Sunday, February 27, 2011

Khaddaffy Needs To Go...NOW!

However it is done. He needs to be “taken down,” even if that requires KILLING him, outright. He is nothing but a thug who “took over” his government 40 years ago and has been raping, murdering, and robbing his people ever since. He's worse than Saddam ever was. Recent events have caused a drastic INCREASE in the killings he has sponsored. He ORDERED terrorists to blow up an airplane over Lockerbie, Scotland, that killed hundreds, then conned our president into releasing the perpetrator because he was “terminally ill and wouldn’t live much longer. It was a lie. That terrorist still alive and is “living it up” in Libya. It looks like he will live a long time in Moammar’s “paradise.” (Just common sense)

Schumer Is Ignorant

Like many in our government, Sen. Schumer is completely ignorant about how the constitution works when making laws. Yet he still makes laws that affect millions of Americans. He thinks the three houses of government in America are the House, the Senate, and the White House. It is this kind of ignorance, which seems to be prevalent in Congress, that allows so many unconstitutional laws to be made, and ENFORCED until they are declared unconstitutional after someone has spent a LOT of money to accomplish it. New senators and representatives should be FORCED to leatrn the constitution, and TESTED on it before they are seated. Currently, Obama’s health care swindle has been declared unconstitutional; word is, he plans on enforcing it UNTIL the court gives him a direct injunction (and maybe after that). Never mind that the court said, itself, that “The law no longer exists and that the decision itself ACTS AS AN INJUNCTION on enforcement. I think if he DOES enforce it, just once, he should be IMPEACHED for being in CONTEMPT OF COURT. (InfoWars)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

"We Won't Enforce It"

That’s what Obama’s Department of Justice says about the Defense of Marriage Act, a Democrat-made law, made during the Clinton administration. Funny; I always thought declaring laws unconstitutional was the specific responsibility of the courts. That Obama and his DOJ were MANDATED to enforce ALL laws made by the congress until, or unless, declared unconstitutional BY the courts. It’s not his (or their) business to decide which laws they will, or will not enforce. Why is there nothing anybody can do about them refusing to enforce a law? And if there is, why doesn't somebody DO it?(The Blaze)

It'll Never Happen!

Muslims predict that Islam will one day run this country with Sharia Law. It’ll never happen. Americans are too intelligent. Yes, they do not “pay attention to politics” and they're not as smart as they used to be, due to liberal schooling. But that’s changing. They’re realizing that we can no longer ignore what our own government, and the world, including Muslim extremists, are doing to us—or TRYING to do to us. Muslims are purposely kept ignorant. Especially Muslim women, who are not allowed to go to school at all. Americans will never allow a fifteenth century religion to overtake us. A religion that pretends to CONTROL our every move and action. Yes, I know, Christianity is similarly based on an OLD religion, but it does not pretend to so COMPLETELY control us as does Islam. Americans are used to controlling their own actions and making their own decisions. That’s why socialism and other forms of collectivism will also fail. (Sean Hannity/Fox News)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Union Pays Homeless to Picket

I’ve always been told that only people affected by something picket to change things. Seems like that isn’t so in Michigan. The Carpenter’s Union hires the homeless at sometimes $10 an hour to walk around with picket signs protesting—something—they don’t know what. They say they’re TOLD what to say if somebody asks them. It’s NOT their own words they are spouting, it’s what the union TOLD them to say. And it they don’t get that $10 an hour, they wouldn’t be picketing. They’d be sitting on their corners, begging, or just hiding from real work. This is the kind of demonstrators that they use, hoping to make their point. (YouTube)

CDC Covers Up Abortion Figures

The Center for Disease Control has, for years, been the ONLY source for figures on just how many innocent infants have been murdered in the womb by abortionists. Recently they stopped publishing that report and “Red State” promptly asked them why. Now, after telling “Red State” to “just move along, nothing to see here,” they’re scrambling to resume that report after “Red State’s earlier report about it. They’ll call me a “wild-eyed anti-extremist,” but frankly I don’t give a damn what they call me. Abortion is unmitigated MURDER of an innocent CHILD before he/she ever gets a chance at life. There is NO SUCH THING as “pro-life” or “pro-death,” which is how the abortionists would have us refer to it. It is either ABORTION (murder) or NON-ABORTION (non-murder). Liberals cry about the “holocaust” where six million Jews were put to death. But the same people DEFEND abortion, where millions of BABIES have been put to death, Nobody knows how many potential Einsteins were put to death this way. This is OUR HOLOCAUST and liberals support it. (Red State)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Obama Imposes "Gag Order"

