Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Obama's A Communist!

I know the very word “communist” or “communism” causes most people's eyes to “glaze over, and that's what they want. That was the whole purpose of the phony “collapse” of communism in Russia while the same people run things under mostly the same system, SOCIALISM. Communism and socialism are merely two slightly different forms of COLLECTIVISM, which is based on TAKING from the PRODUCERS of new wealth and GIVING that taken to those who DON'T earn it. No, Obama is not a “card-carrying communist.” But he IS a MARXIST believer who thinks he can make this country all better by TAKING from the rich and GIVING to the “middle class, today's description of “the poor. Does that sound the least bit familiar? He intends to make that happen by his proposed $320 BILLION dollar tax increase on “the wealthy” while enacting “tax credits” that amount to as much on “the middle class.” If that is NOT communism, I'll kiss the butt of the nation and give them time to draw a crowd. WAKE UP, America! If you don't, soon you are going to be living under a “Soviet-style” SOCIALIST (communist) government where you own NOTHING and the government owns ALL. (Patriots and Politics)

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