Thursday, February 26, 2015

"All They Need Is Jobs?"

One of Obama's fawning “spokespersons” said the other day, that all we need to do to stop Islamic terrorism (studiously not using the words "Islamic terrorism") is to provide them with JOBS. What a damned FOOL this broad is! What a LOAD of garbage she's feeding us! Is she really STUPID enough to think we'll BUY this crap? What we REALLY need is to provide each and every Islamic terrorist with their own BULLET, fired into their BELLY so it'll take a long time for them to die, and it will be VERY painful. His female spoklestupid says, “We can't kill every terrorist in the world, and we shouldn't try.” Why not? Because Obama thinks so? They don't need “jobs.” They need a BULLET. In a place that guarantees a long, slow, and PAINFUL death. To guarantee they will suffer a LOT before getting their “virgins” (if those "virgins" exist, at all). The really funny thing is, we can't even find jobs for OUR people, let alone Muslims. This woman (Marie Harf) is making herself famous for her STUPIDITY. (Inquisitr)

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