The guy who promised the most “open” and “transparent” administration in history (a common promise, usually broken) has insisted that housing proponents must sign a “confidentiality agreement” (a gag order) in order to participate in a rental policy working group. They either sign it or they’re excluded. Apparently this is how Obama plans on dealing with the Republicans as a majority. They no longer have to “sit at the back of the bus,” but if they come forward it is with a “gag” in their mouths. (Politico)

"Thou Shalt Not Pack Heat"

That’s the “commandment” the liberals would like to impose upon us. Others realize that it’s only common sense to say the the most BASIC human right is the right to SELF DEFENSE and the right to own, carry, and USE the means to that end today, a gun. The bad guys, who have NO trouble obtaining guns to use in robbing and killing us, need to WONDER if that supposed “easy target” he/she is about to attack will be armed and willing to kill him before he/she can kill/rob his/her victim. This alone would serve to reduce the number of violent attacks decidedly—without anyone firing a shot or killing anybody. But that argument is lost on liberals, who are “tone deaf” to any argument that destroys any of their cherished goals. (World Net Daily)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Unemployment Goes Down (Maybe)

Or at least that’s what Obama wants us to think. But what’s happening is that way too many unemployed are just “giving up” and staying home, rather than collect their unemployment checks, which have run out. So they’re no longer counted. Additionally, 10,000 “baby boomers” are retiring every month and their numbers are ALSO no longer counted. These are the kinds of scams that allow Obama to claim an “improving economy” because of his doings. But in reality, everything he has done has made the economy WORSE. Things like the moratorium on oil drilling and the closure of THOUSANDS of GM dealerships, causing the loss of more thousands of jobs. Then there are the other things we don’t even know about that he does without announcement. (LearnVe$t)

Fanning the Flames of War

FANNING THE FLAMES: The Muslim Brotherhood; you know, that “peaceful” organization Hosni Muburak (and Jimmy Carter) says is ”no threat” to anyone, is pushing as hard as it can for a war with Israel; a country which has done NOTHING that wasn’t in RETALIATION for what Islamics did to them. This is a “peaceful” organization that is “no threat to anyone?” What a fool Mubarak is to even THINK anybody with any intelligence at all would believe these bull droppings. Frankly, I think the Islamic terrorists are behind ALL these “uprisings” in various Middle Eastern countries, trying to CREATE instability that will create a “vacuum” THEY hope to fill. (The Blaze)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

What's WRONG With These People?

I’ve told them and told them about the reason for the economic crash, just before the 2008 election, but nobody seems to want to do anything about it. Why? Chris Dodd and Barney Frank were the “architects” of this abomination of a law (The Community Reinvestment Act of 1976), with Democrat Jimmy Carter signing it into law. What it does is FORCE bankers and other lenders to loan money to people who CANNOT repay it. EVERYBODY, even Chris and Barney KNEW this law would create the biggest economic disaster ever, but they didn't care. They knew they could use it for their own purposes. Next, they created Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, two fully government owned financial institutions, to “buy up” all these “toxic assets” (a contradiction in terms if I ever saw one) and “keep the lid on" until conditions were just right to use it to create a Democrat “takeover” of this government It happened just before the 2008 presidential election.

And they “shut down” Fannie and Freddie just before that election long enough to allow the crash to begin so they could blame it on the Republicans and get a Democrat in the White House, and enough Democrats elected to Congress to be in the majority. They succeeded, and shortly thereafter passed a law creating an “open-ended” fund to make sure Fannie and Freddie would be able to “keep the lid on,’ at least for the next eight years while Obama and his Democrat friends raped this country. And rape it they did, spending more money in TWO YEARS than all the presidents before him spent in the entire history of this country. This is so obvious, even my teenage grandson realizes it, but the politicians and bureaucrats don’t. Is it on purpose? I think so. There’s no other explanation for their purposeful BLINDNESS about it. It's the same as their "purposeful blindness" about Obama's birth certificate. (Just common sense)

Hate Speech?

