Sunday, February 8, 2015

Step By Step

Brian Williams is now on the second step in his travel to obscurity. He has taken an “extended leave of absence” from NBC so he “won't be the story” and detract from the real news. The next step is retirement or firing, because who in the news media is going to hire a known liar? He follows in the footsteps of other news anchors who have disgraced themselves by lying to “make a good story” out of nothing. Another factor is that NBC is getting ready to fire him, anyway. The fact that not a single NBC executive has come to his defense makes it pretty obvious that his “leave of absence” may become permanent. He follows in the footsteps of another news anchor, who got in trouble for using phony papers in an attempt to discredit former President Bush. It is believed he will be kept on in some little-seen capacity for a while, then quietly “let go.” It's too bad such an illustrious career will come to such an ignominious end. He'll probably have to drive a taxi for a while, then be hired by Al-Jazeera. They don't care about liars. They encourage it. (AmericanThinker)

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