Thursday, February 26, 2015

Governed By FOOLS!

We're being governed by fools. Obama thinks socialism is the way this country should be run, even though we surpassed everything socialists could do in less than 300 years using the free market, bypassing all socialist countries, some of which have been in existence for thousands of years. One of his current spokespeople, Marie Harf, says, “We can't defeat the terrorists by killing them,” and “All they need is jobs and they'll stop killing us.” Another former Obama employee, David Axelrod, thinks Obama has gone six year WITHOUT a scandal. He just can't understand that Obama is STEEPED in scandals! He has more scandals than any other president EVER had! He apparently doesn't have the INTELLIGENCE to understand that. Meanwhile, while we are being threatened by Islamic terrorists, Obama is QUADRUPLING the number of SYRIAN “refugees” he is allowing in millions of people from South America (with many terrorists among them) while CRIPPLING our border defenses to let even MORE in. He may be clever, but he's STUPID in the way he thinks! And he seeks out and hires people as STUPID as he is. (Just common sense)

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