Liberals complain that “conservative” radio hosts use too much “hate speech” and that “sets off” the crazies in our society. They carefully refrain from talking about the LIBERALS talking about IMPEACHIING Justice Clarence Thomas (for what, they can’t say; maybe just for being black) and sending him back to the fields (as a slave, I guess) or just HANGING him. Others want to “duel” with Glenn Beck, killing him, I suppose. (Of course, this violates their unreasonable and irrational hatred of guns). Actually, there are too many examples for me to mention. Point made. Then there’s the guy at the “Code Pink” rally that says what's happening in Egypt needs to be happening here. He shouts, “revolution NOW!” But when asked what he means, he can’t tell you. He just says, “You know what I mean!” Yes, we do. He means he’s IGNORANT and he doesn’t himself even KNOW what he means. (Michelle Malkin)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Subliminal Imagery

The picture above is a good example of the subliminal imagery being used by the left in their efforts to “deify” Obama and make you, the people, believe he is “The Second Coming.” He’s not. He is the worst thing to happen to us since Bill Clinton. He is either incompetent, or simply TRYING to ruin the economy of this nation so he can blame it on “capitalism” (otherwise known as “the free market),” so he can convince us that socialism, the system that has RUINED many countries, is the way to go. I don’t know why, except to say that under socialism HE will continue to have the POWER to “rule” us. (Just common sense)

"President of the World"

That’s what MSNBC has declared Bill Clinton to be. How they can be this STUPID is beyond me. Bill Clinton is a “skirt-chaser” who only kept his wife to enhance her own political ambitions. He made almost as many mistakes as Obama when he was president. He was IMPEACHED, although he knew where enough “bodies were buried" to avoid being convicted by the Senate and thus removed from office. He is a DISGRACED ex-president. And MSNBC has the gall to “honor” him in this way. I’ve commented on their stupidity before, but they keep doing things to prove me right, time and time again. MSNBC seems to be bent on ASSURING their own demise. (The Blaze)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The "Iran Signifier"

We used to call the troublemakers in our school a “signifier.” People who were always doing things to stir up trouble. That’s a good description of Iran. Now they want to send a couple of warships through the Suez Canal, something that Egypt and Israel could consider an “act of war.” And if they do something to stop it, they will CLAIM an “act of war” on their part. This is done specifically to “stir up trouble.” Somebody’s got to put an end to Ahmadinijerk and his Mullahs before they ignite the real third world war. Ayatolla Kameni is already claiming to speak for the “12th Imam,” whose coming is the Muslim equivalent of the “2nd Coming” of Jesus Christ in the Christian religion. (The Blaze)

Showing More and More Ignorance

Chris Matthews has always been such an obvious “lefty” that nobody (except himself, of course) even bothers to deny it. As time goes by, he does an excellent job of discrediting himself. Much better than I could hope to achieve. Now he is comparing (without any kind of proof) the Tea Parties with the Muslim Brotherhood, a known terrorist group that “sets up” other terrorist organizations to do their dirty work. How this man can be so STUPID and keep his job speaks ill of the people running MSNBC to human beings. Apparently he is just saying what they would be saying if they weren’t hiding behind their desks upstairs. (News Busters)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Media Lies!

American CNN reporter Nic Robertson went around the crowd in Egypt asking the same question, trying to elicit a reply favorable to Obama; something to make Obama look good on something he had nothing to do with. Something he could use in his re-election campaign. The question was, “How do you feel about President Obama’s positive reaction to the “revolt” that unseated Mubarak? One guy said, "We did this ourselves without your help.” We don’t need you The upshot was, ALL the answers amounted to, “stuff it!” But when Robertson summed up his interviews, he told us “The Egyptians were very happy that Obama supported their revolution.” Just the OPPOSITE of what those interviews showed. This is how the American press, and CNN in particular lie to us, daily. I heard these interviews, but nobody seemed to want to cover this story. I finally found some coverage on Rush Limbaugh’s site. (Rush Limbaugh)

