Sunday, February 8, 2015

Letter From Harry

I just read an article that purports to be what former president Harry Truman might say to Obama. Truman is the last president to REALLY “end a war” by WINNING it when he “dropped hellfire” on the Japanese, which scared the hell out of them—AND the Germans—and instantly ended the Second World War, decisively. Not by “cutting and running, as Obama did in Iraq, and now in Afghanistan. His advice boils down to a meaningful single line: “To WIN this war, do as I did. Drop hellfire on them and convince them, like I did, that America is not to be trifled with. That we have the resources to make a parking lot out of your country and you'd BETTER stop messing around, and go back into your “rat holes” and leave us alone. Or DIE.” The message to Obama is, “Stop being a wimp. Forget what the rest of thew world might think about it, just DO it. Use the FULL RESOURCES to which you have access, and END the Islamic terrorists—once and for all. (PatBoone, in WND)

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