Sunday, February 1, 2015

Islam: "Lying Is Okay"

Under Islam, it's okay to LIE to advance Islam and convince others to convert. Then if they change their minds, when they learn the truth, KILL them. EVERYTHING they say to promote Islam is a LIE: THEY say, “Islam is a religion of peace.” True. But their definition of “peace” is a little different than yours. To them, “peace” is everybody in the world a Muslim, or DEAD. They say, “We respect women. We all know that's not true, otherwise why do they require them to wear clothes that completely hide their bodies because they don't trust them to resist the advances of ANY man. Why is it, if a man DOES have sex with them even if it's rape, do they punish the WOMAN? Why do they require a male family member to accompany them ANY time they go out? Why is ANY man allowed to beat them on the street if they show so much as an ANKLE?

Why are they not allowed to have ANY kind of association (even non-sexual) with a non-Muslim? They SAY “Muslim is a TOLERANT religion. Why then, did two self-proclaimed Muslims murder 11 people in Paris because a newspaper there had the temerity to print a PICTURE of “the prophet?” Why are NO Christian religions allowed in countries they control? Why are Muslims going around murdering Christians, all over the world, just for being Christian? Why do Muslims HATE Jews? Why do Muslims MURDER their own daughters for what would be a MINOR offense in a Christian society? They really think we don't notice things like that. Lying is so approved by Muslims they even have a word for it: Taqiyya, which means “lying for Islam.” Do they really think we are so STUPID as to buy their stinky brown stuff? (Just common sense)

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