Strangling the Internet

STRANGLING THE INTERNET: The only thing that has kept Obama from just shutting the Internet off when it disagrees with him, it appears, is fear. Fear that doing so will create the very revolution he fears most of all. And he’s right. If he shuts off my own access to the Internet, I will be “in the streets” doing what I can (still) to get rid of him. Hosni Mubarak proved it could be done when he pressured Internet suppliers in Egypt to “cut it off.” The same thing CAN happen here. But I think Obama is right; to do so would be the END of him. And I’d be leading the charge if I weren’t too old, and too broken to do so. (Sovereign Man)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Methinks They Want Too Much

The state of New York says that if you own ONE piece of property ANYWHERE in New York, and spend ANY time at all there, EVERY dollar you earn, wherever you actually live, is subject to New York Income Tax. How stupid is THAT? And if you live and work in another state, how do they plan on collecting it? The State of New York seems bent on running all possible business off by excess taxation. If that’s their aim (or even if it isn’t), that’s going to be the result. How STUPID are these politicians to do this? Damn! What's WRONG with me? I KNOW how stupid they are! (Rush Limbaugh)

Middle East Revolt

There’s a “general revolt” building in the Middle East, and it is being fueled by Islam. The liberal media isn’t saying much about it. All they can talk about is Egypt, as if that were the only place it is going on. The dictator in Tunisia was overthrown and is running for his life; Mubarak has been deposed, the King of Jordan has his own problems. In Saudi Arabia a group is trying to create the FIRST political party to oppose the Royal Family and its THOUSANDS of "princes" who lord it over everybody. You can bet the Islamic extremists are behind it. If we don’t wake up and realize the threat the Islamic extremists represent to us and DO something about it, we will be “swept up” in an Islamic revolution, worldwide. (AP Foreign)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Obama's Contempt For The Law

People think the only time Obama has ignored the court was in his health care swindle law where he planned to enforce the law in SPITE of an unconstitutional ruling by the court. But that’s not the only time. The court ruled his broad oil drilling ban unconstitutional, but he is still enforcing it. He has been found in contempt; will that even slow him down? Doubtful. This makes it obvious that Obama thinks he is a dictator and not subject to the judgments of the Court. We will be a lot better off after Obama has been “sent home” or somewhere else where he can no longer “rule” this country, undeterred by the law. (Investor’s Business Daily)

No Exceptions!

Unless you’re Islamic, of course. In one school in Michigan, a Sikh student is allowed to carry a dull knife because is is a “religious requirement.” Never mind other students are not allowed to observe THEIR “religious requirements” because they are not Middle Eastern religions. In a nation where a MINIATURE toy gun carried by a BOY in his pocket is grounds for him to be expelled, a Sikh is allowed to carry a dull knife, which could STILL be used as a weapon. This in a nation where a “no tolerance policy” for weapons of ANY kind, even tiny ones, is normally enforced. (Detroit Free Press)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gore Shows His Ignorance (Again)

Nobody wants Keith Olbermann, not even MSNBC or other liberal sites. But AlGore’s “Current TV” wants him. He likes him so much he “gushes” about him: “He’s a unique talent and he has a magnetic personality and people form a relationship with him because they know that he is brilliant, they know he is speaking from his heart, they know he has passionate beliefs. He cares about them a lot. And he marries that to his formidable intelligence. And I think people appreciate his authenticity and where he’s coming from. …” Yes, he’s “passionate about his beliefs.” But his beliefs do not make sense. He makes up stories to support his beliefs and excoriates others who tell the truth about him or other liberals, for TELLING the truth about liberals. He’s a fool. And he’s in a good place now, with ratings even WORSE than he had at MSNBC. I can’t even FIND “Current TV” on my Cable service. (The Blaze)

Illegal Farting

The African country of Malawi wants to make it illegal to fart. Never mind it’s sometimes almost impossible to “pin it on” the right person. Children will let go a poo, then blatantly point at someone else. So will many adults. My personal opinion is it’s the usual attempt by politicians to control EVERYTHING we do. In one children’s school in the USA, they expelled a child for pooping in her pants. Children at that age will do that, so what’s the big thing? I think the whole thing is a bunch of stinky brown stuff. People WILL fart. If it is illegal to do it in pubic they will still fart in private. As a means of "cleaning up" the atmosphere this law is a BUST. As are the laws in this country that allow the government to lay a fee on every cow a rancher owns because the cows emit gas. all they do is give the government more power to take more money from us. (UK Daily Mail)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Arabs Blame U. S.

