it. Let’s just get rid of ALL of them in 2012. It’s the only way we’re going to keep this nation intact. (Just common sense)

No Wonder He Won't Enforce Immigration Laws

I no longer wonder why Obama will not enforce the immigration laws on certain people. He’s setting it up so he can’t be criticized for ignoring or twisting them with regard to his own family. Like his father’s sister Zetuini Onyango,who was found in Boston living on welfare (at our expense) while fighting deportation (probably with us paying for her lawyer), since she was an illegal immigrant. Her case has been resolved (I wonder on what grounds--maybe that her nephew is president?), and she is no longer an “illegal immigrant.” When her other brother Obama Onyango was picked up for drunken driving, his “one phone call” was to the White House and was loudly announced as such. Never mind he was on an exportation order too, and they have been looking for him for a while. Did I mention that, illegal alien or not, he had a valid driver’s license and Social Security card (Maybe not so valid, and I’d like to know where he got it, and whose number was on it)? For that matter, whose number is on Obama's Social Security card? It's from a state where he has never lived. This is the kind of people who are in Obama’s “extended family.” I wonder how many more illegal aliens are in his family, and in the United States? Is HE one of them? (PowerLne)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Obama Lied: This Is News?

This article is about a specific instance where Obama lied. But he lies every time he opens his mouth. This is nothing new, and is not news. I sometimes wonder about the news media. They can’t see what’s in front of their faces where Obama and his henchmen are concerned. Conversely, they make up stories about the corruption of Republicans and cover their made-up stories incessantly. What amazes me is that The Washington Post came out with this. They usually follow the liberal “orders,” right down the line. I guess this lie was just too much for them. (Washington Post)

Islam's Plans for Us

An Egyptian sheik (Adel Shehato) says he wants to impose “Sharia Law” on the world and exterminate Christians. This from a top level Muslim. A representative of “the religion of peace.” And he doesn’t care how many people he has to kill to attain that goal. His supporters carry professionally made signs saying “Islam Will Dominate the World” and “Freedom Can Go to Hell.” He supports al Qaida’s principles, but he says Sharia Law will be imposed peacefully, through argument and logic. This in spite of the fact there is no logic in his position. He does, however, reserve violence to be used against “Infidel Arab Rulers.” Or those he DEFINES that way. “Shehato said that if the mujahideen came to power in Egypt, they would launch a campaign of Islamic conquests aimed at subjecting the entire world to Islamic rule. Muslim ambassadors would be appointed to each country, charged with calling upon them to join Islam willingly, but if the countries refused, war would be waged against them. (The Blaze)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Obama's Uncle Is Illegal

He’s been here since 1992, and came here with the assistance of Obama’s father. He stayed, Obama’s father didn’t. He was arrested recently for drunken driving (and if he keeps it up, maybe he’ll die in an auto accident like Obama’s father did) and immediately announced loudly that his “one phone call” would be to the White House. He’s obviously playing on his “connection” to the president. He is an illegal alien, as was his sister, Zetuinia, whose case has been settled (on what grounds?). She is still on welfare, living at our expense. It isn’t known if her brother is, too. NO one has asked the question. Is Obama an illegal alien, too? No wonder he selects the people he will enforce the immigration laws upon. (PowerLine)

"Violent Rhetoric"

Democrats decry the amount of “violent rhetoric” out there in political discussions, then engage in the most violent rhetoric there is, themselves. It is Democrats in the Congressional Black Caucus” (CBC) who have “declared war” on the Tea Parties and other conservatives. They call us a “racist party” with NO proof of ANYTHING, saying we want to “lynch blacks.” I say that if it came to a lynching, it is the members of the CBC who would be doing the lynching. They want to themselves cause runs on banks and cause civil unrest in their own neighborhoods. The very idea of a “Black Caucus” is racist, yet they accuse us of racism. This reveals to me their fright that conservatives might win. They’re desperate. (The Blaze)