As usual, Arabs blame America for their problems. Like Obama, who uses George Bush as his “whipping boy,” blaming Bush for all his own problems, they blame America for theirs so their people will not know their problems have been CREATED by their Arab rulers themselves. Most Arab countries are ruled by dictatorships or kings (another name for a dictator). This has served to create all the problems they face. To confuse their people, whom they work hard to KEEP ignorant, they use America as THEIR “whipping boy,” blaming all their ills on America. This has worked for them for a long time because their people largely don’t know what is involved. (World Net Daily)

Republicans Stiff Tea Party

They’d better get their act together and start cooperating with the Tea Parties or many of THEIR number will go home in 2012, right along with all the liberal Democrats we didn’t get this time. They’re going right along with the liberals in accusing the peaceful Tea Partiers with being violent. This with NO proof of any kind. Apparently they don’t know who their friends are. The Tea Partiers, along with real Republicans, can finish the “takeover” of government we started in 2012. If they don’t start working WITH the Tea Parties, they’re going to lose in 2012, which will be fine with the Democrats. (Christian Science Monitor)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Texas Schools to Require Arabic?

What the hell FOR? They think Arabic is “one of the languages of the future.” What? How stupid is this! Do they think the Islamic terrorists are going to WIN this war THEY have started against the world? What earthly REASON do they give for figuring Arabic will be “one of the languages of the future?” Sometimes I wonder about some of these “school officials.” Is it REQUIRED that they live in an alternate universe” to be able to BE a “school administrator?” This is almost as stupid as banning tiny plastic cannons (that kids carry in their pockets) from classrooms under the “zero tolerance” scam. Fortunately, “cooler heads” prevailed, and when they got a LOT more opposition than planned, they are “backing off.” I guess they thought they could get it in without parents finding out. Not in this lifetime, with people “waking up” and paying attention. (Mansfield News-Mirror/Star-Telegram)

Total Ignorance

Chris Matthews has shown his complete ignorance many times in his “spotted career,” but this is a “topper.” He wonders why the Republicans would even let somebody like Bachmann or Palin RUN. The answer is simple to intelligent people. Either of these women are so much smarter than those now in office that there isn’t any comparison. People like Matthews are too ignorant to know how ignorant they are. People like this are sorely frightened by Palin and Bachmann because they ”sense” this somewhere, down deep, even though they can’t figure out why on the surface. (Chris Matthews/MSNBC)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Missed It

For many years I paid no attention to politics because of the apathy I saw in the sixties to the encroachment of liberals and other socialists on our government; the fact that so many people just ignored it. So I decided to join them and pay no attention, and thus missed the eight years of the finest presidency in my lifetime (Ronald Reagan). For that I am very sorry. I began waking up again with the rise of another charismatic figure, Rush Limbaugh. Plus the eight years of Bill Clinton, whose actions inflamed my anger at his attempts to “take over” the power to control my every action. I listened to Limbaugh detail the things Clinton did, using his own words and images. I figured rightly that if such as Limbaugh could be a success saying the things I believed, maybe there was a chance for this country, after all.

In the sixties, I was a “Goldwater Democrat.” I went around wearing a gold donkey that wore horn-rimmed glasses, which was the symbol of Barry Goldwater. I was a Democrat because my father was a Democrat. But supporting Barry Goldwater made me realize how LOW the Democrats would sink to beat him. When I finally “wised up” and started paying attention again, I realized that, even though we had a Republican in the white House after him (Richard Nixon), he was no Ronald Reagan, and those who followed were worse. People call me a Republican, but I’ve never BEEN a Republican, though they are close to what I am, in theory, though today’s Republicans don’t always do what Republicans should do. I am a “rational individualist,” which is NOT a political party. I admire Ronald Reagan because of his accomplishments as president.

People like “Ronnie” and I don’t usually get “honors” for what we do because most of the organizations that offer such honors are liberal. But history will remember Ronald Reagan when the liberal historians have been overcome by those who insist on writing the truth, not history as they would LIKE it to be. Today is Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday and watching the ceremony honoring this date and the man is represents actually brought me to tears. Today we have a president who is far worse than Bill Clinton (who is still lauded by the Democrats, despite what he did to hurt the Democrat Party). I believe Obama will finish the job Clinton started, destroying the Democrat Party for all time—or at least for as long as the people who suffered under his “rule” are alive. (The Telegraph)

Leave Me Alone!

That’s what newly minted Speaker of the House Boehner told the reporter on Fox when he started giving him a “hard time” about smoking. Boehner rightfully rebuffed him, saying he could ask him about anything BUT his smoking, which is none of his business! It’s mostly liberals who give others a hard time about things that are none of their business, but in this case it was a conservative who has taken up the anti-smoking banner. Maybe he’d better spend more time on things that are important and quit trying to criticize people for things that are important only to THEM. (The Blaze)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Get It OUT of the Way!

Why not get the question of Obama’s birth out of the way by simply SHOWING his birth certificate, to shut up the many important people who are demanding it? I could never figure out why he didn’t—IF he has one. If he doesn’t, that makes him ineligible to BE president. That’s a good reason for him to obstruct those trying to see it if true. If he IS a citizen, why not prove it and make this controversy go away? He calls those who doubt he has one “birthers,” which is a derogatory name. I guess now I’M a “birther,” too. I will not rest until I’ve seen a CERTIFIED copy of his birth certificate. The World Net Daily has compiled a list of the “better known” people who are demanding to see this document. They didn’t even get far enough down the line to include the THOMA$ REPORT. But the list they DO show contains some of the biggest, most important names in this country, politicians and otherwise. Check it out. (World Net Daily)

"Consumed" by Race

CU Boulder’s colors are black and gold. Their students paint their bodies in some combination of those two colors. Unfortunately the racists in the “administration” don’t like that. They’re afraid of anything black. They’re deathly afraid of "offending" someone, even though they are the only ones with that on their mind. Racists are people who are CONSUMED by race; people of either color, black or white. Those students have not had a single thought in their heads about race. They simply take pride in their school. It’s unfortunate for them that ONE of their school colors happens to be black—therefore frightening their “administrators.” February is “black history month.” Why? Where is the month for “white history?” Nowhere—that’s racist.

What? Why is “white history month “ racist, while black history month is not? There should not be a need for black history month, to illustrate the contributions of black people to America’s history. But it seems to be, because black history has been ignored by the racists in the ranks of historians. Black history ought to have been written right along with white history—but it wasn’t I know some great black people. I also know some great white people. Also, I know some crappy black, AND white people. I judge people as INDIVIDUALS. Black or white. The same for Muslims--or Jews (unfortunately, most Muslims don't feel the same way), and other nationalities. I don't judge people by the group they're in. There should be no need for CU’s administration to be AFRAID of the color black. The students aren’t. There are way too many people whose minds are CONSUMED by race, and other differences. Gimme a break! (Greenfield Reporter)

Friday, February 4, 2011

A Reason For Removal

John McCain is a Republican. He purposely threw the 2008 election to put Obama in the White House. Everyody thinks he's a conservative, but he's not. He went with an obscure governor of what he thought was a “backward state” to run with him, hoping she would cause instant failure in the election. She didn’t. She “hit the ground running,” making an acceptance speech that electrified the nation. Horrified, he worked to quickly “muzzle” her, and none of the rhetoric we heard in her first speech was ever heard again until AFTER the election. He lost, as planned. Obama is in the White House, pushing HARD to impose collectivism (socialism) upon us. For that alone, McCain should be removed from office and leave Washington in disgrace. BUt he had “created a monster.”

Sarah Palin won’t shut up. She even quit as Alaska’s governor to stop liberals from bankrupting her state to defend herself against the phony “charges” they brought against her, so she could make enough money so she could fight them off herself and position herself for her own run at the presidency in 2012. She WILL run; and she WILL win. That’s what frightens them to death—Democrats and Republicans alike. They keep preaching her stupidity, hoping if they repeat it often enough, we’ll believe it. But they can’t shut her up, short of killing her and making her a martyr. I think she’s a female Ronald Reagan and is going to “upset their applecart” in 2012. Believe it. (The Hill)

"Thou shall Not "Pack Heat"

That’s the “commandment” the liberals would like to impose upon us. Others realize that it’s only common sense to say the the most BASIC human right is the right to SELF DEFENSE and the right to own, carry, and USE the means to that end today, a gun. The bad guys, who have NO trouble obtaining guns to use in robbing and killing us, need to WONDER if that supposed “easy target” he/she is about to attack will be armed and willing to kill him before he/she can kill/rob his victim. This alone would serve to reduce the number of violent attacks decidedly—without anyone firing a shot or killing anybody. Thieves are basically cowards. But that argument is lost on liberals, who are “tone deaf” to any argument that destroys any of their cherished goals. (World Net Daily)

Already Created Over A Million Jobs!

That’s what Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius says. This is the “elastic thinking” that permeates the federal government today. If it has created over a million jobs, where ARE they? They haven’t shown up in the jobs figures, have they? Do you think she’s just “making it up as she goes along?” I certainly do. That’s how Obama’s people get good figures. They just make them up.” These people need to GO! Jobs like Kathleen’s seem to survive even a change in presidents. This needs to STOP. (DRScoundrels)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just As Wrong

In South Dakota they want to pass a law FORCING every citizen to buy a gun. This is just as unconstitutional as Obama’s health care swindle law that requires every American to buy health insurance. What gives these “lawmakers” the idea they have the right to DEMAND a citizen buy ANYTHING? So-called “lawmakers” at all levels are constantly coming up with laws that exceed their authority and spit on the Constitution. We ought to make a law that can punish them for even SUGGESTING a law that is patently unconstitutional. But that isn’t going to happen when the very people who think they are “all-powerful” will have to MAKE that law. (The Patriot Update)

Why Doesn't Someone DO Something?

“AFL-CIO head Richard Trumka made quite a bold admission recently when he revealed raising wages for workers wasn't really his top priority. Instead, his top priority is to use union money to fundamentally transform America into his progressive vision.” There are several different opinions about how good “progressivism” is for us. Progressivism is SOCIALISM under a different name to fool the public. To promote socialism under a phony name is, or should be, grounds for DISMISSAL of somebody who is SUPPOSED to be trying to make things better for union workers. Will anybody push for it? I don’t think so. The people who should be “paying attention” aren’t. (Glenn Beck)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Obama's Health Care Swindle Reversed

Maybe not by the Congress, which is still “ruled” in the Senate by the Democrats. But a federal court has ruled the ENTIRE law unconstitutional. Which means enforcing it at all is in question. But Republicans should not relax. It still could make a “turn-around” with all the liberal activist judges there are in the court. Obama says the judge who blocked his law is an “activist judge.” So what? Many of them are “activist judges.” What Obama doesn’t like is this judge is not one of HIS “activist judges.” A federal judge has ruled the entire Obama health care swindle unconstitutional, so what does Obama do? Does he plan on observing this ruling as a president ruled by laws, not whims, does? NO. He “goes after” the judge, saying he is an “activist judge,” as if that made any difference.

The judge is the judge, and he has the power to do what he did, regardless. Same as when one of OBAMA’S “activist judges” makes a decision AGAINST the Constitution. All this proves is that Obama thinks he’s “all-powerful.” But one judge is enough. If a judge in ONE COURT rules a law unconstitutional, it doesn’t matter if sixteen others ruled otherwise. The law CANNOT be enforced. Obamacare is OVER. It need not be repealed. It’s dead. Obama just won’t admit it. The feds now question the right of a lower court to judge the federal government. This is typical Obama. But that’s what the Supreme Court is THERE for. Nothing else. (Salt Lake City Examiner)

Poems In Zoos

The federal government continues to excel when it comes to finding wasteful and stupid ways to waste taxpayer’s (YOUR) money. The “Poems in Zoos” plan is one of the most outlandish. The government has spent $11.5 BILLION dollars on such foolishness just this year. Another example is giving Las Vegas $5.2 million to build the “Las Vegas Boneyard Park and Museum,” to gather and display old Las Vegas neon signs that have been replaced when Las Vegas upgraded and improved its appearance over the years (such items usually end up in the junk yard at little expense to YOU) . Then there’s the $515,000 they gave the University of Santa Cruz to digitize Grateful Dead memorabilia. This is what the government spends your money on, at a time when it is BANKRUPT. (CNS News)